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True Blood Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Takes a Funeral to Tame the Beast Within

Eric and Steve Newlin in True Blood 6x09, Life MattersEverything is edging toward an epic finale for True Blood’s Season 6. Last week we started to see the big picture set in motion. Vampires—including Pam, Tara, Jessica and the delicious James—are in the room Bill saw in his vision. Will they meet the sun? Sookie finally agreed to help Bill with Warlow, but when they returned to the fae realm Eric had already found the half fae/half vampire and fed from him.

Will Eric be able to save Pam, Willa and the others? Will he take vengeance on Sarah Newlin (please!)? Will Warlow recover and help?

It’s the next to the last episode of the season. (Missed an episode? We've got your fix right here: Catch up with recaps of True Blood episodes 6x016x02, 6x036x046x056x066x07, and 6x08.) Read on for the recap of Season 6's episode 9, “Life Matters.”


Sookie calls off her deal with Bill. Warlow needs all the blood he has left. In a general weird moment, Sookie bites her own wrist to feed Warlow. Can we all agree that’s not normal? She doesn’t have fangs. I would bet that woman has a safety pin on her or something.

Bill tries to take Warlow with him, and Sookie blasts him out of the fae realm. I know Niall said we shouldn’t like Warlow, but damn if I don’t find myself rooting for him.

We see Eric arrive at Vamp Camp during the day. Ominous things are sure to follow. Eric and Bill are both fighting to have the ability to walk in the day—and getting it—this season. Somehow those two have managed to walk more in the day in this series than any other vampires. This time is longer lasting, but still an interesting theme. Their closeness to Sookie means the ability to revel in the sun?

Alcide in True Blood 6.09So pleased to see Reverend Daniels leading Terry’s funeral. It’s nice to see that Arlene’s wishes (and, really, Terry’s) didn’t get buried by Bellefleur tradition.

Sookie has to deal with the standard judgmental Bon Temps crowd, but it’s a nice surprise to see Alcide there. It’s also nice that he’s finally ditched the packmaster assholery. As Jane Bodehouse says: “Now, he smells like a man.” Damn right.

When we cut back to outside of Vamp Camp it’s nothing but general viscera. Partial bodies are everywhere. Eric showed no mercy, but then did we expect anything different? Bill has arrived on the scene and doesn’t seem too pleased.

Eric uses Willa’s trick and brings arms with him to gain access to the doctor’s office. The man who gave Nora Hep-V gets castrated by Eric. It’s quick and vicious and I shouldn’t admit to still loving crazy Eric, should I?

He then moves on to free vampires, discovering some who are already infected with Hep-V. All the vampires appear to enjoy turning all the experiments back on their human tormentors.

Andy’s speech at Terry’s funeral was perfect. I didn’t expect to get weepy, but I did.

When Eric frees the female vampires he discovers Jason, and sounds rather delighted by it. Jason lets Eric know they’ve taken Pam, Willa and Jessica. I was delighted by Eric’s words as he fed Jason his blood: “When you dream of me, dream of nice things.” Oh, I would.

Despite the melee at Vamp Camp, somehow Sarah Newlin is alive. She hid under bodies. Of course she did.

Vengeance Mode Eric is delightful. He’s charming and violent…and then the Vamp Camp psychologist makes an epic mistake by telling Eric that he had sex with Pam. Even Jason damn near danced at the reckoning that would come from that kind of comment. Eric won’t kill him, though. He’ll bring him to Pam for the honor.

The best Terry flashback of the night goes to Lafayette teaching him how to dip fries. “A little cha-cha dip.”

Eric: “I know that scream.” Oh, we all know Ginger’s scream.

Sookie in True Blood 609, Life MattersSookie continues her streak of good-friendness for Arlene by stepping up to speak at the funeral. Arlene needs a little more time before she has to talk. Sook admits to being a telepath, which I don’t think is as big of a reveal. Most people in Bon Temps thinks she’s crazy, so they may just take it as more of her being weird Sookie.

Sarah Newlin opens the skylight on the white room, but all the vampires (except Steve!) are feeding on Bill and will be safe from the sun. Eric arrives and forces Steve to stay in the sun, but not before he proclaims his love for Jason.

