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Plus-Sized Heroines and the Heroes Who Can’t Get Enough of Them

On the Plus Side by Tabatha VargoThere are many more plus-sized heroines popping up in erotic romance novel, offering another image of a sexy woman. A heroine doesn't have to be a size two to be sexy; curves are sexy and desirable. Below are some great examples of erotic romance novels featuring bigger heroines:

On the Plus Side, the Chubby Girl Chronicles by Tabatha Vargo, sets up a rich, innocent and chubby girl, Lily, who falls head first for Dillon, a man who is initially interested in her for all the wrong reasons.

In Imogene Nix's Blame the Wine, Cara is a plus-sized woman who's stuck in a job going nowhere—not to mention in love with her boss who doesn’t even knows she exists. But when a temp position arrives, fate and a little supernatural help leads her towards the gorgeous, super smart, and geeky hero (her boss, of course!).

Sex by the Numbers by Lynn RichardsSex by the Numbers, by Lynn Richards, begins with the heroine Emily heading to a bar where hookups are practically guaranteed. Emily leads a sheltered life, but when she meets Eric, she is more than ready for experience with the opposite sex. This searing twist on the one night stand ends in a happily ever after.

Double Plush Velvet by Leanore Elliott is a funny and sexy book with a delicious cowboy. Bren is shy, overweight, and is ready for her life to change for the better as she meets the cowboy of her dreams. Elliott has two more hot curvy romances, Hot Blue and Crushed.

You're in for some sizzling short reads when you open Jasinda Wilder's Big Girls Do It series. Anna's a voluptuous singer/DJ who is swept way by a hunky man named Chase. The series takes the reader on a humorous ride through their budding relationship, with Big Girls Do It Better, Big Girls Do It Wetter, Big Girls Do It Wilder, Big Girls Do It On Top, Big Girls Do It Married, Big Girls Do It On Christmas, and Big Girls Do It Pregnant.

Softail Curves by D. H. CameronD.H. Cameron's three-book story Softail Curves, part of the Big Girls & Bad Boys series, brings a privileged BBW woman, Shauna, and a bad-boy biker, Dutch, together. Read how their different cultures collide in these corching erotic tales.

Bite Me by Celia Kyle is a paranormal erotic romance. Cilla, a shifter Dragon, is trapped in her human form for six years, but is given a chance to shift if she spends a night of indulgence with the sexy vampire, Djimon.

Other plus-sized erotic authors include Ava Catori and Clara Bayard.

Whatever your genre, there is a nice and spicy story featuring a heroine with curves and a hero how can’t keep his hands off of her.

What's your favorite plus-sized erotic romance?


Sage Spelling writes book reviews for her blog She is a compulsive reader, writer and a happily ever after kind of girl. Follow her on Facebook: Sage Spelling and Twitter: @SSpellingAuthor

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Kat Morrisey
1. KatMorrisey
Some of these look great but seem to be only short novellas . I'd love to know some full length novels that have these same themes.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
This just added ten-fold to my TBR pile. Agh, the agony! One thing I will say I'm disappointed to say is that one of the women on these covers has now been replaced with the picture of a mouth instead of a plus-sized woman. A little sad.

It won't stop me from buying (eventually): Sex by the Number, On the Plus Side, Blame the Wine, or Softtail Curves. So pretty much all of them? I've been going through a bike/rock star phase recently in contemporaries so excited for that last one!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@KatMorrisey, when I'm really looking for a good full-length plus-sized heroine book I look at Ellora's Cave's Rubenesque (I think that is what it's called) line which has all sorts of Plus-Sized Erotica. Samhain also has a tag for all their books if you ever wanted to browse those publishers. I personally just read Just Sex by Heidi Lynn Anderson (which also features a single-mom/slightly older woman) and Full-Bodied Charmer by Marilyn Lee and really liked them.
Sugar Jamison
4. Sugar Jamison
I write plus size heroines. I always have a hard time finding contemporaries staring plus sized women that aren't mostly about sex. Half the population is plus sized. I think there should be more books about curvier girls. Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me is one of my favorite books. Eloisa James' A Duke of her Own. Lori Foster's Too Much Temptation. Both are good books with plus heroines.
Sugar Jamison
5. CdnMrs
I really enjoyed Extreme Love by Abby Niles. Not sure if it's considered erotica, but I loved it.
Glad to see books for every woman.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@Sugar Jamison -- Thanks, Sugar!

@CdnMrs -- Thanks for the rec!

