Aug 4 2013 10:30am

Shipping Sunday: Montana Sky’s Willa/Ben, Lily/Adam, and Tess/Nate

Ashley Williams and John Corbett as Willa and Ben in Montana SkyThis week's shipping sunday is dedicated to the three main couples in one of my very favorite Nora Roberts novels, Montana Sky*, which—conveniently enough—was made into a Lifetime movie a few years back, thus giving us plenty of pretty pictures to gaze at.

Did you enjoy seeing Mercy sisters Willa, Tess, and Lily brought to life? How about their romances (Willa/Ben, Tess/Nate, and Lily/Adam)?** Do you have a favorite Montana Sky 'ship, from the book or the movie or both?

*Is it just me or is it REALLY difficult to decide on a #1 favorite Nora Roberts book?!!

**FYI, the Montana Sky movie starred Ashley Williams (Willa), John Corbett (Ben), Laura Mennell (Lily), Nathaniel Arcand (Adam), Charlotte Ross (Tess), and Aaron Pearl (Nate).

Laura Mennell and Nathaniel Arcand as Lily and Adam in Montana Sky

Willa and Ben in Montana Sky

Charlotte Ross and Aaron Pearl as Tess and Nate in Montana Sky

Adam and Lily in Montana Sky

Charlotte Ross, Laura Mennell, and Ashley Williams as Tess, Lily, and Willa in Montana Sky





























































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Saundra Peck
2. sk1336
Willa and Ben.... Who can resist John Corbett!!! And ohhhh the Montana backdrop, wish I was there now!!! 18 months ;)
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