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First Look: Amanda Bonilla’s Vengeance Borne (September 3, 2013)

Vengeance Borne by Amanda BonillaAmanda Bonilla 
Vengeance Borne (Sentry of Evil #1)
NYLA / September 3, 2013 / $10.99 print, $4.99 digital

As the local hunter, and a ward of the Sentry, a secret organization dedicated to eradicating the forces of evil, Jacquelyn has been protecting the small town of McCall, Idaho for the past five years. The hours are horrible, the pay is nonexistent, she has to work with her jealous ex-boyfriend – and forget about quitting. She’s in for life.

When a rugged drifter comes through town, Jacquelyn immediately knows what he is – an Empath who can read emotions and sense what others are thinking – even though it’s clear the handsome stranger has no idea what, or how powerful, he is…

When people in McCall start turning up dead, viciously ripped to shreds as if by a wild animal, Jacquelyn knows better. Furies are loose in Idaho and hell-bent on exacting revenge. But against whom? And for what purpose? Jacquelyn has until the full moon to stop the Furies’ killing spree and save the people of McCall, figure out how to work with her ex – oh, and there’s a handsome stranger in town who’s in desperate need of some schooling…

Amanda Bonilla's Vengeance Borne has lots of romance, but what I paid most attention to was the characters' flaws. Jax is emotionally flawed due to a death, while Micah is mentally flawed—or so he thinks. Both deal with their flaws in different ways; Jax runs head on into trouble, while Micah has tried to keep his own demons at bay with the use of medication.

Years ago, Jax lost her first partner to a demon and thus has tried to show that she isn’t scarred by charging headfirst into every task that comes her way as a way to get through the grief still plaguing her. She blames herself for Ryan’s death, though nothing you think of after the fact can change the past.

“You have to quit punishing yourself, Jax”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

Micah, on the other hand, seems to think that abusing prescription medication like Ativan is the better option. Numbing himself to the world isn’t helping the way it once did, so he decides to run away from his problems. But like any good Urban Fantasy, he runs right into trouble.

“You can’t run from who you are.”

It’s nice to have a characters who aren’t perfect, who still have so much to overcome and learn about one another. Not only are Jax and Micah learning to like themselves and their situations more, we meet Jax’s ex-boyfriend and partner, Finn and he has a whole host of control issues.  

In real life, every single one of us is flawed to an extent and many of us show our best faces to the world. But behind closed doors, we all feel a little like Micah and Jax. Looking to prove ourselves, not to the world but to ourselves.

This is the first book in the Sentry of Evil series, and it reads like a breath of fresh air. A new team, new characters and lots of obstacles still to overcome. It easily sucked me into the new world and spit me out craving more.

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