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King Jax Returns in Sons of Anarchy Season 6: What Might Happen?

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 posterSeason 6 of Sons of Anarchy starts in a few short weeks after a seemingly interminable wait. (Seriously, FX gives us 13 episodes, then makes us wait NINE MONTHS for the show to return. I could gestate a human in that time; literally!)

Are you a watcher of the show? If you are not, I have a suggestion—well, more of a command for you: Go. NOW. Watch. Catch up. Then come back and read this afterwards because this post will be spoiler-filled. Seriously, though, why aren’t you already watching? The show has it all; Shakespearean-level drama, badass bikers, flawed alpha male heroes, strong women, cute kids, plot twists you don’t see coming, moments of pure hilarity and gut-wrenching sadness. It’s all there and waiting for you to sample it. Then get addicted. Then be strung out and jonesing for a hit when it’s gone. You know; kind of like crack. (Or so I’ve heard. Ahem.) Don’t let the drug reference keep you away, though. You’ll love it; trust me! Go start watching so you can join the rest of us when the show returns on September 10th on FX. For real; shoo! Go!

Now, for those of us in the know who have been anxiously waiting for the return, let’s catch up, shall we? When we left the gang, things were a little dicey:

  • Jax is still The King but his kingdom is basically in shambles
  • Bobby, angry at Jax for embracing his descent into…well…becoming Clay, turned in his VP patch.
  • Clay is on his way to jail for killing Pope (which he didn’t actually do) after some inspired mom/son scheming by Jax and Gemma.
  • Tara is on her way to jail for conspiracy to commit murder for inadvertently supplying Otto with the murder weapon that killed Nurse Pam. We aren’t quite sure how that came to be, but it sure seems Gemma is responsible.
  • Otto is still around, sans tongue. Ugh.
  • Nero (Jimmy Smits, who will be a regular cast member this season) and Jax still have a partnership, even though they are both weary of the lives they’ve chosen.
  • Lee Toric (Donal Logue) did not get what he wanted from Otto but still wants revenge for his sister.
  • Juice is still a miserable pawn, as he’s been for two seasons now.
  • Wendy is still around and has even more reason to try to get custody of Abel now.
  • Gemma has returned to her role as Queen B.
  • Tig survived the season; something that did not seem likely. He did lose a daughter, but he gained a dog.

As Season 5 came to a close, the only people who seemed to have any measure of happiness were Tig, with his new dog buddy and Gemma, who found a way to rid herself of both Clay and Tara. Jax achieved some of his minor goals but he’s still in the club, he’s still in the drug business and his wife, who was secretly planning to leave with his kids to force him to act on his promise to get out of the club, is now in jail. So, what do we expect to see in Season 6?

Jax and Tara in Sons on AnarchyPersonally, I’m interested in the relationships and how they progress. I am firmly #TeamJax; always have been, always will be. Jax has done some despicable things but he hasn’t lost me as a fan. Being a fan of Jax, I fervently want him to be happy and I believe Tara is key to his happiness. I want to see them back together again. Season 2 of the series is still my favorite season and a large part of my love for that season is how happy Jax and Tara were that season. They were innocent, in a way, back then and I do not think they can ever return to that innocence after all that has been said and done. That said, I’d still like to see them together, as a productive, functioning, fulfilled couple. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading comments from the writers and the cast and it seems Jax and Tara have a rocky road ahead for them this season. Buckle up Jax & Tara shippers; it’s going to be a rough trip.

I’m also interested to see what happens with Nero and Gemma this season. They seemed to make a great couple and be good for each other but, if you look at how things ended for them both, there is a dichotomy there that should be explored. Nero tried to do everything he could to get himself out of his vicious, criminal life but ultimately failed. When we left, he was still firmly entrenched in “the life” and resigned to it. Gemma, on the other hand, did everything she could to hold onto her place in the violent, twisted world. Nero is reluctantly returning to the turbulence while Gemma is joyously embracing the mayhem. How will there strikingly different views affect the couple moving forward?

The uncertain romantic entanglements are not the only points to ponder heading into Season 6. Who will take the place of Opie in Jax’s life? Who will Tara be able to turn to now? She had an unlikely ally, of sorts, in Wendy. Will they develop a relationship, for the good of the children? What’s Bobby’s plan? Who will he align with now that he is disillusioned with Jax? How is the club even going to function at this point, with all of the turmoil swirling amongst the remaining members? Will Chibs and Juice still have the same relationship? I ask because the teaser below seems to suggest otherwise. In fact, the video below paints a picture of a turbulent season for everyone. I’m already nervous but I can’t wait! As usual, Season 6 seems primed to give us one helluva ride!


Pen Singleton is a writer, reader, obsessive fangirl and pop culture addict. You can find her on Twitter @sweetiepiepen or fangirl with her on Tumblr

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Lynne Connolly
1. Lynne Connolly
Why do the Emmys keep ignoring this fantastic series? I've been enthralled from day one, and let's face it, all this new biker romance? This is where it started.
I love the Shakespearian references. It started as "Hamlet," but where Hamlet doesn't die. Wouldn't miss it. That and "Justified" are the best US series around, right now, IMO.
Did you see Charlie Hunnam in the original "Queen as Folk"? And with Aidan Quinn?
Pen Singleton
2. PenSingleton
The Emmys are shortshighted; there's no way this show shouldn't have been nominated!

