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True Blood Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: All is Revealed?

Sookie and Warlow in True Blood Season 6 episode 10, RadioactiveIf you watched last night’s Season 6 finale of True Blood, you know the episode began with a fitting end for one character.

Missed an episode? We've got your fix right here: Catch up with recaps of True Blood episodes 6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x04, 6x05, ;6x06, 6x07, 6x08, and 6x09. Read on for the recap of Season 6's episode 10, “Radioactive.”

At Terry Bellefleur's funeral, Alcide took a seat beside Sookie after Jason failed to arrive, and then went on a walk with her. After an intense conversation about the pros and cons of telepathy (brought on by Sookie’s impromptu coming out to the town), Alcide makes it clear that he would love to be a telepath so that he could know what’s rattling around in Sookie’s mind. It was a nice refresher after Alcide spent an entire season—or at least the better part of one—with his head up his derriere. Funny – the better he acts, the better he looks.

During their walk (which is what looks suspiciously like a pre-hookup conversation), the pair happen upon the Compton estate, where the newly freed vamps are partying and canoodling, still hopped up on Billith blood. Sookie insists that she head over to see what’s up and why everyone is partially clothed. Alcide wants her to stay or at least take him along for protection.

True to this season’s new, stronger Sookie 2.0, she reminds him that she can take care of herself, before heading off into the sun-worshipping vampire fray.

After collecting an eyeful of sexiness, she finds Jason who is actively engaged with this VO (vampire other), shirtless (we can thank our lucky stars for that) and begging for his favorite thing in the world (I’ll let you all take a guess at what that is) from Violet. After a rocky intro, where Violet wants to pulverize Sookie with her possessive self, she accepts that Sookie is her sister if she is Jason’s and kisses Sookie full on the mouth. . . for a long time. To which Jason explains, “Sookie, meet Violet. She’s European.” After Violet excuses herself, Jason explains some of his rationale for becoming more accepting of the whole monogamy with a vamp thing. He compares it to what Bill and Sookie had at one time.

The cast of True Blood in episode 6.10Pam and Tara approach, giving Sookie big hugs. I still don’t think Sookie is clear on all that has occurred while they were in vampire jail, but nevertheless she seems genuinely happy to see Pam and Tara, both. It was a brief reunion as Sookie continues on her way to see Warlow. But not before we get a glimpse of Bill standing in the window with a look of longing in his eyes as he watches Sookie head towards the faerie portal.

Sookie enters the portal to find Warlow preparing for their nuptials. There's a big maypole (for real y’all, a maypole) where Warlow explains that they are to entwine in the floral trappings and once done, they will use their faerie lights to make wedding bands. Something about the look in Sookie’s eyes gives a foreshadowing of her next words. She asks Warlow if they can ‘date’, and see where things lead since no one is in danger anymore and they can slow the clock down. Well, Warlow doesn’t like Sookie’s idea. I gathered that from him laying the pimp hand down and knocking her on her face in a very, very quick and aggressive slap. Right here, any empathy or warm fuzzy feelings about Warlow dissipated as I watched the realization settle on Sookie’s face of her bad situation.

Back at Vampire party camp, we find Jessica, and her new boo James, engaged in a volleyball match with Jason and Violet. Of course, Jason and Jessica have that “Hell yeah, we’ve slept together before,” vibe and Violet doesn’t like it one bit. On the next round, she spikes the ball and slaps Jessica in the face with the ball (I’m thinking the general eye region). Not really sure why Jessica didn’t go hard on her, but since Violet is really old and Jessica is still technically a baby vamp, she decided to let it ride.

Off in the bushes, we find Tara and Pam. Pam announces to an elated Tara that her buzz has worn off. Tara is immediately suspicious. After Pam asks her about Willa’s knowledge of Eric’s disappearance, she tells Tara, more like alludes to it, that she is heading off. Tara correctly assumes that she is leaving to track down Eric. Pam doesn’t disagree and tells her to take care of Willa, Tara’s equivalent of an auntie. Tara calls Pam and Eric “the worst makers ever.” Sounds something like what a real kid would say, doesn’t it? Also, Pam’s outfit was very un-Pam-like. Reminded me of a prison jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, Bill is in his office with that same sadness in his eyes. When Jessica finds him there, he announces a.) that he is no longer Billith. . . er Lillith and b.) that he had sacrificed Sookie to secure their safety. He also mentions that there is nothing he can do about either. Jessica, the true romantic that she is, points out that since Bill is the old Bill now, that old Bill would have moved heaven and earth to save Sookie—more specifically, “. . . would walk through fire to save Sookie.” She reminded him that it wasn’t too late to make things right.

