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“I Thought Our Story Was Epic”: 10 Defining Moments for Veronica Mars’s Logan/Veronica (LoVe)

~If you're a big television fan, you've probably at least heard about the little show that could, Veronica Mars, not least because its creator, Rob Thomas, and the show's original cast (including Veronica herself, Kristen Bell) recently took the internet and entertainment biz by storm with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie spinoff (which wrapped production in July and could be released as early as February 2014).

Veronica Mars—about a teenage private investigator by the name of, you guessed it, Veronica Mars—was a cult classic from its very first season, during which fans launched a campaign to make sure it was renewed for a second. Leading up to a decision about Season 3, fans famously got very organized and hired a plane to carry a banner pleading for a pickup by new network CW (the result of a WB-UPN merger).

(Editor's Note: For more on the Veronica Mars movie, check out the post Judgment Day: Will Veronica Mars Choose Piz or Logan?, and look for a review of the novel Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, which picks up right where the movie left off.)

Why all the fuss over a series that sounds a lot like a modern-day take on Nancy Drew? For starters, the show's mysteries—both season-long and weekly—were always well plotted and often involved characters you cared about, whether they were central figures in the show or, sometimes even more fun, secondary characters who popped in every now and then. It doesn't get much more compelling than a heroine investigating her best friend's murder, and her own rape. But more than plotting, the show also had going for it some incredibly witty dialogue, fantastic pop culture references, a cool noir feel, star-making performances by Kristen Bell and Amanda Seyfried, and—surprise, surprise—wicked-hot chemistry between Bell's Veronica and Jason Dohring's Logan Echolls, originally intended to be merely the “obligatory psychotic jackass.”

But every fan knows this story by now, and I don't want to ruin it for anyone new to the show. Suffice to say, the on-again/off-again pairing of Logan and Veronica (dubbed LoVe by the fans of the 'ship) is a huge part of why fans were so very eager to fund the movie and see the series return in film form, and I, for one, cannot wait to see where they—and the rest of the Neptune High/Hearst College crowd—are 10 years later, where the movie will pick up.

Before their story continues in Veronica Mars: The Movie in early 2014, let's look back at 10 moments that have defined the great ship Logan/Veronica—so far.

10. Their last scene—for now. (“The Bitch is Back,” 3x20) While Logan and Veronica had been broken up for a while in the Season 3 finale (which also served as the series finale), and Veronica was actually dating someone else (her best friend Wallace's roommate, Piz), they had a charged last scene together. Long story very short, when Veronica—who usually lives by the rule “someone always has to pay”—declines to go after a guy who has seriously wronged her because he's “connected connected” (as in, linked to the mob), Logan thrashes him publicly. Veronica seems a little please despite herself; Logan has proved he'll risk pretty much anything to take care of her, even as a friend. (If only he'd go about it in a less violent way...but maybe that's where the movie will show he's grown and matured?)

9. “She's a keeper.” (“Ruskie Business,” 1x15) The antagonism between Logan and Veronica first took a hit when Veronica agreed to look for Logan’s mother, who may or may not have jumped off a bridge (turns out she did). These two working with rather than against each other on stakeouts and intel gathering was certainly a sight to behold. The charm! The witty banter! The chemistry! You couldn’t look away. And when Logan finally had confirmation of his mom’s suicide? Veronica was there for him, and a bond formed that day, paving the way for a potentially epic ’ship. Which it totally is.

8. Logan gets himself arrested to beat up Mercer. (“Spit and Eggs,” 3x10) I probably shouldn't like this scene as much as I do, but there's just something about Logan avenging Veronica, even when they're broken up (and this breakup was HIS idea!). I feel like this scene was also Logan kind of apologizing to Veronica for defending Mercer at the risk of their relationship? Or maybe I'm just making that up.

7. Veronica cradles Logan (“Normal Is the Watchword,” 2x01); Logan cradles Veronica (“Not Pictured,” 2x22) These scenes are perfect book ends (one in the Season 2 premiere, its mirror image in the Season 2 finale), and I love it like whoa. The give-and-take of the Veronica/Logan relationship is perfectly illustrated here: Veronica cares for Logan when he needs it, after being attacked on the bridge, and then Logan comforts Veronica when she thinks her father died in the plane explosion that Beaver orchestrated.

6. Logan talks Veronica down from shooting Cassidy. (“Not Pictured,” 2x22) For all that Logan can be that psychotic jackass, he does recognize that violence isn't always the answer. After Cassidy Cassablancas (aka Beaver) reveals he not only blew up a bus full of kids but also raped Veronica and blew up a plane (she thought was) carrying her father, Veronica turns Cassidy's own gun against him. But Logan intercedes, telling Veronica to put the gun down, repeating over and over “You're not a killer, Veronica.” I think he does this for a few reasons: He's still in shock that his best friend's little brother could have done all this, he knows Veronica could never live with herself, and he knows he couldn't live with himself either if he doesn't stop her. This scene kickstarts the reunion of Logan and Veronica as a couple, it shows how well they balance each other out, and it demonstrates that Logan will always come when Veronica calls (or texts).

