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A Mother/Daughter Relationship Done Right: Lorrie Thomson’s Equilibrium

Equilibrium by Lorrie ThomsonEquilibrium is a work of women’s fiction, a family drama, and a sweet romance all rolled into one beautifully written novel. I love books that meld genres together. Books that aren’t exactly this or that. It’s refreshing and makes for a really fast paced read. What really kept me turning the pages is that the points of view of both mother and daughter are explored. A widowed mother and a grieving teen.

Laura and Darcy’s voices are fresh and distinctly written. From angsty teen Darcy’s POV we get a taste of the Young Adult genre. Thrusting you back to the days where prom, partying, and when to finally do the deed occupied a teen’s entire existence. Add to that poor Darcy is grieving for her father. Then she meets the new kid who is a very bad boy. The temptation to escape her grief in the arms of her first love and great and the stakes get even greater when she contemplates losing her virginity. Thomson isn’t afraid to be blunt about teens and sex. All the fear, hormones, frustration, pressure, and all those really hot making out sessions.

Technically she was still a virgin.

So when her mother had asked, pressed the point, wondered out loud whether she, Darcy, had been with Nick in the biblical sense, had allowed the penetration of a specifically male part of his body into her specifically female region, she’d answered no. Truthfully, they’d done everything else.

A widowed mother of two teens has plenty to be bitter over but Laura takes life in stride. Doing the best she can for her children. Darcy is the rebellious teen that keeps Laura on her toes and Troy is showing signs of his father’s mental illness. Which would terrify any mother. What really made me root for her is when she rents out her husband’s old loft converted into an office to a hot younger doctor. A hot younger doctor who has the hots for Laura. Aidan can take my temperature anytime but Thomson doesn’t make their relationship a medical drama cliché. No fake fainting here. It’s two people finding each other at the right time and place. And it’s pretty sexy, too. Laura gives us a woman on the brink of a new life, a different life than she’d had before and her struggle to embrace it. Of course Dr. Aidan has the perfect remedy for her woes, him.

Maintaining eye contact was the hardest part-the way he saw her, really saw her, looking past the charade of her body. She couldn’t stand it for another second, and she ran her fingertip along his jawline. No way he could mistake this gesture, a bold foray into personal space.

Still, just in case he didn’t want this, didn’t want her, she moved slowly and waited until his gaze fell across her lips.

“Laura, he said, and her name on his breath softened her. “You continually surprise me.” His fingers smoothed the surface of her shoulder and journeyed to her waist, mapping her body with his hand. “Is this like a date?” he asked.

“Like,” she said.

“Then I better kiss the girl.”….

Sigh and swoon and a little ha cha cha.

Laura and Darcy’s points of view fuel the plot to its climax. It’s a perfect balance that’s done so seamlessly. As the mother of a teenage girl I thought it would be difficult to read some parts but instead it had me recollecting my own teenage days, all those bad decisions with boys and all those fights with my mother. Now that the roles are reversed and I’m the mom of a surly teen I understood both Laura and Darcy so clearly.

The varying genres this book could be kept the plot moving at a great pace. One page you have the romance between Aidan and Laura, the next Nick and Darcy’s hormone laced romps, and then we get to the grief over the senseless loss of a loved one for all involved. Laura and Darcy’s friends get them through their dark days, they worry about the future, especially Troy, and of course there’s hot young doctor. Who Laura loves and Darcy hates. I really love the fact Aidan’s a little younger than Laura. You go girl.

If you love women’s fiction, family dramas, romance, or YA then read this book. It’s a lovely heartfelt read that I plan on revisiting soon.

Charli Mac writes Women’s Fiction and YA Paranormal set in Philly and the South Jersey Shore. Snorts & screams are probable and fist-pumps are highly discouraged at Twitter her @charlimacs.

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Lorrie Thomson
2. Lorrie Thomson
Thanks so much, Charli, for taking the time to read Equilibrium, and providing such a lovely and thorough review. I'm thrileed to finally be able to share Laura's and Darcy's story with readers.
3. Camo
Was Reading About "Equilibrium " Yesterday and it just Caught my Attention...Then Saw Hank Phillippi Ryan's thoughts...A great Confirmation..Thank you Lorrie for Sharing Your Book with us and Charli for A Wonderful Review...On my Bday List;) Susan Vermont
Lorrie Thomson
4. Lorrie Thomson
Thank you for your interest, Susan. It's my pleasure to share Equilibrium with you! If you're part of a book club, you can contact me through my site for a Skyped-in author visit. ( Happy reading!
Lorrie Thomson
5. HeatherJ@TLCBookTours
I love it when a finish a book and know that I'll be reading it again ... the anticipation of revisiting those wonderful characters knowing how things turn out for them in the end is a real treat for me.

Thank for being on the tour!
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