Aug 7 2013 9:45am

He Really DOES Like Me: Trailer for Thor: the Dark World

One of my biggest complaints about Marvel's first movie featuring their Fantasy Superhero was that we didn't get enough Fantasy. We got glimpses a plenty of the wonderful, vibrant world of Asgard and the politics between the immortals and Frost Giants, but we were then swiftly sent to Earth to mope about and learn humility. The same can not be said of Thor the Dark World.

Not only are we getting more Asgard, but we are getting more Heimdall (and when has more Idris been a bad thing I ask you?), more Warriors Three, more Sif, of course tons more Loki. No wonder they have so many outdoor shots. I'd doubt that there would be any scenery left after Tom Hiddleston left set. Let's not even touch on the whole Loki liking Jane thing. We all remember what Loki did when Thor wanted to protect the Earth. I'm definitely down, what about you?

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Adria Reyes
1. adria03
I can't wait for this one. I'm hoping for more fantasy like you are. I could do with a little less romance on this one and more about Thor and his new found maturity and sense of responsibility.
Rakisha Kearns-White
6. BrooklynShoeBabe
I'm totally in especially when the trailer ends with Thor asking for Loki's help, and Loki is sitting there all long-legged with the rock star hair. lol. I suppose Loki is sexy to my brain and Thor is sexy to something much lower than my brain. lol. It also looks like a fun movie.
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