@KatMorrisey -- Great to know you're looking for longer reads, thanks; we'll definitely keep that in mind for future posts. I saw Jenn had some great recommendations for you, and as Sugar Jamison mentions, she writes plus-sized romances. Here's a cover reveal for one of her full-length novels that H&H recently ran:
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@Sugar Jamison--I just read an ARC of your book! So great--I love plus-sized heroines!

@CdnMrs I was trying to think of that book! I think it would definitely count as New Adult erotic romance, if I were to categorize it. I really enjoyed it too!

Also, we've talked about Plus-Sized Heroines in the May 2012 H&H Book Club, which included some of the books you guys have mentioned loving!

-Jenn of Team H&H
Sage Spelling
8. SageSpelling
@Katmorrisey-I agree, alot of them are short, like the Big Girls Do it series, and I would'nt mind them longer. I have to say though, sometimes a short little story is great to read at the hair salon or when your on the go.

@JenniferProffitt-I know, on the plus size cover is now a cherry in a girls mouth. Sexy, yes, but I liked the plus size girl better. Also, I love biker men too :)

@SugarJamison- Thanks for sharing your favs, Iwill have to look into them. I think it's great that you write plus size heroines! Where can we find your books?

@CdnMrs-thanks, I will have to check that one out. I agree, its awesome that there are stories for woman all shapes and sizes.
9. Kareni
Another book to consider is Bella Andre's Take Me.
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@SageSpelling, yeah, that would be the cover I'm referring to :( I looked it up on Amazon wanting to get a sample or something and was very disappointed to see that the cover was different and didn't include a plus-sized woman.
Carmen Pinzon
11. bungluna
I'm taking notes, since I enjoy contemporaries featuring more normal sized heroines. One story I enjoyed, "The Next Song I Sing" by Donna McDonald, features not only a plus-sized heroine, but she's also of a certain age (~40 y/o).
Rakisha Kearns-White
12. BrooklynShoeBabe
Thanks for the suggestions. As a plus size woman, I'm always looking for fuller sized heroines. Bet Me is still the gold standard. Bella Andre had good book with a plus size heroine. I believe it was called Take Me. @Sugar Jamison, I've already preordered your book!
Sugar Jamison
13. RozaPics
Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. AWESOME book with a super gorgeous hero, and a beautiful and fiesty "Rubenesque" heroine. Probably my favourite of all of Kenyon's books. Still looking for my Vane :)
Kat Morrisey
14. KatMorrisey
Thanks for the recs! I just added a whole bunch more on my TBR and can't wait to dive into these! :D
J.K. Hogan
15. jkhogan
At what point do we consider a heroine plus-sized? Is it anything beyond size 6 perfection?

The heroine in my current WIP is a size 10-12. Is she considered plus-sized or just average?

@RozaPics: Bride was the first one I thought of as well. I loved that book.
16. wsl0612
@jkhogan, I think plus size is really hard to define in those terms. I don't know that I'd look to industry clothing sizes as what I might buy varies too much depending on whether I'm shopping at Target or Saks. I guess I just think of a woman with the classic hour glass shape and a somewhat "jelly belly". Someone who NEVER would get chosen for the current Hollywood lead at the very least.
17. wsl0612
Oh and P.S. I don't like it so much when authors feel the need to put clothing sizes in books. If you just say a woman is slender or curvy, hippy or "small" in the breast area, that's more than sufficient. Sizes really don't help, as I stated above, they fluctuate with the manufacturer and sometimes between seasons!
Sugar Jamison
18. Heidi Lynn Anderson
@JenniferProffitt Holy smokes! I all most jumped out of my skin when I saw my name and my book Just Sex mentioned in the comments. Thank you so much, Jennifer for the shout out. If you would like a copy of my new EC book featuring a curvy woman and the man who loves her, please contact me at I will send you a copy when it comes out on Sept 4th 2013. Thanks again. Heidi
Jennifer Proffitt
19. JenniferProffitt
@wsl0612, I agree with you on the size thing. It detracts from the spell I'm under. Just a few references to hips that she struggled to get into skinny jeans or something is all I need.
Sage Spelling
20. SageSpelling
@kareni- Thanks for the Rec!

@Bungluna- I think its great that there are so much to choose from, readers are all shapes/sizes and ages, why should heroines be too! thanks for ther recs!

@Brooklynshoebabe- (love your name!) thanks for the recs!

