Aug 11 2013 2:00pm

Shipping Sunday: Criminal Minds’s Morgan/Garcia!

Morgan hugs Garcia in Criminal MindsGiven the popularity of posts like Criminal Minds: The Morgan After and the number of pro-Morgan/Garcia comments I got on the post I'll Ship If I Want To: A Romance Fan's Thoughts on Shipping and Shippers, I knew I just had to dedicate a Shipping Sunday to the delicious potential pairing of Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) of Criminal Minds. Could theirs be a case of co-workers to lovers eventually, or are they better off as friends? Either way, they sure look great together!

Morgan and Garcia in the office


Garcia and Morgan talk in a barGarcia and Morgan hug



























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Nikki H
1. Nikki H
I love to watch them together, but I don't want them to get together.
Laura K. Curtis
2. LauraKCurtis
I love to watch them as friends but I wouldn't want them to get together. I think the ability to flirt without meaning it is part of what makes their chemistry work. If they actually developed a romance, all the flirting would have to "go" somewhere, which would ruin it.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I agree with Nikki and Laura, if the flirting became "flirting with intent to seduce" then it would lose a lot of the appeal. Morgan and Garcia have great chemistry but that's all it can be.
Nikki H
4. Cristin Harber
Maybe it'll ruin their banter and fun, but IDK. I'm dying for them to happen.
Anna Bowling
5. AnnaBowling
I would love for them to get together for good - in the end. For now, I'm very much enjoying the dance, but when Criminal Minds finally wraps, I'd love to see these two riding off into the sunset for their HEA.
Nikki H
6. AnaLM
I totally agree with Anna. I think Morgan and Garcia should END up together. That way we still have a crescendo of their fun, adorable and sexy moments, and it wouldn't change the show that dramatically to just spare its final eps to get them their most deserved HEA.
Saundra Peck
7. sk1336
Yes....just yes!!! I have watched since day one, and I think nothing could be more romantic than the straight as an arrow Morgan living HEA with Garcia!!!!
Saundra Peck
8. sk1336
BTW, I am married to my co-worker/partner/cop turned best friend turned HEA.... It is the best!!!
Nikki H
9. Aurora97
I would like them to get involved romantically. You can see that Morgan cares for Penelope especially when he calls her on the phone. My favorite TV couple at the moment.
Nikki H
10. Asfandancer
I love their friendship. I would not mind if they ended up together at the end, but for now just friends is best.
Nikki H
11. luke
I don't give a shit about these UGLY two IDIOT.
12. willaful
I haven't watched this show, but I think they're adorable in the pictures.
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