Sep 13 2013 7:38am

How Many Books Do You Read in a Week?

A recent—and quite lively—discussion on Twitter prompts today's question—most of us are constantly reading (no matter how slow or fast we are), but not everyone has a lot of leisure time in which to read (this is a different question than how many books you buy in a month).


Leisure time x Reading Speed = Books Finished.

Generally speaking, then, how many books do you read in a week? What do you feel when you hear about people who read a book a day (unless you ARE one of those people!)?

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1. Scarlettleigh
It depends. I read more in the winter and on rainy days. And I tend to give books more of a chance then also. During the summer, I tend to read less. At the minimum I read one book a week. Maximum is probably five. I also listen to audio books while doing chores around the house
2. Arthemise
Usually I read 3-5 books a week, depending on if I'm in the mood to read rather than cross stitch or play video games. If it's a short book, I can read it in a day. It gets a little pricey, and Amazon Prime's one book a month is ridiculous. (People are surprised that I feel like reading when I get home because I edit technical reports all day, but reading fiction is much lower stress than editing.)
3. Lucy D.
I thought I was bad. You guys put me to shame. I read on average 10-12 books a month. I would rather read than watch TV. Nothing better than sitting on a lounge chair in the sun enjoying a book unless it's sitting by the fire on a snowy day enjoying a good book. See books are so versatile.
4. TheBookNympho
I read on average 1 book a week but I can get in 2-3 audio books since I listen to them at work. So on total about 3 books a week.

I'm envious of the people that can read a book a day. I'm just not that fast of a reader. I can count on one hand how many books I read in one day.
5. AMG
I can read around 3-7 bks a week, depending on length of book, work, health, and social commitments.
6. Stacey B
I'm lucky to have a lot of free time and a very understanding husband. Most weeks (depending on length, of course) I can read about 8-9 books.
My wallet hurts just thinking about that. Ouch.
7. ReginaThorne
It really depends on the book - for example, last week I read Sarah Waters' Fingersmith (which was absolutely fantastic!) in one day. Another novel I'm reading (also set in Victorian London) has taken me a week to read 75 pages - I'm just not that into the book/characters/plot. I read fiction a lot faster than I read nonfiction (still feel like I should be taking notes on nonfiction!) but on average, I would say I read about 4-5 books per week.
8. Mo
This past week I read 13. I'd say that's about average for me.
9. JenniferPorter
I often read at least a book a day unless life (work, exercise, twitter, etc) get in the way. Reading is how I decompress, and I'm happiest when I'm ready extensively. I read about 450-500 in a good year.
10. Kareni
I'd say I read anywhere between five and fifteen books a week. I'm not currently working, so I have a lot of leisure time.
11. JacquiC
I am a fast reader, so if I get a reasonable amount of reading time, I read about a book a day, unless they are super long. And I listen to audiobooks while knitting, commuting to work and walking around town. If I'm super busy at work and with kids, though, it can go down to about 1 or 2 a week. I am almost always reading at least one book, maybe two, and listening to another.
Lori K
12. LoriK
It really varies depending on how much time I have, what I'm reading and what kind of mood I'm in. It probably averages out to 3 or 4 per week.
13. AlexisHall
I'm completely eratic - depending on time and what I'm reading. My one superpower is being able to read quite fast so I can get consume books quite quickly when I'm a book-reading frenzy. But I've no idea how it averages out.

One of the thing I find quite depressing about being A Grown Up (nominally) is that reading times moves ever more into the luxury space. When I was a growing up I read literally all the time somebody wasn't telling me to do something else (or telling me to stop reading). But the older I get, the less concentrated reading time I seem to get - and I can't decide if that's my fault, or just a life thing, or if I need to more assertively priviledge my time.

Weirdly I used to be like that about going to the gym, which is something I really enjoy but it kept getting pushed aside by life and then a friend of mine, whose about 80 gazillion feet tall and annoyingly gorgeous, gave me this sincere look and was all like "This is time for your body." And I felt like I'd been given divine permission to simply not worry about the hours I spend picking up heavy things and putting them down again.