In the next scene, we find Bill and Jessica explaining the circumstances to Jason, alongside Violet (in yet another prison romper). After Bill explains where Sookie is and how she got there, Jason is amped up to save Sookie, advising the group that Warlow is the person killed their parents so many years ago. The issue of gaining access to the portal is brought up and Bill notes that the only other fae in Bon Temps is Andy’s daughter Adeline. Jason sets off with Violet, who insists on coming along (because Jason “…will never be alone again”) to get the girl after Jessica and Bill mention that he may not agree to help if they ask.

Later in the woods, we find Bill walking a begging, squealing and crying Mr. Takahashi through the woods. At one point, Bill has Takahashi stop and face him. Naturally, the man is praying that Bill spares him. Bill glamours him, telling him that he never met any of the Bon Temps vamps and leaving him with a bag of money. I mean a big bag of money. Only fair, since the man was away from his wife and kids and locked in a basement for-freakin’-ever.

At a reluctant to get involved Andy's house, Jason tells Adeline and Andy the whole story, and even pleads mentally to the girl that he doesn’t know what he would do without his sister. Adeline remembers how nice Sookie is and how comforting it is to have another fae around, and insists on helping Jason. Andy gives in and he and Jason load up on vampire-smokin’ ammunition before they head over to the portal.

Warlow, this punk, has Sookie tied to the maypole, hinged to the thing with floral ropes. Sookie breaks loose enough to put her hands together and threatens to exhaust her light. She can’t do it fast enough (considering she told him what she planned to do), because he traps her hands above her head and zaps it with his light to secure it. All the while, he tells her that she’s quite the ‘danger whore’ and that she should have trusted her instincts because he really does ". . .just want to f*** her, and own her, and use her for her blood.” What a douche. And as luck would have it, night falls and he chomps on Sookie’s neck.

After that grueling scene (because I personally feel like a sucker for falling for Warlow’s nice guy act), we find the whole rescue squad—Andy, Jason, Bill, and Violet—trying to help Adeline figure out how to work her light switch. Bill tells the group that the light works best when accompanied by fear. Violet (I don’t know about this chick, y’all) steps up to the plate and scares the bejesus out of Adeline. This opens the portal to the plane. Of course, Super Bill charges in and jumps on Warlow, while Violet grabs Sookie. He yells to them to get Sookie out of there and to leave him as he's fighting off Warlow. Adeline has no trouble working her power since Bill is actively shanking Warlow and he steps off the stake on the maypole.

Back on earth, Jason and the others (minus one Bill) take Sookie back to her house. Jason and Violet head up stairs, with Jason shouting out directions to the cubby (previously Eric’s) and orders Andy to stand guard outside.

Bill is knocked to the ground by Warlow and as brings forth his light, Bill grabs his leg and catches a ride back to earth. Once there, Warlow takes off. No doubt, heading to Sookie's house.

Back at Sookie’s, Violet is giving her a dose of V straight from the vein, when the window to Sookie’s room breaks. Jason sprints to the window to find Andy yelling out that he got ‘em. Unfortunately, he didn’t do a very good job of that. Warlow grabs Andy and dashes toward the front door. Jason nearly jumps down the stairs to defend Sookie and the whole fam. Warlow waltzes into the house after discarding Andy, zaps Jason and Violet (who got a charge for trying to protect her man) and Bill runs up behind him with a stake in hand. Since Bill is old Bill, his invite is still rescinded. He can neither enter nor stake the dude. Warlow isn’t satisfied with just leaving him on the porch, giving him one more powerful jolt which sends him into the middle of the street. Tossing Jason and Andy into the cubby with Adeline, he steps over the unconscious Violet and heads upstairs to Sookie.

