Aug 10 2013 3:30pm

Poll: Which Hero Has the Sexiest Voice?

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa KleypasLast week Megan Frampton asked in her Morning Coffee: Which Hero Has the Sexiest Voice? You guys gave some pretty awesome answers and so we want to make it official in this week's poll: Which Hero Has the Sexiest Voice?

Share your pick in the comments and weigh in on who you think would have the sexiest voice! Do you imagine a hero's voice when you read a romance?

Do you have a favorite accent you like a character to have? Does a character having a certain accent up their appeal like it does for some men in real life?

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Terri Rose
1. Terri L
Love men in real life with accents. Hate romance characters with accents. I think they sound better in life than reading them makes it seem to me. Reading accents usually pulls me out of the book. It distracts me. I think I imagine all of the characters with about the same voice. I don't really change this with every character. Maybe that is part of my problem? haha.
2. Unicorn
Got to agree with Terri, I'd rather have the real-life man with the real-life voice and the real-life accent. And when it comes to a man with a magnificent voice and the loveliest accent, for me there's no one better than Benedict Cumberbatch. I could listen to him speak 24/7. Listening to him read English poetry is enough to make even the most die-hard cynic believe in romance.
Wanda Smith
3. WandaSmith55
of course I would rather have the real thing as far as the voice goes..but right now.. I am so in love with the narraotor that does the males voice in the Blackstone Affair.. HOLY SWEET JESUS... that man could read the phone book to me and I would be just in AWE of him.. If you haven't read that series yet, or even l isten to those 3 books. do yourself a great service and do it.. and fall in love with love all over again.. Whew.. what a man. Also I loved the voice of the male lead in Beautiful Stranger.. yeah he's got it to.. Yummy
4. Annvil
Don't know bout super heroes but the best voice I've heard was from a small town DJ named Steve Lanier. I think the town was Jackson Ohio.

this guys voice made me want to fast forward through the songs but you can't do that when listening to the radio, so I just drove slower so I could hear more.
This guy made the weather sexy!
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