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5 Reasons Why The Blackstone Affair’s Ethan Blackstone Would Make an Incredible Boyfriend

Naked by Raine MillerEthan Blackstone, an ex-Special Force officer, now the lead of a high end British security firm, had been given the job of protecting Brynne, an American student studying in London. At first he refuses, but then he sees her picture—and had to make her his girl—but keeping her safe is his first priory.

Did I mention he is gorgeous? Besides the tall, dark and dangerous, thing he has going on, I learned there was more to Ethan Blackstone than persona and striking looks, and they are the qualities that make him a perfect boyfriend.

1. He loves with his whole heart and soul

In All In, we get inside Ethan’s head, and what a wonderful place it is. That man can love, even when his heart is torn to shreds. Emotional turmoil doesn’t stop a man like Ethan; he never gives up on what he wants. He say “Sorry” when he is wrong and “I love you,” not only in bed. He is the type of man who shows the woman he loves just how much he adores her, and just how far he will go to keep her happy, health and safe. This loving man will embrace you while you cry; hold your hair off your face while you puke, and give you space when you need it.

All In by Raine Miller2. He’s a Hero

Ethan is the type of hero to show up, even if all the odds are against him. His experience on Special Forces makes him an expert in organizing security. His protective instincts are unbeatable. He has the skills to find you in the middle of complete chaos, track you if you turn up missing, and take down your kidnapper. He knows all the right people and has all the latest toys to track you if you were in danger…and when he finds you, he will hold you like he needs you to breathe.

3. He fights against inner demons

Like many of us, Ethan has inner demons caused by traumatic experience sduring his time in battle and he is haunted by the memories. But like most Alpha heroes, Ethan struggles to share his experiences with the woman he loved. As difficult as it is for him, he attempts to open up regarding his night terrors, because the woman he loves wants him too.

4. He is one sizzling hot man

The first description of Ethan in Naked:

“The guy oozed hotness, from the leather soles of his Ferragamos to the tips of his wavy hair. About six foot three, muscular, confident, rich.”

She had me at six foot three, but when you equal in Ethan’s well-dressed powerful body, drop-dead sexy British accent (which sounds delicious on the book on tape), his intense confidences, his territorial nature, and his sweet and understanding personality—you got one sizzling piece of man!

Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller5. He’s insatiable in the bedroom

There is nothing sexier than a man who talks dirty in the bedroom and Ethan does it every single time. He is the type of man to whisper naughty words in your ears as he claims your body. (And sometimes he doesn’t whisper!) He will wake you in the middle of the night and when it’s all over . . . he will go for round too.

I just love everything about Ethan, his jealous tantrums, his overprotective tendencies that come off overbearing sometimes, and his wicked use of the F word. If I had magic powers, I would wiggle my nose and Ethan Blackstone, would appear and become my real life boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t have super or magical powers and our relationship can only exists in my mind, (tears) but reality doesn’t stop me from cuddling with my book as I fall deeper in love with Ethan. The fourth book in the Blackstone Affair series should be released by the end of 2013.

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