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If I Ran the Circus: The Future of Suits

Suits Season 3 castIf I Ran the Circus …

Being asked to envision the future of Suits is kind of like being asked to run the circus: lots of ideas, but no clue. With that in mind, here goes!

Cast of Characters:

Harvey Specter: Think of a younger Cary Grant, with a side of wicked and a second serving of bruising wit. Lawyer Harvey has enough confidence in his abilities to light up a city after a blackout. In fact, he’s so confident, his right-hand man is not a Harvard trained lawyer at all but rather fake-it-till-you-make-it…

Mike Ross: Brilliant Mike, blessed with the ability to take a look at any document and commit it to memory—but that’s not all, he plays with information and facts and his intuition and comes up with out of the box solutions to the thorniest legal entanglements. What a lawyer, you say? Unfortunately, that’s a piece of sheepskin on the wall that he doesn’t have, as he revealed to his girlfriend…

Rachel Zane: Ah Rachel, blessed/cursed with a break-down-barriers and make-a-legal-mint father. Her lawyer father went to Harvard Law School and that’s always been paralegal Rachel’s paramount goal. Unfortunately she might want Harvard but they don’t want her. But there’s an Ivy League law school who sees a superstar lawyer in the making and who better to tell her than …

Louis Litt: To call Louis a work-horse and the backbone of the law firm is to so underestimate what he brings to the party. Alternately flaying the backsides of the associates and saving their bacon, Louis is a man who longs to be loved and to be asked to sit at the cool kids’ lunch table. His life might truly be complete if asked to sit beside …

Donna Paulsen:  Harvey’s right hand woman, the keeper of his every secret and possessed of people smarts that give her a Mensa sized emotional IQ score, Donna is a 21st-century Mad Men woman come to life. Her weapons are her fiery hair, her designer handbags, her pencil skirts and that’s all on the surface. Her brain matches up to that of the firm’s founder, the enigmatic and resilient...

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in SuitsJessica Pearson: Her name is on the door. With Harvey at her back and wielding the weapons of litigator Louis and multi-tasking Mike, there’s not a lawsuit she can’t win. Jessica’s problems and challenges are internal—with a failed marriage behind her and team of prima donna lawyers that are itching to grab their piece of the pie, she epitomizes the phrase, “There’s no rest for the weary or the wicked.” Because, oh yes, Jessica’s background definitely contains some dark corners.

So what is in their future? See what you think of my crystal ball predictions:

How It Could Go Down (or Not)

Harvey: Harvey goes through women like a Kardashian goes through Birkin bags—only the best for Harvey and never last season. He doesn’t kiss and tell, nor is there even the semblance of a woman to go home to, let alone a kid to take to the firm’s luxury box at Yankee Stadium. So for Harvey, I predict a secret baby. Yes, that lovely high school sweetheart whose parents intervened before their precious daughter could run off with the not-our-kind bad boy—she’ll reappear in the most unexpected of ways and her baggage will have Harvey’s eyes.

Mike and Rachel in Suits Season 3Mike and Rachel: Who needs a Harvard legal degree if you have the love of a good woman? Mike was adored by his grandmother—in fact, his nefarious ways started when he was trying to find enough money to put Gram in a good nursing home. So love and family are in his DNA and so is his wish to do the right thing, legally and morally. His standards are sorely tested in the shark tank that is the Pearson law firm. When he and Rachel finally commit to each other, 100% and lights a-blazing, they find a way to make all their dreams come true. They open their own law firm, and while Rachel goes to Columbia, she and Mike cobble together a cutting-edge boutique law firm that serves up pro bono feasts on a daily basis…with Fortune 100 clients paying the bills.

Louis: Whose heart didn’t break when Louis confessed how much he loved Mikado (a cat that he was feline-sitting)? He gave up Mikado for the greater good, but as much as he loves being back in the bullpen with his associate lawyers, he can’t forget those glorious evenings, listening to classical music and petting Mikado. So one evening when he finds a bedraggled feral cat curled up on his chilly balcony, he brings her inside and sets about reviving her. Imagine his surprise when one morning the purring pussy on his pillow turns into a delightful human martial arts temptress who thinks Louis is the cat’s meow.

Jessica: Her skirting of the legal niceties have caught up with Jessica and she’s sentenced to community service of the most inappropriate kind—to prepare and serve meals at an inner-city soup kitchen. Truly a fate worse than death when your clothes are so divine that the dry cleaner comes to you and the last meal you prepared was pouring fresh squeezed OJ into a flute half-filled with Cristal. Why it isn’t even safe to drive into that part of the city—hence Jessica’s horrified relief when a built burly biker of the Kristen Ashley Tack variety handily disperses the varlets that were attempting to make off with Jessica’s Mercedes when she ventured into the depths of the city that never sleeps.

Donna: Enough pining for the elusive Harvey. How about someone getting his pine on for Donna? There’s nothing Donna doesn’t know about sports, having managed Harvey’s phenom sports stars for eons. Has she ever been asked out by these shooting and pitching and leaping stars? Is the pope Catholic? But comes along a backwoods boy whose ability to pitch has been honed by whipping stones at plump partridges so his family can eat (too pathetic…naw). If Harvey and Donna have one credo, it’s that no one should sign anything before they read it through. But Brawny Backwoods Billy cain’t read. Ah, a mission for Donna.

And so it ends…how do you see the fine folks of Pearson Hardman/Pearson Darby/Pearson Darby Specter ending up?


Janet Webb

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Evie Knight
1. Evie Knight
OMG! I LOVE Suits. I think Harvey and Donna will end up together. Come on, how can they not? Donna knows all his secrets and they slept together once. Harvey even told her he wasn't comfortable with her and her recent fling. Mike and Rachael, yeah, these two will end up together. Eventually, Mike's secret will be discovered and he'll somehow get his diploma. Who knows! Maybe he'll even end up going to law school with her. Louis... He'll find true love. Maybe he'll end up with that woman from Harvard he shagged a few times. She's got all those feline tendencies. LOL Jessica... I really like her, it's hard to tell how she'll end up. Maybe she'll find that motorcycle man and leave the law firm to live life. I can't imagine Harvey and Mike parting ways, maybe if Jessica leaves, these two will take over the firm. Specter & Ross. No idea. Love, love, love this show.
Evie Knight
2. THRJessica
I don't watch Suits but this post makes me want to add another TV show to my lineup. I'm a Cary Grant fangirl of the worst kind from way way back, and if it has a character with half his charm and wit, I'm all over it.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
I looooove this show. I am Harvey/Donna shipper and in my fantasyland I ship Harvey and Mike:P
And I love all of them...It's rare to find good show that makes you interested in every character... I am invested in all of them.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Great post! I can just see Louis stepping into a UF novel. He would be the ordinary hero who knows he's destined for greater things and is brought into his power by his feline heroine!
Janet Webb
5. JanetW
We're all so busy that convincing someone to watch anything on TV is quite a feat -- but I think that time spent watching Suits is definitely enjoyable. The first season is still my favourite I think. See what you think Jessica :) Although as Suits continues, I find myself more and more interested in Louis Litt. I don't think I'm the only one.

LegeArtis, can you explain what being a Harvey/Donna shipper and a fantasyland Harvey/Mike shipper means -- does it mean you think Harvey and Donna are meant to sail off into the horizon but in your wildest dreams, it's Harvey and Mike?

Thanks so much bungluna -- I had fun imaging Louis's "fated" mate haha.

And Evie, I think your predictions sound very accurate -- the two puzzling ones are Jessica and Louis because they've never had really full personal lives (the way the other four have).
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