But she’s not in the bed. Sookie is hiding in the shower trying hard to conjure up some light. It’s no use when he finds her standing there in the shower fully dressed. Pulling her out of the shower, he drags her towards the door, but from the faerie prison portal (in the bathroom), Niall pulls through and grabs Warlow. Niall calls to Jason, who is now conscious and has a big knife in his hand that he plunges into Warlow’s chest. Warlow, still being held by Niall, begins to come apart. He disintegrates into a pool of twinkling blood. Sookie and Jason pull Niall free from the portal prison and they stand there watching and laughing, oddly reminiscent of the end of the Scooby Doo episode.

Around Bon Temps and the world, the magical properties of Warlow’s blood wears off. And we see the faerie powers drain first from Bill, then Jessica and James, etc. and finally, sadly, Eric.

Let me spend a second here. Eric is in Åre, Sweden (thanks to commenter Noname221 for the correction), completely naked on a lawn char reading a book. Sigh. When the faerie power leaves him, he is in the sun, full on. My Eric burst into flames on that mountain top and it’s all I can do to keep it together. The screen fades to black.

(More on that full-frontal naked Eric scene here!)

But there’s fifteen minutes, give or take a few left. I wipe my real tears and prepare myself.

Six months later in Bon Temps, the whole town (minus Pam and Eric apparently) seems back to normal. Bill is onscreen in an interview promoting his new book A God Bled—A Story of Death and Redemption. Yes, y’all, he wrote a book that’s a NYT best seller on his life as Billith, the murder of Gov. Burrell, and how he would never be prosecuted for such a thing because the late Governor masterminded the genocide of the vampire race. Okay, enough about that, because this is the best thing to happen all night.

Sookie is home on the couch, looking sultry and like she’s up to something watching the interview. We hear a man’s voice off screen. Who is it? I was struggling to figure it out, when a hotter, cleaned-up (short hair, low beard) Alcide comes into view. Shirtless. After Sookie asks him if he’s mad about her watching the interview, he tells he no, because she isn’t Bill's anymore and carts her off to what I’m presuming is the bedroom. I’m bouncing on my seat, thinking if Eric is dead, at least I get to see Alcide almost naked. But, no such luck.

The next scene is Jason. Violet is lying on a purple bed being entertained in one of the best ways I can think of by Jason. Unfortunately for Jason, he is on the giving end still. After Violet comes to a screaming end, Jason asks very nicely if they can finally copulate. After all, he’s ‘doing’ her once, twice, sometimes three times a day…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Sorry y’all. I fainted.

That selfish Violet refuses to play ball, even if he’s built her the “. . .girliest, lock-tightest basement ever.” After she refuses, he heads down there again.
The next day, everyone is headed to church. Sam and Andy are outside the church arguing over Andy’s participation in whatever the hell is happening. Sam begs him to join in with the rest of the town. Andy looks worried.

Sookie and Alcide walk into the church in their Sunday best. Walking over to Jason, Sookie asks about the testing that’s going on. Jason, apparently a little nervous about the test, pushes Sookie up front in line. After a quick puncture, everyone heads inside with Pastors (or Reverends, depending on what part of the country you’re from) Skinner and Daniels have brought both their respective congregations together. Suffice to say, the two congregations are sitting apart in an obvious way. After forced the two sides to come together, so to speak, Sookie and Alcide take a seat beside an adorable girl who is extremely nervous. It seems Rev. Daniels tells the congregation that they must band together to fight off the coming bands of Hep V infected vampires. They go on to introduce Sam, now Mayor of Bon Temps, who explains that the townspeople were tested to see who might be a Hep V carrier, and if the person is not a carrier, they are invited to Arlene’s bar (formerly Sam’s bar), called Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill, to sup and have vampires sup on them in exchange for protection for the Hep-V free host’s entire family, from the violent bunch of vampires. Some of the humans aren’t that open to the idea, even leaving the church before they’ve had a chance to hear him out.

That evening, many Bon Temps residents were in attendance at Bellefleur’s. As people received their results and found their vampires, based on fang size (I’m sorry, having a hard time keeping a straight face on that one) and compatibility.

Sookie and Alcide think the whole thing is weird, agreeing that they’ll stick around for about an hour after receiving their results.

