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True Blood Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: The World is Changing

True Blood's Jessica****SPOILERS****

Things have changed so much in just two episodes of True Blood, it’s hard to guess where this third episode will take us. Last week we met a new half-faerie guy (hot!), Eric put Governor Burrell on notice (nerdy Northman!), Alcide was acting out of character (packmaster influence?), we met Sookie and Jason’s faerie grandfather (Niall!) and Bill communed with Lilith (clothed for the first time ever!).

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And now, onto the recap of last night's episode 6x03, “You're No Good”:


Eric was ready to bite the governor’s daughter in a very private place—with the intention of killing her thusly—but stops when she offers up information on the vampire experiments. He takes her just before the SWAT team arrives. I do believe that counts as Eric’s “Game on, Governor.”

Bill is now seeing the future and says he has seen all vampires burn. He wants to save them; he has to save them.

Jason has an awful headache when Warlow is sensed nearby. Niall goes after him, but of course Sookie hears her brother in pain and comes outside. The three of them have to go back in the house, letting Warlow go. This feels more like the book in that Sookie always ignores the warnings of others and puts herself in danger. Niall is irritated, which also fits what I expect from his character.

Niall doesn’t think much of Sookie’s lack of fear regarding Warlow. He explains that Warlow wants Sookie not because of the percentage of faerie she is, but because her blood is royal.

Eric brings Willow Burrell back to Fangtasia to question her. She swears she wants to help the vampires. I think it’s weird that Eric accepts this. I would have glamoured her to just to be sure. Still, she spills about the experiments. Turns out the governor used taxpayer dollars to build a camp (“part prison, part research facility”) where they can study vampires.

Looks like the government has captured my favorite sassy former zealot Rev. Steve Newlin. Their ballsy move in taking a high-profile vampire will lead the season in an interesting direction, I hope.

Lafayette in True BloodThe folks that wanted to out the shifters brought Sam and Lafayette back into Sam’s place after the big fight with the werewolves. This, of course, leads them to asking questions he has no desire to answer. Lafayette, who we know has experienced his fair share of crazy shit, suggests they forget they’ve even heard of werewolves and get the hell out.

I love Lafayette’s character growth over this series. It’s one of the things the show writers really got right. We’ve watched him go from carefree to scared to in love to mourning and now this strong, supportive man. Loved hearing him tell Sam why he has his back.

Eric & Co. show up at Ginger’s house. He tells her he’s finally agreed to her offer for a “sleepover.” I rather like knowing that Eric never bedded her.

Bill and Jessica in True Blood Season 6Bill should know saying, “I feel immortal,” in that creepy prophetic way makes him sound crazy. He may be right, but it still sounds crazypants. No wonder Jessica freaked out. And, she was right, as he stood out to meet the sun and burst into flames. Not immortal, then, eh, Bill?

Niall visits the faerie nightclub and finds it trashed and covered with blood splatters. He can relive the slaughter. Hears their screams and overhears the phrase, “What are you?” Niall finds one fallen fae, speaks with him and then puts the fae out of his misery. It seems Warlow has struck first.

Sookie’s doing her best to take care of Jason. He admits about hallucinating their parents and blames his current headaches and such on old concussions. Sookie confides in Jason that their mama was scared of her. Little brother/sister honesty chat never hurt amid Bon Temps drama.

The sheriff’s station gets its new anti-vampire gear, including the contact lens to stop glamour. Then Holly shows up asking Andy to enforce the vampire curfew. This means she gets her look at pre-teen fae girls. Yep, Andy’s girls are growing so fast that they still don’t have proper names. Anyone else just shake their head at this point?

The police arrive at Martha’s place looking for Emma. Alcide and Rikki stand out front and intercept them. They lie saying they haven’t seen Emma. When Martha goes out to meet with them, Rikki is awful to her. She is trying to force her to shift. I just can’t get over Alcide’s change. He never would have been comfortable with this kind of treatment of a child. He was supposed to be one of the few consistent good guys. Alcide says a few things about this being him taking responsibility, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope he turns this around soon.

Andy teaches Holly to shoot and then tells her how he’s going to wait to be able to be with her again.

Willow decides to make some pillow talk within the coffin with Eric. She’s giving him information about her father, and about how her mother cheated on her dad with one. She tries to taste his blood, but he stops her. He’s a little to oclever to fall for an offer of daytime sex….with her anyway.

Ben meets Niall. They both know of Warlow and Sookie. Cue the brotherhood of fae who love Sookie.

Bill sends Jessica on an errand to fetch the creator of Tru Blood. This includes the suggestion of wearing something inappropriate. It works, and quickly.

Steve Newlin in True Blood Season 6Sarah Newlin! She’s back to see Steve, but it isn’t a sweet reunion. She lets him know all their work at the Fellowship of the Sun lead to this place and the chance to eradicate vampires.

Sookie can’t help but get sucked in to drama, can she? Bill shows up and asks for help, and she opens the door. The guy that she staked not long ago, walks into her house without an invitation and demands Sookie’s blood. He wants to have Sookie’s blood synthesized.

When she doesn’t consent to give her blood, he tells her she’s dead to him. Will this last? Will he end up stealing her blood?

The group that wanted to out shifters shows up at the werewolf pack’s camp, because that wasn’t a horrible idea. The pack discovers they have pictures of Emma and Rikki flips. She strips down and shifts. Other wolves follow suit. They attack the humans. Eventually Alcide even caves and shifts into wolf mode.

Sam takes advantage of the melee to fly in (he’s in owl mode) to get Emma. Governor Burrell calls Eric and tracks the location.

Tara, in typical busybody fashion, decides to free Willow. Eric and Pam take off after her. This leaves Ginger to keep the governor on the line and focused on her house while everyone else escapes.

Niall brings Ben back to Sookie’s house and they all talk about Warlow. Also, Ben still doesn’t button up his shirt. I am okay with this. Sookie is not, however, distracted by his chest. She’s more irritated that he can read her mind. So she opts for cleaning.

Nora shows up outside Sookie’s. She’s looking for Warlow, too. She manages to escape when Jason faints and everyone rushes back to protect him. He’s got to be linked into this somehow.

Andy runs into Bill, and has to ask him to go home due to the curfew. Bill can smell the fae on one of the girls’ toys in Andy’s car. This is better than what I expected, as I was worried Andy’s daughters were with him and due for massacre. That said, Bill’s little smile tells us he has plans for those girls.


Quick flashes of shifters stripping down to shift.

Sookie and Bill in True Blood Season 6, episode 3FAVORITE QUOTES

In which Sookie is the most honest about her character ever: But you gotta realize I can barely remember the last time I wasn’t in danger. Danger, it’s a fact of life for me. So if I go getting worked up every time I’m in trouble, it’s like I’m crying wolf to myself.

Niall: Warlow is the proverbial shit hitting the fan.

Eric: The world is changing, Pam, and we have to change with it.

Lafayette: You erase everything you saw and heard out there. Um, in fact, erase the word werewolf from your memory if you know what’s good for you.
Vampire Unity guy: Are you threatening me?
Lafayette: I’ll bust in your fucking face with this bottle. Now, that’s a threat. I just gave you some more than good advice.

Ginger: Does this mean we’re not fucking?
Eric: Sadly, Ginger, no, we will not be fucking on this occasion.

Jason when talking about his earlier hallucinations to Sookie: You didn’t wonder why I was acting all crazy and more racist than usual?

Sookie: You’re not God, Bill. You’re just an asshole.


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