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True Blood Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: Walking in the Daylight

Sookie and Arlene in True Blood Season 6, episode 7Last week we saw Sookie (maybe?) flip her view about Warlow and take him off to the land of the Fae. Sam gave Emma to her grandmother, which didn’t seem to be enough for Alcide, who is still in crazy packmaster mode. Eric, Nora and Willa are working on escaping from Vamp Camp. Pam, Tara and Jessica are still surviving, but for how long? And we finally discovered the plan for that local Tru Blood plant.

Missed an episode? We've got your fix right here: Catch up with recaps of True Blood episodes 6x016x02, 6x036x046x05, and 6x06. And now, onto the recap of last night's episode 6x07, “In the Evening”:


It’s confirmed: They are shipping Tru Blood contaminated with Hep-V to stores, and—not surprisingly—will be giving it to those locked away in Vamp Camp, too. Willa goes back in to warn Pam while Eric escapes with Nora.

Pam’s starting to think a little more of her new sister—probably because she’s toting a severed arm around Vamp Camp—but advises her to keep the details of the Hep-V to just their inner circle.

Eric brings Nora straight to Bill. He may not believe in the Lilith, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to save his sister. Bill, however, says he has to honor Nora’s dying wish not to drink Bill’s (aka Lilith’s) blood.

Sarah finds the governor’s head (and a whole lot of dead bodies). Her reaction is special…involving her kissing his severed head. Still not the weirdest romantic interaction on the show.

Sarah and a senator decide to cover up Governor Burrell’s death. She’s going to be in charge for all things vampire, and the senator will cover in legislature. Did we all just collectively shake our heads at the conniving Sarah Newlin?

Despite my thoughts that the Sookie/Warlow sex at the end of the last episode was a dream—it wasn’t! These two really are together, which is hot and complicated. This doesn’t mean Sookie’s caving, though. As she reminds him: “You don’t think just because we had sex that means I’m agreeing to marry you.”

Arlene is not coping with Terry’s death well. Sookie can hear her from Faerie. She leaves Warlow there and promises to return when she can, which is just about the dumbest idea ever. Yes, leave the guy you had to tie up because he was going to kill you during the night alone in a land with people he can’t resist killing. Smart, Sook, real smart.

That said, Sookie is doing the good friend thing for Arlene. (Which is a hard pill to swallow if you’re a Sookie book reader.)

Terry’s death brings Sam back to Bon Temps, and it brings the whole group together. Seems like death is always bringing the Bon Temps folk together, doesn’t it?

Jason and Jessica in True Blood Season 6 episode 7Jason talks to Jessica. She’s accepted things. He’s the one who thinks everything is wrong in this place. She tries to tell him he can’t save her. She instead asks him to let her talk to the vampire James (the one they paired her up with for the sex trials last episode), so she can thank him. Their conversation is one of the most honest ones we’ve had all season…and then there is vampire sex.

Sookie and Lafayette open Terry’s safe deposit box to find a life insurance policy that was issues just three days prior. They know he planned his death, but what can they do about that now?

Eric begs Bill to save Nora, agrees to do anything Bill asks. Bill lets Eric in on his plans for Warlow, his visions, and his plan to stop everyone from meeting the sun. Does this mean the Bill/Eric bromance is back on? Too soon to say.

Bill shows up at Arlene’s place while everyone is grieving and promptly makes a big mess. He needs Sookie to get him access to Warlow again.

With Sarah now in charge, Jason’s in trouble. She has his arm cut and throws him into female general population.

Alcide comes back to the pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead. Unfortunately, they’d already captured Nicole and her mother. A lying packmaster does not go over well.

Eric and Nora in True Blood 6x07, In the EveningEric prays to Godric to save Nora. She says it’s Eric who has saved her in the past, not Godric. Cue flashback complete with plague! He was there as she neared death the first time, and now he’s with her when she dies the true death. He may have shaken as he said, “I promised you forever,” but I have no doubt Eric’s way to deal with Nora’s death will be through vengeance.


Sookie and Ben/Warlow are still intertwined when we first slip back into Faerie. Then it’s a whole lot of bare torsos while why bask in the sun.

Sam in the shower! Then Nicole in the shower with Sam! Because a True Blood season isn’t complete without a shower scene.

Jessica rips off James’s shirt. He rips of her panties. Vampire-on-vampire sex follows. Huzzah!

Pam in True Blood 6.07, In the EveningFAVORITE QUOTES

Pam to Willa: Severed arm? Not bad, but too obvious.

Sarah’s self-help tape: Remember to be strong, but not assertive.

Sarah: I am not letting that rhino with his folksy bullshit step one foot in this office.

Sookie: Well, this is a first. Waking up with a man in broad daylight.

Sookie to Warlow: You don’t think just because we had sex that means I’m agreeing to marry you.

Jason to Jessica: My thoughts ain’t always so clear, but my heart, it ain’t never been so clear…I want to do right by you.

Lafayette: You mind telling me what’s going on with all these fuckin’ vampires walking around in the daytime?


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I haven't been keeping up with the show, but that pic of Arlene and Sookie is lovely; always nice to see women supporting other women.
Leni Salvador
2. leni
I felt so bad for poor sad nora dying...and what is going on with sookie this season? is she not eating..she looks so pam and jason my too favorites.
3. ChelseaMueller
@redline_ - Sookie actually does a good job of being there for Arlene. In the books that was true, too. Though, TV Arlene deserves her affection more than book Arlene. Just... trust me.

@leni - Did you not just want to hug Eric?!
Leni Salvador
4. leni
@redline-yea i loved Eric from the begining especially in the books...Alex Skarsgard does a great job!!...i always thought that he and Sookie would find their way back to each other but doesnt look like it.
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