Anyone else watch the Terry flashback right after Mikey’s birth and think how awesome a husband he was? This episode, on the whole, is making it clear why Terry was such a good guy, even if his story wasn’t one we always cared about (fire demon, anyone?). Writers are giving us a guilt trip for not being beaten down by his death.

Jason and Sarah Newlin in True Blood 6x09, Life MattersJason tackles Sarah outside of Vamp Camp. She talks about doing God’s work, and he finally gets it. She doesn’t talk for God…but he’s not a killer. He lets her go, and everyone prays she gets what she deserves next episode.

The freed (and totally high on daylight) vampires take to destroying the tainted Tru Blood still at the Vamp Camp site.

Meanwhile the Bloody Lilith Trio shows up to tell Bill his time on Earth is over. He disagrees, saying he isn’t going anywhere. Bill calls for Jessica and she and James return. James offers to feed him, and it works. Bill joins the cadre of vampires outside, in the sun. Eric opts to fly off on his own, though. Always the rebel.


Shirtless Jason Stackhouse and the Bloody, Naked Trio are all we’re getting this week, folks.

Arlene at Terry's funeral in True Blood 6.09FAVORITE QUOTES

Sookie: Eric took our deal and fucked it in the ass.

Sookie to Bill: Seriously? I’m gnawing on my own arm and you’re going to drop fang on me?

Sookie to Alcide: I guess it takes a funeral to tame the beast within.

Eric: Jason Stackhouse. Looking good, my friend.

Mrs. Bellefluer about Lafayette: Is that a boy or a girl?

Eric to Steve Newlin: Every time I’ve lost someone I’ve loved, you’ve been there.

Steve Newlin’s dying words: I love you, Jason Stackhouse!


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1. Mags
Do you think the reason we're enjoying this season and not having so many WTF moments is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the book? And we knew going in that season 6 would take nothing from book 6. I do wish they could get back to book 7 because the Vampire Summit is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure how to get there from here.

That was probably one of the best tv funerals I've seen and intercutting it with the comedy at Vamp Camp was pretty great. Also, I'm kind of glad they didn't kill both the Newlins at once and am waiting for it to bite Jason in the ass (perhaps literally.)

And where is Eric going when he flies off? Pam seems to know but unless he's going off to wallow, I don't.
2. ChelseaMueller
@Mags - Maybe. I think there's less WTF moments, but I don't know if I attribute that to changing the storyline or Alan Ball no longer running the show. I really loved the Vampire Summit from book 7, too, but Queen Sophie Anne was such a big part there, and they've completely changed that element. Unless maybe it's Bill there, which I guess could be interesting.

I don't know where Eric is off to, either, but I'm eager to find out.
3. ChelseaMueller
Curious which speech at Terry's funeral was everyone's favorite? Andy made me weepy, but Lafayette's was...perfect.
4. Blackcat46
Best episode this season. Best Funeral Flashback: Lafayette teaching Terry how to "put his body into it" when cooking french fries. HILARIOUS!!
5. ChelseaMueller
@Blackcat46 - Seriously. That cracked me up, especially as he was trying so hard to put his hips into it.
6. Adbianco
I seem to remember the True Blood truck stopping at a location (Honolulu?) and vamps getting the supply. Is Eric going to spread the word about True Blood, maybe? I wondered why that particular scene was in there.
7. ChelseaMueller
@Adbianco - I was confused about that scene, too. It was Honolulu, and vamps were taking Tru Blood from the truck. I wonder more if there is going to be a Hep-V outbreak, despite the efforts at Vamp Camp.
8. Sharyn L
Okay, this has been bugging me ever since we saw Lillith die. Why did she die when Warlow exposed her to the sun? Clearly, Warlow's blood allows other vamps to day-walk. And I assume she would have kept feeding on Warlow. Did this bother anyone else?

And, this is the second time now that Sookie has used her regular teeth to cut skin - she did the same thing with Warlow before their sex scene. Maybe she's been sharpening her teeth? ;)
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