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True Blood Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Scratch ’n’ Sniff

Sarah Newlin in True Blood****SPOILERS****

We opened where we ended last week—with a distraught Eric crying over a pool of sister Nora (how many hands for destroyed Eric who, while sobbing, broke my heart and made me want to hug him?) in Bill’s home.

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In true alpha-male fashion, Eric erupts the second Bill brings up their “job” of saving the rest of the vampire race. Honestly, he probably should have waited until Eric washed his sister's remains from his body. As you’ll find, this was the episode of the f-this/f-you/f-the world, with Eric responding to Bill— “Fuck off!” As Bill explains the whereabouts of Warlow’s whereabouts, Eric lashes out, telling Bill he doesn’t want to pick a fight with his precious Sookie and basically that his God complex is a pile of crap. To which Bill responds by insulting Godric (big no-no), floating Eric all over the room, slamming him to the floor and rescinding his invitation to his home. I guess it doesn’t work in the same way as a human rescinding, because Eric had time for a snappy comeback (Bill: Leave my house. Eric: I’m already gone.) before his hasty departure. Watch this scene again and again for bereft Eric preparing to take on the world. It’s a whole ball of fun.

Back at Alcide’s bat-crap crazy pack, Rikki and her team of tall women have captured Nicole and her mom, then confronted Alcide for lying to the pack about his killing the outsiders for their snooping around earlier in the season. Rikki has obviously lost her mind—who didn’t see that coming?—when she challenges Alcide just to see if he’ll kill her. Rikki loses the fight in spectacular fashion, but instead of keeping quiet while on the ground with undoubtedly broken ribs, she responds to her sound butt kicking with (to Alcide) "I told you you didn’t have the stones.”

Violet studies her captor, Jason Stackhouse (really, I just love saying his full name) and quizzes him about how he got there and ensures that he is aware she’s in charge of him. Jason is curious about Violet’s intentions, and she very plainly explains that she is an old school, medieval bad ass Catholic and she wants him to be hers. As in for all eternity. I’m presuming forever and always, since she’s referring to sanctity of unions and such. Poor Jason.

Anna Paquin as Sookie in True Blood 6x08, Dead MeatFor the first time in this episode, we see Sookie returning to graveyeard faerie alternate universe (it seems like she should have changed her clothes by now—sheesh) to check on Warlow. She feeds him and queries him about Bill’s daytime walk. Warlow explains he drank his blood. When Sookie asks him for the favor (to help Bill with his quest to save the vampire nation), Sookie swears she won’t let anything happen to him. Well, Warlow proposes (he said) in dramatic fashion and Sookie asks for time to think about his ultimatum (she said), leaving him bound and faerie chained while she returns to the real world, muttering to herself. What she doesn’t notice is Eric behind a tree. Eric walks to the portal entrance, waving his hand through. Of course, he doesn’t get in, but it’s obvious his wheels are turning.

Jessica and James—her sexy Vampire virginity nabber—are on the floor in a definite afterglow. He melts my heart when he tells her that she is the first thing to make him feel alive since being captured. Jessica ducks the question about why Jason allowed him to see her and suggests they enjoy what little time they have together. Good idea, because two guards burst in and take them from their lovers' nest. Too bad, because James has a really nice set of abs. James is ordered back to his cell in Male Gen Pop 2 and Jessica is taken in the opposite direction. Jessica and her guard are met by the satisfied shrink and Pam. Their conversation goes a little like this:

Jess: Did you just have sex with him?

Pam: Yes

Jess: How was it?

Pam: Oozy, but productive.

It took me at least two minutes to recover for that little doozy! The guard continues, escorting both Jessica and Pam to Gen Pop 1.

Sam is at the bar cleaning out Terry’s locker and comes across a very sweet pic of Arlene and their baby. It’s pretty sad. While heading out back, I’m assuming to put the box away or run from his near confrontation with emotions, he finds Alcide out back and naturally thinks Alcide is coming to be a jerk about him returning to Bon Temps for Terry’s funeral. Alcide explains that he’s just come to drop off Nicole and her mother, with is clearly not jerky at all. Naturally, Sam offers Alcide a cold beer. This is an obvious gesture of forgiveness. Two men plus two beers equals male bonding.

As Pam and Jessica arrive in the women vampire holding cell, the guards pass out the freshly manufactured and contaminated Tru Blood. The four women—Willa, Jessica, Pam and Tara—abstain from drinking, even though they are starving.

In the male holding area, Steve Newlin is nearly accosted by another prisoner for his bottle of Tru Blood, before a doctor comes to his rescue. Taking a seat near James (so glad we get to see him again), Steve tells him about a few childhood memories.  Clearly, he makes James feel bad because James confides that he shouldn’t drink the blood.

