Aug 9 2013 3:30pm

Brooding Beefcake from Armitage, Hunnam, and More!

We talked about billionaires last week and whether you love them or hate them one of the adjectives typically associated with them is “brooding.” We love a good brooding hero—if he's a brooding billionaire or a brooding construction worker, we'll take him in any and all forms.

We searched the internet for some of the broodiest of brooding men. While we included some of our favorites like Richard Armitage and Michael Fassbender, and Charlie Hunnam, Boris Kodjoe, Milo Ventimiglia, and Alex O'Loughlin. What is the appeal of brooding hero for you? We love the idea of cracking that facade!

Let us know in the comments who your favorite brooding beefcake is and share pictures of these (and more) guys!

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Glass Slipper
1. GlassSlipper
Armitage & O'Loughlin please.

"North & South" and the "Moonlight" series need to have some sequels. I'm still bummed that they cancelled "Moonlight."
Liz Castillo
2. Liz Castillo
Yummy Michael Fassbender!!! I just love him!!! Although Armitage comes in a very close second!! I wouldn't mind Henry Cavill also!!
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton

I'm quite fond of Armitage in guyliner and leather on Robin Hood. A LOT of brooding.
Rakisha Kearns-White
4. BrooklynShoeBabe
First of all, thank you for posting pics of my third husband, Michael Fassbender (lol). Why do I like brodding heroes? Let me count the ways! Because it is much more satisfying when you crack them open and find the warm, caring center. Under all the pain, they're just a puppy dog that needs saving from the pound! Sucks in real life, but in books they are the bomb.
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