So I think I basically need somebody way bigger than me to stare me right in the eye and declaim that this is my reading time. Or something :P
Lege Artis
14. LegeArtis
I would say two... But it depends of book really. Sometimes I read one book whole week. It's not page number always (although, that is a reason sometimes). Sometimes books demand your 100% concentration (world-building, rules to understand, glossary to study) and it takes me longer...
Of course, I read between cases, appeals and hearings, so it's matter of juggling and ,naturally, I don't sleep at all. :)
Carmen Pinzon
15. bungluna
Are we talking about new-to-me books or including re-reads? I read about 3 to 5 new to me books a week, depending on budget, availability at library and interest. That said, I pick a new book to read every day, either from the tbr pile or from my keeper library. I'm an imsomniac and spend all the lovely quiet time when everybody else is asleep reading.
16. robinsid
I don't watch TV at all, so I have a lot of time in the evenings to indulge in my reading. I read from 4 to 8 books a week, depending on the season. In summer, the evenings are so light for so long, I get in more time in the garden. But in the fall, when it is cool enough to light the fireplace, I am curled up in the corner of the sofa in front of the fire in book heaven ( I keep a TBR pile in the coffee table). I love fall.
17. Janga
I average slightly more than 1.65 books per day, not counting rereads, but my reading is more erratic than the average suggests. If I have a deadline on a freelance project looming, if the reviews I've committed to write stack up, or if the grands are visiting, I may read only a few chapters during lunch break and before bedtime. If I am project-free and grand-free, I may read half a dozen books or more in one day. But I am semi-retired and I rarely watch TV. I'm also a fast reader, and I read standing in line at the supermarket, waiting at the doctor's office, and in the car stuck in the school pick-up line.
Kate Klebanski
18. kklebanski
These responses make me feel better! I tend to feel bad about the fact that I read between 7 and 10 books a week. (When I should probably be doing something else...)
19. BeretBrenckman
My husband calls me a book junky. Since my job was budgeted out of existence, I'm usually reading after looking daily for a job. I know I read 1157 books in 2012 so that averaged out to 3.17 per day (including rereads) but told myself I wouldn't do it for 2013 because I was so close to my 1200 book goal. I guess in a week I average between 15 - 20. Thank God for the Library!
Barbara Bauschka
20. njoireading
Like others, it depends on the books I am reading and then "life". If I am in a tight timeline at work, or have a college soccer game to go to, probably only 2-3 books in a week. During less stressful times 3-4 books. My numbers are actually down now that I am an empty nester. I always have my ereader with me so I would read while waiting for practices to finish or during tutor hours. Without taxi driver on my resume, I have found more time to do other things, like golfing. With winter approaching, I will likely get back into more heavy reading.....and some of the releases scheduled for Oct, Nov and Dec look wonderful.
21. Lauren B
I read about 3 books a week and one of them is audio (great way to spend my commute). I'll probably read more once the winter starts and I spend more time at home.
22. CdnMrs
I average about 3 a week. If I get in a funk I'll stop reading and then, when I'm feeling better, will read marathon style (6 books a week or so) until I level out again.
23. Vol Fan
Usually, 8-12 a month. Depends on how long they are. A book like The Bronze Horseman of course, would take much longer than a novella or shorter book. I do keep a listing of what I've read each month, yearly, so it usually always averages out to about 10/11 per month.
24. Amy R
I currently read 3-4 books a week.
Alisa Jenkins
25. EskimoPrincess
I usually read at least 2 books a week. More if they are novellas.
26. Cyndi C
I have been known to read 2 or 3 a day. But that was when I was unemployed and had the time. I slowed down to 1 a day. Lately, I haven't been able to read at all which sucks! Overstressed at work & at home, numerous health issues which include loss of sight. I can't read without glasses and I can't afford the $1495 they want to charge me for them. I have changed the font on my reader and have read a few pages but not happily.
27. kimbacaffeinate
I average between 3 and 6 a week, sometimes less and sometimes more..I read 3 hrs a day every day.
28. Susan K Frank
I currently read 10 - 12 books per week. It would probably be more if I didn't take the time to review them all on my blog :-P

