Sep 14 2013 3:00pm

Poll: Alexander Skarsgard vs. Prince Harry?

We'll help you warm up once you're done, Alex!The epic battle can now commence in a very official way. Earlier this week, Alexander Skarsgard announced that he would be joining the race to hike Antarctica to the South Pole...against Prince Harry. Yes, the pair are joining competing teams in the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge which is an expedition that will raise money for wounded vets. Both Prince Harry and ASkars are vets themselves so it makes sense they would raise money for this particular charity. While Prince Harry trains by sitting in an igloo to acclimate to the cold temperatures, do you think Alexander will be reading in the snow like his True Blood counterpart? Of course this leads us to this week's poll who would win in a fight race...Prince Harry or Alexander Skarsgard? And of course, we're thinking whoever wins will deserve a congratulatory kiss to help warm them up!

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Lori K
1. LoriK
Not to be hopelessly sappy, but they're raising money for wounded vets by doing something really cool (no pun intended). I think this is a classic "everyboyd wins" scenerio.
2. TheUberFan
Everyone wins. For sure.

But if you think I'm betting in favor of a human prince? Against Eric friggin' Northman? *swoons*
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