Jessica looked lonely as James performed on stage (not very well, mind you).
Tara and Willa seem to like each other quite a bit, laughing and joking about the slim pickings being offered amongst the residents. Tara’s mom walks up and attempts to get Tara’s attention. Naturally, Tara doesn’t respond. Willa walks over to her and after introducing herself finds out who Lettie Mae is to Tara. Tara apparently agrees and they meet up in the barn for a talk. After a rousing and emotional plea (and long overdue apology), she acknowledges that she would forget to feed Tara. She asks her, begs her, to let her feed her in her time of need. (I’m sorry, I don’t want Tara to protect her. But that’s just me. This woman let Tara down over and over. She’s a mess. Okay, rant done). Tara takes the bait and bites down on her mom.

Andy's decided it was too much to risk Adeline in this whole human/vampire matchmaking session (I’m assuming), so he and his daughter are at their house watching television when there is a knock at the door. It’s Jessica. Naturally, Andy points a gun in her face. Jessica explains that she understands and that it is her duty to protect Adeline and Andy after all that has happened. Thankfully, Andy doesn’t shoot her, but he closes the door in her face. Jessica stands outside their house, looking stoic and alone.

As Sookie and Alcide take off from Bellefleur’s, Bill walks up. Bill wants to talk to Sookie alone, but Alcide says no, as one would expect. He tells Bill that anything he needs to say to her, he can say it to him as well. Bill offers protection and Alcide growls and says he’s her protection, adding glowing wolf eyes for extra effect. Bill tells him, “You can growl all you want, bright eyes.” (I. Am. Dying. Laughing.) Before they can tangle, a scent arrives. I know a scent arrives because both Bill and Alcide look nauseated by it. They turn around to face the downwind smell.

In the distance, a small group of Hep V vamps head towards the town social. As they walk, very zombie-esque, more and more vamps arrive to follow.

Well, that’s it kids. I know what you’re thinking. What the hell happened to Eric? Did Pam save him? What the hell are we going to do about Jason and his inability to copulate? And why is Sookie dressing more and more like a country nerd with a naughty streak?

I guess we have months to ponder these thoughts. Let the sucky waiting begin.


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Karen Williams
1. tulsawilliams
May I just give kudos for this posting! Way to go! Extremely detailed and the videos rocked! I ACKNOWLEDGE ALL THE HARD WORK TH A T WENT INTO THE COMPILATION . (Didn't mean to yell at you there). Great work! Looking forward to the summary. I GOT TO READING AND THE UNTHINKABLE happened! I missed it! Good thing they rerun the episodes...
Leanne Segersin
2. LMS430
I am choosing to believe that Eric is still alive. I cannot believe they would be so cruel as to take away my A. Skars. I don't even know if I would watch if Eric were dead.
3. Nia2113
Am I the only one that was yelling at the TV for Tara to walk away from her mother??? I am now TERRIFIED that her mother tested positive for HepV and Tara is infected because why wouldn’t the show do that to us. She should have asked to have seen her mom’s blood results. Her mother has proven to us time and time again that she is BAT SHIT INSANE! I will say though that I am glad that this season had many less "W T F" moments then the last because I honestly do not think my poor little heart could take many more.
4. sagespelling
Great recap Aliza! I agree with all your WTF! What happened to Eric? If he died, I really dont think I would watch the show...HE makes the show watchable for me. I also agree that Tara should have walked away from her mother, she shouldnt have made it that easy for her, and if she is infected with this virus, I will jump into the TV to punch her mother! LOL! I have to say, I'm a little confused about the zombie-vamps, I thought the virus kills vamps like it did Eric's sister, not turn them into zombie-vamps?
Aliza Mann
5. AlizaMann
@tulsawilliams - Be sure to watch the rerun. Personally, I was a little distracted with all the skin (and trying to mentally force his leg down just a little). It took a second for me to realize that he was on fire. OMG, my Eric was on fire. And thank you so much for your compliments on the post.

@LMS430 - I'm praying that the writers pull another 'Oh no, Lafayette is dead... wait, he's in the basement at Fangtasia...'. The show would never, ever be the same with the Skars-man! #SAVETHESEXY campaign in full effect!