29. Liz S
I average about 1 book a day. Last year my Goodreads total was 470. I'm trying to match or exceed it this year.
susan beamon
30. susanbeamon
I try to get one book a week. I don't read for work, just pleasure, so it gets fitted in where I'm not doing something else. I try to set aside an hour for reading each day. That has been the amount of time I've had working or not.
32. Nanacav
I thought I was doing good reading 2-3 per week.....I can't imagine reading more than that....and I am retired. I guess I am a slow reader, but I really enjoy it!
33. self_conscious
This is going to sound like bragging, but i'm a really fast reader. It helps that I have a lot of downtime at work in which i'm able to read (usually on my phone). But I would say on average I read 2-3 books a day, so probably 15-20 books a week. Yeah, I have an addiction, but of the very best kind. ;)
34. saranghaelove
I've read 10 books since this previous Saturday.
I read about 3 books on Saturday, 4 on Sunday, and about 1 a night after that.
Needless to say, I haven't gotten any sleep in a few days.. I may be addicted.
35. Michelle G.
I am typically a book a day reader so depending on work and social life I'm finishing 5-8 books a week. I'll read a paperback and an eBook
simultaneously so some times that can boost the number I finish in a week. I just wish I had more free time so I could read more!
36. MistyWA
At least a book a day. According to my Goodreads count I've read over 300 books so far this year. I would guess less than 50 were novellas. I kind of stopped watched TV over a year ago and found my reading time went way up.
37. wlc
I don't know how many in a week, but last year it was 234 books. This year I am at 160 so far.
Shauna Comes
38. djshauns
I am generally a fast reader, so I read most books in 3-4 hours, which means that most of the time I read about one book per day, and sometimes two if I don't have other things going on. I do have days when I don't feel like reading at all too. So in an average week I read anywhere from 5-15 books, not counting any quick skimming if I am feeling the need to revisit a story.

I am at about 407 according to the spreadsheet I mentioned in my comment on the post
Do You Keep Track of Your Yearly Reads?. I added another column to keep track of the year I read a book because I thought it would be interesting to end up with a count for each year. The count doesn't include re-reading of course, although that could be an interesting added element for next year to show me just how much of a reading addiction I have... the more I type, the crazier I feel, so I'm going to stop now :P
39. Todd
Wow, a lot of you are nuts. The shortest amount of time it ever took me to read a book was 4 days. And that was reading for 5+ hours a day! It's highly, highly unlikely I will ever read more than one book in a week.
40. zahira98
i read at least 3 books a week,,,depending on length,,i got no free time since i got a lot of homework..
Janis Clark
41. maliamartin
I'd say two books a week on average. Depends on the week. If I have a library book I need to finish and return I may read more. Books on my Kindle app tend to get read quickly because I can read anywhere. I've been known to read a page or two at a red light, in the car wash, waiting in line, you name it.
Sometimes I read more, because reading is a great escape that I sometimes need with my hectic life. Sometimes I read less because I feel like I should be writing and not reading.
Currently I have one book going on my phone, one paperback from the library, just updated my blog and am trying to finish revising my first novel. Whether I'm reading or writing - words are wonderful and much better than watching tv or cleaning house
42. tamhen8939
I'm so thrilled to find others who enjoy reading as much as I do. My friends and family give me so much slack about reading. How is it even possible to read to much? I work full time and I have 5 kids so reading is my getaway. I read fast so I read probably 7-16 books a week. Usually 16
43. CrazyRobyn
I read about 6 books a day so i more then likey get up to 20+ a week. i dont work so i read my hubby hates it as not much of the cleaning gets done but can not stop since i got my kindle :) but i have been a big reader since 7 years old :) now sound crazy sorry
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