Aug 24 2013 2:00pm

Poll: What Do You Think of Ben Affleck as the New Batman?

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh uh, Batfleck!

We might have a thing for Henry Cavill as Superman and are always glad to have him appear little clothing as possible. However, the internet has been rocked by the casting of Ben Affleck as the new Batman for the Justice League movie franchise. We asked resident comic book fanboy, Christopher Morgan, what he thought of the casting and he's a little worried.

Pro: Ben Affleck is the right age. The Batman for the latest project, is supposed to be older than Christian Bale's Batman. 

Con: Daredevil. 

Pro: Batfleck as he has been dubbed by the media is an Academy Award winning writer and director. While he hasn't been known for doing genre very well, we trust that after Daredevil he's learned his lesson...

Con: But still it had to be said one more time, Daredevil...

The verdicts in and Affleck has ben cast but do you think it was a good casting? Who would you have liked to see donning the black cape and mask? Let us know in the comments!

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1. digigirl
Ben would definitely not have been my choice (or even on the list), but now that it's done, I say let's wait and see what happens. There have been other unexpected castings that turned out well (Heath Ledger as Joker, anyone?), so since it's going to be a while before the movie comes out, I'm crossing my fingers that maybe the movie makers saw something in Ben that we haven't seen. Daredevil wasn't great, but I don't think that was ALL Ben's fault - the whole movie had issues.
2. bluemoon
Listen, Ben Affleck Sucked as Daredevil, and to cast him as the new Natman is a joke. Who ever came up with that idea must be on drugs..
Shani Bell
3. bzbell75
I think Ben Affleck is an AWFUL choice to play the role of Batman! My husband, who is an avid comic book fan and former collector, loved the casting in the Dark Knight, Superman, Iron Man, and Justice League films. But this? I swear he about blew a gasket when he found out.
Linda Talamo
4. eLTe
Gotta agree with the general consensus ... if the producers are going to be that careless, they might as well cast Jar Jar Binks!
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
Its hard to get the taste of Daredevil out of your mouth (and other Ben Affleck bombs.) However, the die has been cast. Hopefully he will bring the intensity he has brought to his directing and producing-despite the fact that I enjoyed The Town and him in it, he was still the weak acting link for me. I don't know off the top of my head who would be a better choice-is every other awesome guy already a superhero? And how mnay chances do you get to be a superhero? I feel like in Hollywood you should just get one.

Ben Affleck has a long history of not-greatness, and the franchise just finished with uber-greatness. This news comes out too close to the end of that franchise for a Justice League movie if Christian Bale wasn't part of the plan along with Henry Cavill's Superman -and the Superman reboot wasn't as strong as I think it could have been.

I frowned when I saw the announcement, and I'm still frowning. Hopefully all of this naysaying will prompt him to being his A game. I mean, he got Jennifer wrong the first time, but he's been with the right Jennifer for a while now! Maybe his luck is moving over to his professional life too...
6. Travelover
I'd rather he did not play Batman. IMHO they should have offered Christian Bale the moon. I think he was the definitive Batman.
joeera gilani
7. nj22
I don't think that Ben would make a good batman.
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