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Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Best Spanking Scenes in Romance, Part 2

Wicked Burn by Beth KeryAs I mentioned previously, spanking in romance seems to have gotten more attention recently. However, spanking in romance is not new at all. There are a vast number of romances, from historical to contemporary to erotic, which feature spankings – and I think I’ve read the vast majority of them. After all, they fascinate me. Of course, some are more memorable than others. Here are the second five of ten of my favorite spanking scenes.

In Beth Kery’s Wicked Burn, there is a scene that contains what I call a surprise spanking. Vic and Niall have just met, but have an undeniable sexual attraction. Vic is certainly an alpha hero, one who is demanding and sexually aggressive. However, I wasn’t expecting him to spank Niall. This scene is fairly tame, but it certainly made a big impression on me.

He smiled at the stark evidence of her need. He used his forearm to push her knees down hard into her shoulders. She keened at the increased pressure from the altered angle of his cock stabbing deeply into her body. When he grabbed a round buttock and smacked her ass twice lightly, she cried out in surprise.

“Give it to me then,” he demanded harshly.

Her entire body began to shudder and shake once again in release.

While almost all of the spanking scenes in my list are from contemporary erotic romances, there are many of them in historical romances. My favorite from a historical romance is one in Kate Pearce’s Simply Insatiable, a book in which Pearce redeems a villainous character in miraculous fashion. Lord Blaize Minshom and his wife Jane have long been estranged. She returns to their London home determined to rekindle their relationship. Minshom is not an easy man and makes her submit to everything he desires.

“Breathe through it. Stop resisting and you’ll enjoy it.”

She closed her eyes tight and let her body sink down onto the leather, wondering if it would help absorb the sting of the slaps. His rhythm didn’t falter and soon it became a while and red haze of motion behind her eyes, inside her skin.

“That’s right, Jane. Take it.”

Strange how she couldn’t feel each individual slap now, only the tempo of the whole, the way her mound rubbed against the leather with each forward motion, the way her breathing had slowed until she felt almost detached, as if she were floating in the read molten heat.

Breaking Skye by Eden BradleyEden Bradley writes some fabulously hot spanking scenes, and I had a tough time choosing one for this list. However, I am a big fan of Breaking Skye, one of her shorter stories. In this one, Skye wants to explore submission, and Adam is just the man for the job. He aches to bring out her submissive side – with of course a spanking.

The first slap was nothing more than a quick rap against her skin – sensation more than pain – but it surprised her, and she jumped. He laid a palm flat against the small of her back, stilling her. After a few minutes he began a slow rhythm, moving his hand over her buttocks. She was surprised that while there was a slow build of pain as he increased the rhythm and force, it felt good. And the harder he smacked her, the wetter her sex grew.

“Breathe into it, Skye, into the pain. Into the pleasure.” He was still holding her down with one hand on her lower back making her feel his command.

The spanking went on, harder and harder. Sensation moved over her skin, spread over her body in rolling waves. She felt that odd sinking sensation again, more intensely this time, and understood finally what it was she’d felt when she’d first met him.


In Riley Murphy’s Stare Me Down, therapist Jaxx meets her match in Ramsey, a court-appointed client who isn’t interested in cooperating with therapy. He is a Dom who enjoys pushing Jaxx’s buttons. She is new to his lifestyle, but Ramsey can’t help his desire to introduce her to everything in his arsenal. He  also has a thing for playing outdoors, as is evidenced in the following scene.

“I’m taking off my belt. It’s older, so it’s nice and worn. Flexible. It’s going to sting and then burn. Are you ready?

“Yes.” Her sigh was more a groan.

Jesus, with her answer she changed position. Normally, he would have made her move back the way he had her, but her way was better. Much better, as her breasts connected with bark. Her cheek connected with bark. Hell, even her splayed hands lovingly pressed into the rough surface.

She was more than ready, and there was nothing hotter than the sight of her prepared.

He started off light with a series of graduating taps. Light, then successively harder.

Entertaining Mr Stone by Portia Da CostaLast but not least is a spanking from Portia Da Costa’s Entertaining Mr. Stone. I had to include a spanking from a British author because British authors have a unique way with spanking often as corporal punishment. And Mr. Stone is a character that fans of dominant heroes and/or spanking need to meet.

'Don’t worry, Miss Lewis, I like all a girl’s “parts”. I like them very much indeed.' He touches my sex again, a little more lingeringly this time. 'And I’m particularly taken with yours.' He hesitates, and I clench everything. Suddenly, I know exactly what’s coming. 'But this is the bit that most interests me at the moment.'

On the word this, his large and shockingly hard hand comes down on my bum like a thunderclap and I feel as if I’ve just been electrocuted.

Life is suddenly a huge overload of sensations. My left bottom cheek seems to have burst into flames, and I hear a muffled groaning sound. There’s the coppery taste of blood in my mouth. Through everything, I realize that knowing what was coming, I’ve bitten down on my lip to keep in the noise.

I also realize that I’m wriggling like fury, and that Mr. Stone is laughing softly. He whacks me with another slap, and I’m biting my lip again.

Do you have any favorite spanking scenes that I’ve missed? Please let us know. I’m always looking for recommendations.


Jennifer Porter, a mild-mannered librarian by day, runs the review site Romance Novel News and is a compulsive romance reader. She has a tendency to live tweet her craziest reads as @JenniferRNN

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Grace S
1. Grace S
There is only ONE spanking scene........Jamie delivering a spanking to new wife Claire in Outlander as a preface to crazy sex. It's the scene most of us Gabaldon fans are dying to see come to life in the upcoming STARZ series.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Oh, @GraceS, I'd forgotten about that scene! Man, now I really want to watch the series even more.
Grace S
4. Terry D
Ah, but Grace, Claire was so angry after the punishment, Jamie slept on the floor. He was turned on, but she was having none of it.
Grace S
5. Alice V
My favourite Scene is in the book “ Fear Me ” by B.B Reid. It was the first scene (Not counting 50 Shades) that I have read, and it was well written, and one that I will remember, that's for sure.
6. AthenatAdam
but guys how i can read this series !! do i should buy it ? or i can get it pdf for free !
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