5. “If you don't like my girlfriend, you can leave.” (“A Trip to the Dentist,” 1x21) Logan calling Veronica his girlfriend in front of their whole class, basically, was a HUGE turning point for the LoVe ship. Go big or go home, right? That Duncan found out that way too was unfortunate, but it had to happen sooner or later.

4. The Sadie Hawkins dance (“Plan B,” 1x17) Logan and Veronica dancing! How could I not include this one? Veronica rescuing Logan from the pesky G-g-gia and her endless talking was cute enough, but that she guided him into a dance was THE BEST. They sway together awkwardly at first and can't make eye contact, but then they sort of melt into each other and DAMN. They make a gorgeous couple.

3. First kiss. (“Weapons of Class Destruction,” 1x18) This one’s pretty obvious, right? Here was the lightning-fast transition from enemies to lovers. While it took a lot of people by surprise, in hindsight it’s so clear that the show had been building toward this for a while. All their anger was masking an intense attraction that basically combusted on screen. If you weren’t already shipping it, you likely were after that kiss at the Camelot Motel.

2. Last makeup—for now. (“Show Me the Monkey,” 3x11) Logan and Veronica broke up and made up a few times in the show and especially in Season 3, but this makeup was by far my favorite. They danced around each other for a while, but it was actually a speech from Piz about recognizing when you really have something good going (versus just going through the motions) that spurred Veronica into knocking on Logan's hotel room one night and kissing the hell out of him. Logan kissed her back and kicked the door shut and that was that. SWOON.

1. “I thought our story was epic, you and me. … Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, blood shed, EPIC.” (“Look Who's Stalking,” 2x20) Arguably THE most memorable—not to mention quotable—Logan/Veronica scene in the show, the “epic” speech gave shippers a renewed sense of hope for reconciliation after a lot of ugliness between them in early Season 2. Probably didn’t hurt (or hurt in the best way?) that Logan couldn’t remember his speech the next morning, driving shippers WILD with the heartbreak and ratcheting up the (delicious) drama.


What did I get right, and which moments did I miss? What scenes do you think every LoVe fan must see? What is YOUR #1 scene?

And who will join me in squeeing over Veronica Mars: The Movie teaser trailer?


As mentioned, the Veronica Mars fandom is pretty badass, and they've created some impressive fan works. I can recommend a few great fic roundups (just let me know in the comments) and here are some of my favorite fan vids these days:

Plus, this one, with clips from the first Veronica Mars: The Movie trailer


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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
Dammit! I now am TOTALLY breaking out my DVDs this week!
Shani Bell
2. bzbell75
Gosh I freaking LOVED this show! Cannot wait for the movie!
Katherine Bloom
3. lsbloom
I think you pretty much covered the important plot moments! But the lines that I will remember are "Well, there was this one girl. She was blonde, petite. Smelled of marshmallows and promises" and "if the cuddling was the best part, he didn't do it right."

They had some of the best antagonistic flirting in TV, but so much drama. There were times I wanted Logan to grow up and stop punching people, and then there were times I was dying for him to just hit Piz. Perfect teenage love.
Rachel Hyland
4. RachelHyland
Can't disagree with any of these as being "defining" -- I'm ashamed of it, too, but I do kind of love it when Logan beats people up on Veronica's behalf. The thing is, though, there are just so many great Veronica/Logan moments that confining it to ten is just impossible.

I think the scene when Veronica's car has broken down outside school and Logan wants to defend her from the Casblancas' taunts, but Veronica shuts him down to keep their relationship secret, says so much about them a a couple--the way they speak without speaking, and no one else any the wiser.

Other telling moments come when: they are caught making out by Aaron; when Logan comes to dinner with Keith; when Logan walks in on Veronica and Duncan making out; when Logan won't apologise for freaking Veronica out by that bodyguard he hired; and when Veronica bravely attends the birthday party Logan -- pretending to be the perfect boyfriend -- throws for Parker. We all know Logan only did that to show Veronica that he could be a good guy, and she only went to show him that she didn't care he was being so good to someone else. Stubborn, the pair of them.

Oh, and when Logan is in jail at the end of Season 1 and he calls Veronica, so sure of her skills, and positive she can work her "Veronica magic" to free him. Then it turns out she's the one who landed him there. Oh, how my heart hurt for the poor guy -- if that moment didn't define their relationship, Logan so sure of her awesomeness, she so suspicious of his motives, then I don't know what does.