Sam serves Nicole and her mother a couple of shots in his trailer after their ordeal. Sam offers up his trailer and says he’ll sleep in his office in the bar.  When Nicole walks him out onto the porch, they hug one another for comfort. Sam gives Nicole a big ole whiff and looks a little weird after.

Sookie is finally taking a shower, but remembers the moment when Warlow freaked her out in the bathroom. Dressed in a tee shirt, she heads downstairs for a drink and to listen to her voicemail. She retrieves a message from Jason (the one he left before heading into the vampire torture camp) and calmly continues drinking her wine.

Sam finds Alcide at the bar, obviously in need of something a little stronger than a beer. Alcide offers his sympathy for Terry. The conversation leads to the scent on Nicole. The big whiffs on the porch were all about him picking up Sam’s scent on Nicole. Sam advises him that he’s going to “…think on it and drink on it…” before taking another healthy shot. Alcide doesn’t let him drink alone. I just want to point out that this is the Alcide we know and love. His amiability makes his sexy return and not a moment too soon.

Willa, Tara, Jessica and Pam converse over their possible dinner since they can’t drink the Hep V laced True Blood. Pam, after prompting from Tara, agrees to try and talk to Violet. Well, that goes as well as we’d expect. Violet refuses. Inside the morgue-style crypts, Violet feeds on Jason’s deliciousness. Jason continues to question whether she plans on prison-raping him. Violet explains that she separates her food from her sex and that in due time, he’ll beg her for it. I can’t tell if Jason is happy or sad about this realization, but I’m betting he’s still struggling with his recent departure from objectifying others and to being objectified. Yes y’all, I do believe Jason’s character arc is showing.

Lafayette’s in the Bellefleur kitchen cooking up something greasy and yummy for Arlene, who is no doubt hung over.  Andy arrives with news from Portia (his sister, in case you don’t remember who she is) and refuses to allow Adeline’s request for coffee. With everyone at the table, Lafayette explains that he and Sookie discovered a two million dollar (whoa—that’s a lot of red hair dye) life insurance policy in the safe deposit box. Immediately, Arlene mentally puts together that this was a planned suicide and that it’s her fault. She also laments about Adeline and her sisters picking on him and poking around in his thoughts. Of course, we know what she’s thinking because Adeline is poking around in her thoughts. Naturally, Adeline is upset about what she overhears and Arlene lashes out at her for listening in on her in the first place. Both of them flee the table, leaving Andy confused as a mofo at the table with Holly and Lafayette.

Sookie arrives at Bill’s house to bring the Warlow decision. Bill asks for Sookie to lay it out. Sookie insists that Bill tell her what would happen to Warlow, holding up her promise to him that she would ensure no harm would come to him. Unfortunately, when she tells Bill about the ultimatum, he is less than sympathetic, telling her that it would be a big favor is she was his Faerie-Vampire-Bride. Sookie is pissed that he is so cold and callous. Sookie stomps off, but Bill asks when she’ll be ready.  Sookie responds with a consistent theme throughout Episode 8. “Fuck you.” When he pressures, she yells back at him “…I’ll let you know, if I decide to do that. How’s that, you mutha fuckin’ monster?” I’m not sure when I’ve heard so many f-bombs on True Blood.

With Governor Burrell deceased by decapitation (fun with D words! Yay!), Sarah Newlin is drunk with power. In an all-white suit, she arrives at the vampire prison. Upon her arrival, she is notified that a few of the vampires aren’t drinking the Tru Blood. She has Steve rounded up and placed on a giant hamster wheel, which he slowly runs on. I mean, he’s even slow for a human. Sarah quizzes him on why he won’t drink. After several UV light threats, she extracts the truth from him. He snitches on James (I swear, I want to wallop him) and that the non-drinking vamps are all aware of the Hep V contamination in the Tru Blood. Just so you know, Sarah Newlin is one scary chick!

Holly’s sons stop by Adeline’s house and offer booze to make her drink. She leaves with them.

Steve and James are brought to the white room, where Steve promptly apologizes to James. The wicked Sarah orders any other vampires that aren’t drinking into the room with them.

Nicole’s mother has booked the flight home and when she tells Nicole, Sam stops her, telling her that he doesn’t want Nicole to leave, and that he loves her. Nicole admits her love to him as well. Nicole’s mother is less than happy since Sam is obviously a tad bit older than her twenty three year old Nicole. (She called him ‘silver fox’. My sides hurt from laughing.) Sookie arrives. (Could her timing be worse? Ever?)  Nicole tells him to leave with Sookie so that she can speak with her mom. In Sam’s office, Sookie gives him a big, long hug. She is there to confess her willingness to dump her faerie powers for the possibility at a future with him. I mean, she actually admits that she is there to find out if she and Sam could maybe have a future. Sam snaps back that her timing is bad and that Nicole is pregnant (Sookie’s timing is a mess and finally, we know what all the sniffing and drinking is about). Sookie offers him advice about telling Nicole that she’s pregnant and Sam reminds her that he didn’t ask. In a huff, she leaves.