@NIA2113 - I really, really didn't want Tara to take her mother's blood. Not just for the element of icky, but because this woman has been a complete a--hole to Tara throughout the series. And yes, the decreased WTFery was much better.

@SageSpelling - I'm thinking that somehow, over time, the virus mutated... now they can walk around and drain folks. Here's my question - if the virus makes them zombie-vamps, and they turn someone, does the newbie end up being a zombie-vamp? Please forgive me. I am an admitted sci-fi nerd girl with too much time on my hands today.
Lege Artis
6. LegeArtis
@Nia2113- I agree with you completely! I am freaked out that Tara took her mothers blood. I read somewhere a theory that her mother is a carrier and that's why she is going for this new "I want to feed you, my child!" act.
There was 57seconds of ASkars in finale. Not cool. I'm gratefull for full frontal, but showing us his peen and then setting him on fire wasn't the way I imagined it in my head...
But, it's True blood-WTF and No way! are pretty much reactions you can expect to have from this series.
I think Eric will be back...He just can't end up as crispy delight in Alps of Are,Sweden. Just no.
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
Hey, guys, if you want some SPOILER-y bits about next season (including news about Eric/Skarsgard), read Michael Ausiello's interivew with Brian Buckner. Enjoy!

Just please be careful to warn for or white out any spoilers you want to come back and discuss here.
Aliza Mann
8. AlizaMann
@redline - Glad I read it. Even with the spoiler bits. :-)
Thanks for posting!
Leanne Segersin
10. LMS430
Totally forgot to mention the Tara thing! It didn't occur to me to be suspicious of Lettie Mae being a carrier, probably because I was a lil too grossed out with the feeding from her mom thing. At the neck. Was I the only one practically shouting "Wrist! Wrist! Wrist!" If you're going to be all weird about feeding your daughter, at least do it in a non-sexual place. It always seems to me the lovers bite at the neck. There was a bit of a squicky factor there for me.
11. Noname221
"Eric is in the Swiss Alps, completely naked on a lawn char reading a book. Sigh."
Did you even watch the episode?
Eric is not in Swiss Alps, He's in Sweden Åre. Stop mixing up Germany and Sweden ffs... Also, How can you even mix up Sweden and Germany when it's been said in the show ever since it started that Eric is from SWEDEN not Germany... And be sure to actually confirm info like this... It even says in the episode when the camera is zooming in on him "Åre, Sweden" where he is and you're still too narrow minded to care which is which...

Just please ffs be more thorough with stuff like this in the future...
Lege Artis
12. LegeArtis
@Noname221 - The same way you just mixed Germany and Switzerland. Swiss Alps are within Switzerland and not in Germany. :)
Mistakes happen, author of post will surelly see to fix that. :)
13. Noname221
@LegeArtis - Sorry my bad I meant Switzerland. I have no idea why I wrote Germany, but I meant Switzerland, "Stop mixing up Sweden and Switzerland". Tho, people also tend to mix up Sweden and Germany too, not in this case tho but otherwise. I think I wrote Germany instead of Switzerland because I had my mind on Sweden - Germany because I automatically thought of it when I first thought about Sweden - Switzerland if that makes any sense? :P
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
@Noname221 -- Thanks for the correction! These recaps are written and posted as quickly as possible, so mistakes definitely do happen, and we appreciate feedback to improve them.
15. pellington
Was it explained how humans can be carriers for Hep V? What am I missing?

I have to say, if they try to feed us a "Pam saved Eric" plot, it'll be on par with sewing the head back on in Soap Dish. We saw him burn. For us to potentially believe she somehow showed up and rolled him in the snow and fed him blood for 6 months or something will be ridiculous. Also, who wants Eric isolated in his own story next year? I hated that they kept Sam away for 2 seasons and Alcide this season. They all work best when they are together.

And finally, we need LOTS more James and LOTS less Violet. Hate her already.
16. Noname221
No worries and sorry for being a bit harsh in my comment earlier.
17. pellington
PS--Forgot to add that it is ridiculous--if not almost impossible--to write and publish a book in 6 months that's made the best seller's list. Unless Bill used vamp powers to type and then glamoured editors and publishers into going to the press 2 days later. As if.
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