Sep 12 2013 3:00pm

Hello, Christian Grey: Charlie Hunnam’s Impressive Body (of Work)

Charlie Hunnam in Pacific RimCharlie Hunnam is having a spectacular month. His big-budget monsters vs. robots movie Pacific Rim is still in theaters worldwide, he returns to TV as Jax Teller on FX’s motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy and he has won the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Some people who are not unabashed Charlie Hunnam fangirls (like I am) are questioning why he was cast as Christian Grey—there’s even a petition to take the role away from him. If you aren't familiar with him, or only know him as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy, here are five reasons why you should love Charlie Hunnam and trust that he will be able to rock this new role.

1) He’s a chameleon. Charlie can play anything from bright eyed innocence to world weary and jaded, vulnerable to intimidating. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of Charlie’s many varied roles:

  • Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas NicklebyDirty and dreaded in Children of Men
  • Clean-shaven and innocent in Nicholas Nickleby (see pic on right)
  • Brutal albino in Cold Mountain
  • Tough with a buzz cut in Green Street Hooligans
  • Long-haired and short haired (but always intense) on Sons of Anarchy

2) He doesn’t just play a bad-ass on tv and in films; he IS one in real life. Watch this clip of him describing two encounters with a burglars in his home:(Bonus mention of spanking!)

3) He’s an extremely passionate guy. Listen to his episode of the Nerdist Podcast to hear how passionate he is about his project about Vlad the Impaler. You’ll also get expanded versions of the two stories of men attempting to break into his house, which includes more on how his anger was fueled by his need to protect his girlfriend; SWOON.

4) He’s an extremely fit guy.

He’s even willing to let us WATCH him working out:

5) And, speaking of what he’s willing to let us watch, the man apparently has no problem with nudity and/or sex scenes on film. I mean….

not one…..


…solitary issue with it.

He’s going to be phenomenal as Christian Grey; I’m sure of it.

Charlie Hunnam gif via Pop Culture and Fashion Magic blogShirtless Charlie Hunnam gif from the Pop Culture and Fashion Magic blog


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I am duly impressed. I could stare at him for
2. EmilyF
I have definitely got to go back and watch Sons of's been on my TBW list for a long time...decision made.
jackie fushi
3. jax1341
Absolutely DO NOT understand the backlash for Charlie - He has the looks, the voice and most important he CAN ACT ! I would have waited for Netflix if this was Matt Bomer or Rob Pattinson now I will be there opening night.
4. carmenlire
He sounds great, I have to admit. I'd never heard of him before H&H postred that he got the role of Christian Grey. I'm definitel going to have to see it now!
6. beans628
I primarily watch him on SoA but I've been lucky to see him in other projects. He is a talented guy and I think he can pull off anything. Will I see Fifty Shades in the theater? No. But that movie is lucky to have him. The fans will come around and they won't be disappointed!
7. wsl0612
I literally gasped when I saw that photo, mmmhmm ;-) I agree, I think he is very versatile and talented, I'm very impressed with his work on SoA. MY objection to his casting in Fifty Shades is that I don't think the project is worthy of his talents. But he's a smart guy so hopefully I am wrong, I'd like for him to have a long and impressive career.
9. KB
I don't have a problem with Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey but I do have a huge problem with Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele. She is average looking at best and nothing like what is described in the book. The book described her as having big blue eyes almost too big for her face. The impression is that she is very pretty with very little makeup and stunning when she is made up. Also, she is supposed to be 22 and Dakota Johnson looks like she is 33 instead of her real age of 23. I realize looks are not everything but they are usually the first thing that attracks people to each other. Christian Grey would never give Dakota Johson a second glance. I am very disapointed and will not see this movie.
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