Right there with you with Justified; adore that show!

I have seen him in Queer as Folk! Did you see him in Green Street Hooligans? Another very Jax-like role for him.
3. Chena
This season looks even more tense than last season! I still have bruises on my bones from last season (OPIE!!). I heard about some crazy mess that's supposed to go down in the premiere. I feel like I need to start drinking NOW to prepare! I love Jax but I'm Team Gemma all the way!
Pen Singleton
4. PenSingleton
I heard about that same mess from the season opener and I'M NOT READY! Ahhh, Gemma. She's standing in the way of Jax and Tara being happy so I'm not really feeling her right now. But, I have been on her side for most of the series; she's such a bad broad!
5. wsl0612
I wish I could ship Jax and Tara, but I really really REALLY dislike the actress playing Tara, I have to avert my eyes when I see her on screen :-(

Gemma is such a fabulous mess you can't help but be riveted by her. One second she's hurt so bad that you're feeling sorry for her and thinking she's not too terrible, but then she does something eee-vil and you're back to being appalled! Reminds me of all the guys in The Shield!

Oh Opie, Oh Juice I wish they could find some peace, but I think everyone in the gang is going to be miserable at the end.
6. MsMica
Between Tig and Donal Logue alone (...even though I hated Lee Toric... beacause I hate any and all who make trouble for SOA on general principles,) its almost enough for me to re-up my pay cable subsription again.... dangitman!!
7. Phoebe Chase
I can forgive Jax just about anything, but when he jacked up Wendy with heroine I actually felt bad for her. Had a great discussion with friends about how that bothers us (maybe because we're all moms) more than anything else he's done.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
I loved S2 but everything since then has been drawn-out and ultimately disappointing shennanigans and the CIA easy fix at the end of S4 was so ludicrous as to nearly set me off the series for good. Then Juice NOT dying on the rope and Clay STILL being alive at the end of S5 were the last straws. Sutter's once great Shakespearan retell has fallen into gimmicks and gratuitous violence and sex with only some glimpses of original greatness of storytelling here and there. I'm hoping the fact that an end date for the series has been set helps as it did with LOST, but am pretty sure S6 will be a glom after the fact rather than a live watch for me. Fool me once...
Pen Singleton
9. PenSingleton
@wslo612 - I don't mind Maggie but I know how you feel; I have similar feelings about lead actresses on other shows and find I can't even watch the shows, as a result.

@MsMica - Lee Toric both intrigues and scares me! I'm like you; if you create trouble for SAMCRO, you're on my list!

@PhoebeChase - I cringed when Jax did that to Wendy, mainly because it seemed to be a definitive step towards him becoming more like Clay and I Do. Not. Want. That!

@Kiersten - Season 2 remains my fave season of the series and, quite frankly, one of my favorite seasons of any season ever! Man, that season was PERFECTION! I know a lot of people have had issues with the series since then. I haven't loved all the developments but I'm still invested enough to continue on the journey. Because Jax, mainly. :-)
10. wsl0612
@Pen - Yeah, I can't stop watching the show because, ya know, Jax, sigh. :-)
11. Kingjames24
@wslo612- couldn't agree more, I've been wanting to see Tara end up dead since S2. That bitch just won't die. I only watch it on DVR so I can fast forward whenever she is on screen.

@PhoebeChase-That was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Stupid Wendy also deserves to die. I was hoping she would have over dosed by now, hopefully she catches a bullet or a knife this season.

@Kiersten-S2 was really good, but really, it isn't the best. Zobel lived at the end, and the Irishman stealing Abel just wasn't believable. It had a very disappointing ending. S3 on the other hand, had the best ending of any show ever!! I watched Opie off Stahl over and over again.

I really couldn't care less about what happens to Tara, Wendy, or Gemma, they could all get killed and it wouldn't phase me one bit. Jax would be much better off without any them holding him back. He isn't becoming like Clay, he can be so much more than Clay ever was.

I like Tig, so I'm hoping he gets to go back to being the badass he was in earlier seasons. Bobby is a little emotional pussy, and he doesn't do anything positive for the show at this point. Juice needs to grow a sack and stop taking shit from people. Jax is a master manipulator, and will soon have everybody by the balls. It's his club, and soon his town, once he has control of Hale.

Can't wait for this season to get started, and hopefully they dispense justice on some ignorant bitches. Tara being in prison is the best thing I've seen so far, loved that part of the trailer.
12. wsl0612
@KingJames - your opinions are strong on this one! :-) seriously though if Tara is the "Ophelia" in this drama then we get to watch her really go crazy and I'm waiting for that with glee, haha. I actually thought it would happen when she broke her hand, I felt that it wasn't very realistic that she could go back to being a surgeon after such a horrible break. Just doesn't seem likely to me that she could keep her hands steady.

Yeah Bobby's character is weird to me, given that he's one of the Originals I would expect him to be a little meaner. Tig is very good for conflict, it's exciting to watch Jax deal with him, you just never know if he's still going to be there at the end of the season.

I'm really sick and tired of the hypocritical Sheriff too (can't think of his name right now). I have no patience for holier than thou types who are more than willing to deal in violence to suit their purposes, even if it is administering the law. And Hale is definitely more loathsome than anyone else in town.
13. msavalancheq
I love the show... seriously..
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