But really, all of Season 3 is the most defining LoVe moment, since Logan manages to go the whole 22 episodes without once being suspected of murder.
5. wsl0612
I cannot wait until the movie! I was so heartbroken when there wasn't another season for Logan and Veronica to get back together :-( I know Logan had a lot of anger issues but the chemistry between them was really epic and they had the best lines, which you've pointed out many :-)
6. ehenning
I have never seen Veronica Mars but your post intrigues me, as does your enthusiasm.

Perhaps I will check it out.
7. Alie
One of my ultimate favourite ships and always will be. I honestly think it came down to the incedible acting of KB and JD and the great writing. If only they could all be this good.
8. pau
Logan and Veronica : just my favorite tv couple ever..i never fell in love with a tv pairing like that before..never..and since then either..they are just unique.
9. stephyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
What about the bow scene in 3x01????? That could have possibly been the second most romantic thing after his Epic speech
keri velez
10. kavelez01
I love these moments! Thanks for putting this together! I'm sorry to say I wasn't a veronica mars fan when the show was on tv, i was a little late to the party. I didn't start watching these until this year and I can't get enough of these two. How did I miss it!?! I'm so thankful for all the faithful fans that made it possible for us to see MORE of the LoVe with the upcoming movie. I haven't been this excited for an opening day to a movie in awhile! Logan and Veronica's dramatic relationship is Epic. It has what all girls want in fictional love stories!!! Drama, Passion, Wit and Compulsion!!! I truly hope the movie ends with this epic love!!! It needs that perfect ending to the Veronica Mars Show!
11. KookyKaz
Oh my!! The feels are overwhelming, especially with those great compilations of all their moments. Their relationship was just, wow. I mean they weren't even planned to begin with, their chemistry was just off the chart and it grew from there. Though their relationship wasn't in the least bit perfect and the whole on and off thing, they were just so great together. Ughh, it's so sad we didnt get to see more of them or a good conclusion to the show. Then again, I also loved her and Duncan(and Leo, and Piz, and Weevil, and Norris, and Kasey, and so forth, I'm full of crack ships ha, I guess I just see friendships and I see potential and yeahh) I was so ecstatic when I heard there was a movie coming out! I'm so excited to see how everybody's life progressed and how everyone will react to each other after so long. I wonder what exactly Veronica's view is of her past as she so clearly was trying to leave it behind. Well anyways I think one of the defining moments of their relationship that I haven't ever seen mentioned is when Logan, full of remorse, asks Veronica "What can I do? What can I do to make it better??". This happens twice in the series, once when Veronica reveals she was roofied by drugs he had the night of her rape and another time when Veronica breaks up with him because the knowledge that he slept with Madison (practically her archnemisis) was eating at her. I think this phrase characterizes their relationship so well. Logan's shortcomings hurt Veronica even when all he wanted to do was "protect" her.Despite dysfunctionality from Logan's tendency to screw up as he is the "obligatory pyscho jack*butt" and Veronica's inability to fully trust anyone, they cared for each other so much. I really am excited to see how their relationship will be in the movie now they are older and have had ten years to ruminate on (or ignore) everything they went through. That was a lot, sorry, I really loved this show, well that's all for now folks ^_^
12. MallikaOne
Logan's epic speech is memorable, but I think it's topped by the scene when Logan and Veronica are in bed, and Veronica wants to know if he's ever slept with a hooker ... after much prevarication, turns out he hasn't. Veronica goes on asking tough questions, whereas Logan needs to know nothing, asking only a token question, then giving up his next turn to ask a question to Veronica.
It seems only I think so though, since no one else mentioned this scene! To RachelHyland above, who said of Logan's call to Veronica from jail "if that moment didn't define their relationship, Logan so sure of her
awesomeness, she so suspicious of his motives, then I don't know what
does." - I say, what about this scene??

I also really liked Logan's "I didn't think it was possible to make you more butch. Stupid, stupid Logan" at the start of Season 3, following which Veronica offers to carry his books :)

The kissing scene in the bathroom was v nice, too - not for the dialogue as much as for the way Logan held Veronica, and the way he kisses her by the door - you can see the affection as well as the attraction.

Logan flexing his fist when he manages to get locked up with Mercer, as understanding dawns on us as to why he took a bat to the cop's car - that was quick and powerful

and yes, the one where Logan is unapologetic about having Veronica
followed (actually, he is more apologetic than I'd be - he actually acknowledged he may have 'no right') - I also thought the scene where he broke up with her claiming a preference for a "surviveable amount of pain now" vs much more later, was kinda cute.
13. mmsva
I think this list is great. But I don't know how you got it down to only 10.

Have you seen the fan video using movie clips--I swoon every time!
18. eprobably
I'll always remember their first kiss; their dance while the song Sway is playing; the make up in episode 3x11!
And besides the EPIC speech, I'll never forget "Why bother with something not good just because it's something" - actually Pit had said it, but still it's connected to LoVe!
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