Aug 3 2013 2:00pm

Poll: What Attracts You to a Romance Novel Cover?

A Tale of Two Lovers by Maya RodaleSo we might have a thing for cover models. What's not to like—rippling muscles, flowing shirts, gasps of desire. They have it all. But what elements of the cover draw you to pick up a book at all?

Do you like to see the cover model's face? As little clothing as possible? Or is it just a matter of the title and author alone? Let us know in this week's poll what attracts you to pick up a book.

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Laura K. Curtis
1. LauraKCurtis
Now, if you had a poll about what in a cover sends you screaming running AWAY from a book...
2. HJ
I hope that those involved in making covers don't just shrug their shoulders and ignore this poll. At the time of writing the largest vote is for the option that disregards the cover in favour of the author/title, and second place is I don't care as long as the as the cover fits with the tone/plot of the book.

As is implied by Laura's comment, if the cover is dreadful then it can put potential purchasers off, even subliminally, so the job is wirth doing well. But instead of focussing so much on the models and the pose - get the basics right first! Check the descriptions of the main characters and use them, and check what clothing was actually like in that period! How do the main characters interact, and what type of book is it? (At it's most basic, if it's a paranormal have some hint at that; if the MCs hate dancing don't show them in a ballroom; if they spend all their time in the country riding ditto.

Once you've got the bsics then you can have fun - the majority of us who like the details to be correct but really focus on the author will be happy, and you can still attract new readers who will also expect the contents of the book to match the cover.
3. dlfuller54
I personally agree about making the title and author the main focus.
I really hate that the cover never matches the characters and I don't like the compromising positions and hardly any clothes thing. Those kinds of covers turn some people off and think that the story is nothing but fluff, when the stories inside (if they make it past the cover) are so much more.
you can learn so much about a certain time period, how to deal with relationships, and about your own character. Sometimes authors put your thoughts and feelings into words that you have been struggling how to put together. Sometimes it's just fun and laughter which seems to be lacking in our lives. And of course all the romance is their to teach us that it looks different to everyone. It gives us ideas, teaches, makes us dream and, oh yes, sigh. We empathize, fantasize, and escape ourselves for a little while.
Please fix the covers so I don't have to hide my book or defend it to others any more.
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