Time out—I am very disturbed that Sookie is roaming around attempting to provoke a reaction in all the men that have ever loved her. With the exception of Eric, she has really passed the pity baton around Bon Temps. Sheesh.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Arlene and the Bellefleur gang are making funeral arrangements. Mrs. Bellefleur requests a twenty one gun salute which sends Arlene into a rage. After a come-to-Jesus moment, Arlene heads outside with Holly. Andy heads out with Arlene and girlfriend. Arlene refuses to accept the money, since Terry had himself killed. Andy tells her that she should take the insurance money. That no-one will win if he arrests the man who killed him. Andy’s girlfriend tells him that Terry wanted her to have the money. Arlene requests carnations and Rev. Daniels from the Black church because Terry liked him.

Sookie heads over to the cemetery and has it out with her parents. She is finally getting her feelings out about her knowledge of their death attempts on her life and lambasts them for ruining her memories. She acknowledges to them that she would rather walk the earth for an eternity than to lay be their sides in her grave. Whelp, decision made. Slamming her flowers down and giving her parents another F-them, she stomps off. I wonder if her feet are hurting yet.

Ms. Suzuki arrives at the True Blood/vampire prison demanding to meet with the Governor.  Sarah's having a mini-breakdown as she walks to meet her. Ms. Suzuki isn’t having it. She insists on seeing him and finding out where the Tru Blood is going. Sarah gives her a song and dance, to with Ms. Suzuki responds with a knee into the junk, (laugh break.) and pushes past her to find the vials of Hep V that are being laced into the vampire food supply. Ms. Suzuki isn’t happy, but Sarah brings the pain in a World Wrestling Federation style brawl that spans the facility. Along the way, Ms. Suzuki witnesses the freaky vampire testing occurring in the compound. It ends over male Gen Pop where Sarah not only bashes the woman’s face onto the steel grate, but plants Ms. Suzuki’s heel into her skull, thus feeding the bloodsuckers below. Talk about irony. (I should mention that a female lab technician saw Sarah’s attack.)

Back at Sookie’s house, she calls Jason, explaining that she would really like to talk to him at the funeral, after advising him of Terry’s death by phone (sigh). Once she hangs up, she calls Bill and advises him to pick her up in an hour. Decision made. Finally.

In the graveyard, Holly’s sons are still out with Adeline. With one boy near rounding second base, Eric arrives. He glamours Rocky and his brother (taking away even the memory of him getting her shirt off) and pursues Adeline. He quickly catches her and drinks her blood from behind. Dang I hope he doesn’t kill her.

Sookie’s at home getting dolled up in yet another dress that I wouldn’t expect to find in Bon Temps.

Violet is pushed to drink her Tru Blood. Big mouth Tara mentions that Jason will be safe once Violet drinks the Tru Blood. Of course, Violet overhears her and steps to Tara. Before any bloodshed, Pam steps up to defend her progeny.  With a slip of Pam’s tongue, she mentions that Tara was hungry. The guard picks up on this and sends the lot of them to the white room. So, for accuracy, there are now seven vampires in the white room: Steve, James, Violet, Pam, Tara, Willa and Jessica. Steve figures out that Jessica knows what’s going to happen, and prods her to spill what she knows. She tells of Bill’s prediction.

Thankfully, Adeline is not dead. Andy finds her running down the street babbling and holds her while she apologizes profusely.

Bill and Sookie arrive at the graveyard portal. When they transfer through it, they find Warlow unconscious and damn near drained. Bill calls out Eric’s name when Sookie asks who could have done such a thing. The obvious conclusion is that Adeline’s faerie blood made him able to walk through the portal.


This was quite an episode with a boatload of memorable quotes. I’ve added a few throughout the recap, but here are some that shouldn’t be missed either.

Eric: “Even as you pulled the stake from your heart proving your invincibility, you still felt weak.”

Eric: “You’re taking me for a ride with my mind.”

Kenneth (a member of Alcide’s pack): “ You out of your fucking mind, bitch?”

Andy: “I’m trying to decide if it’s more uncomfortable for me in here or out there.”


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I soo didn't want this episode to end! I actually felt bad for Warlow, hope he is okay! I LOVED Sams comeback to Sookie about her timing, she is a freaking idiot.. I find that I really dislike Sookies character this season moreso than the others.. Pam and oozy was awesome! James and Jessica would've made a cute couple!
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