@Rozapics- Thanks for the recs. Isn't crazy that you find the man of your the pages? I do it all the time! :)

@Jkhogan-I wouldnt consider a 10-12 plus pize, i think they are average body shapes, even if Hollywood wouldnt agree.

@Heidi Lynn Anderson-I will have you check out your story Just Sex!

@JenniferProffitt- Agreed, we dont need the dress size if the heroine is laid out on her bed trying to button her jeans. :)
Sugar Jamison
21. KatieD
The first romance book I read where the heroine wasn't a size two was Jude Deverauxs Wishes. The male character grew up around opera singers and saw the heroine as nothing more than beautiful. I loved that book.
Sugar Jamison
22. D.H. Cameron
Cylia Kyle turned me onto this. Wow! Thanks for the plug, Sage!

Two Comments: A lot of us write shorter but in series for a couple of reasons. It allows us to write with less risk. If a book doesn't sell well we can move on to another. Same goes for readers. Instead of investing five or ten bucks on a novel, you can get invested for just 99 cents or $2.99. If you don't like the beginning, you can move on. If you do, the series is usually as long or longer than a novel and at about the same price.

Second, totally agree about the sizing. Why? Lots of girls see themselves in the book, big or small, and putting specific sizes kind of forces your mind to see a certain size. Leaving it open with more descriptive terms lets the reader imagine a heroine they identify with.

And those of you who have read my books, thank you so much!!!
Stephanie Walters-Rowe
23. StephanieWR
Yay for those of use who aren't wearing single digits- real women do read and we want real heroines. I just read Stephanie Evanovich's Big Girl Panties and really enjoyed it. I now have a lot more books to add to my to read list. Great, thought provoking topic and wonderful responses.
Rachel Rain
24. RachelRain
@Sugar Jamison I loved “Lori Fosters Too Much Temptation”. I love reading about what I call normal size women. I am from the south and we like to eat. I am going to mark my calendar for when your book comes out, that sounds really good.

@Kareni “Bella Andre’s Take Me” is my favorite of hers. Travis’s brother Luke has his own story called “Love Me”.

@wslo612 I agree as well on the size description. In my first Romance “Changing the Rules” I did not mention sizing. I figure I read books to be entertained not get a lesson in size, I get that enough from TV and magazines covers. I don’t want it in the Romance books I read, so I figure(no pun intended) other Romance readers feel the same.

@KatieD “Jude Deveraux’s Wishes” was also my first as well. I had someone give it to me and that person told me I would love this book. Which I thought odd, she had never told me that before. Then I read Wishes and though I did in fact love the book and still do to this day; I knew that the only reason the person that handed the book saying I would love it was because the heroine was plus size and so was/am I. At the time she was not. I thought it was a bit of a slap in the face, but then I thought you know I love me, my husband loves me, all of me(and still does after 24yrs) who gives a crap what she thought.

Here are some of the Romance authors I have read that write “plus”/normal size heroines:
**note: Some have only written one or two, some that is all they write.

Jude Deveraux
Lori Foster
Diana Palmer
Teresa Mederios
Lisa Kleypas
Christa Wick
Emma Hillman

I know there are more that I have read this is all that come to mind for now though.
Mindy Stoltz
25. mlcs
I am late to the party but wanted to add one more book by Lynsay Sands. It has been a long time since I read The Perfect Wife but didn't see it mentioned above. I don't remember many details except that what the heroine thinks the hero wants is not correct. He has been to the Crusades and has endured many hardships and all he wants is comfort and that includes hoping his bride will be "ample" and soft to lay down his weary head.
Jennifer Proffitt
26. JenniferProffitt
@mlcs, I LOVE the perfect wife! I love Sands's Argenau series but I have special love for her historicals--especially The Perfect wife, which I recently made a reluctant romance reader read and she loved it too!
Sugar Jamison
27. cjanet
Another GREAT author is Kristen Ashley. Start with her Rock Chick series - you'll LOVE it. :) All of her heroines have curves.
28. kdf_333
i k now i hve read alot of books with curvy girls as the lead protagainists but it's so rare to see a cover that features a curvy girl like Sex by the Numbers does. i learned not too long ago that until an author is very established like say Catherine coulter she/he has no say on the cover art for their books. I was initally upset because the cover art of my sci-fi books made all the people white when the author always described them as people of color. Theni read an article about he slimming down of women on book covers and istarted to notice it in all the other books i rea. ithink we need to start a petitionor something. it's not that hard to make book covers that come at least close to how the charcters are described in the books.
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