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Shipping Sunday: Suits’s Harvey/Donna, Mike/Rachel, Donna/Rachel, Harvey/Jessica, and Harvey/Mike!

Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen in SuitsVery recently I caught up with USA's Suits, and have fallen hard for Harvey/Donna (a.k.a. Darvey). But in dipping my toe into the Suits fandom, I've found that there are fans for lots of other potential pairings from the show as well, including Mike/Rachel, Harvey/Jessica, Harvey/Mike, and Donna/Rachel. So I figured, why choose? Let's show some love for all of these 'ships!*

Do you have a favorite Suits couple (or potential couple)? What makes you tune in?

Donna and Harvey in Suits

Mike Ross and Rachel Zane in Suits

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in SuitsJessica Pearson and Harvey Specter in Suits

Donna Paulsen and Rachel Zane in SuitsHarvey/Donna gif via a comment by ~Ross at Fan Forum

*Not sure what shipping is? Check out H&H's post on one romance fan/shipper's thoughts on what it means to be a (relation)shipper.

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Tori Benson
1. Torifl
I LOVE this show. Darvey is my ship couple. Ithink they would be completely bad arse together but I don't see it happening. I think she will always be the wild card in his corner.

SO ready for Jessica to go DOWN!
2. Miss_D
Team Jessica/Harvey.

Harvey's an interesting, intense man. That aside, I love Jessica as her own character & as the woman who complements Harvey. I believe one of these days she needs take him up on what he said recently in an episode by staying over at his place to make breakfast. She definitely wouldn't need a roofie.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Torifl @Miss_D -- I was so hoping fans of different couples would weigh in! I apparently have a thing for the boss-secretary trope, but I really like all the characters and see the chemistry between various pairings.
Terri Rose
4. Terri L
My favorite by far is Donna/Harvey. It is the feeling of
unrequited love and when the other person eventually comes makes it that much better. Mike/Rachel are somewhat interesting to me but not even close to Donna/Harvey.
Me me me me
5. Me me me me
Jessica/Harvey. Donna and Harvey is cliche and Donna seems to lose a lot of her common sense in her effort to 'support' him all the time. She's getting weaker the more they try to show she's in love with Harvey. Women don't need to coddle men to love them. Jessica tells Harvey what he needs to hear.
Me me me me
6. x Mo
I agree with the last comment. Lately Donna and Harvey have been annoying me with this whole "Jessica backstabbing Harvey" thing even though she's doing what is best for the firm. She always will especially when she needs to do whatever it takes to win. Harvey does the same. Harvey has betrayed Jessica but it's like Donna thinks that everything Harvey does is right and he has no flaws.When it's extremly not true. That's the difference between Donna and Jessica. Jessica isn't blind to follow everything Harvey says, she challenges him and that's what he really needs. Donna's "loyalty" to Harvey is really leaning to being his lap dog. It's even causing a rift between her friendships like with Rachel. They both need to sqaush their animosity towards Jessica since they still have their job thanks to Jessica. She is the boss and they need to learn their place. With that said, I do also ship Jessica/Harvey. Well I used to since this season is destroying that dynamic for me. They're always having a quote fest and there are really not too subtle moments of them flirting but it happens so quick you might miss it. With the "I'm not your husband I'm your lawyer," "She insults you and now you're in bed with her? Maybe I should tell you how much I hate those shoes," "I wouldn't need a roofie," "You keep showing up to surprise me people are gonna get the wrong idea." From the 'mommy and daddy' references, to the similarites they share. They're both quick on their feet, hide their emotions, love to win and it goes on but they used to always have each others back until season 2 to now. The writers ruined them just like they're slowly ruining everyone elses relationships. So if Jessica/Harvey would make up soon I might still root for them, other than that, I don't ship anyone else on this show. I could go on and on in details about these two and how they amazing they were and still can be if the writers do better but I'll be here all day.
Me me me me
7. Retiree
Just love the show and all characters- great writing & acting. Best summer drama!
Me me me me
8. ginbell
Harvey& Jessica are it for me on this show . They are the end all Be all and they should be together . Harvey& Jessica have so much Chem and they Fit so well together. There Love Story would have so much Power to it
Nicole Leapheart
9. BoxyFrown
I heart Suits so much! Mike/Rachel shipping-I have my pom-poms out and waving around for them.

I love the idea of Darvey, but I think Donna has more to lose in that relationship. I also love the idea of Jarvey, but I feel like Harvey is so passionate, he will be fumbling behind Jessica-she is cool and calculated, and she is the boss for a reason. I had hoped with the British invasion there would be a potential heavy hitter for Jessica.

As an aside, I want to be Gina Torres when I grow up. That is all.
Me me me me
10. jahlaniqueen
Jessica X Harvey aka Jarvey is my OTP!! :)
Me me me me
11. lioel
Donna and Harvey all the freakin' way. Even though I don't like how the show is conveying Donna slowly into her weaknesses (a british murderer? No.) Nevertheless, I still find that the relationships between the characters in the show are ace.

Donna and Harvey, especially. I just adore Sarah Rafferty's acting in this series.
Me me me me
12. Gwen G
I really love Harvey/Jessica, ultimately; favorite pairing and interesting and hillarious duo on the show, but I love the storylines and characters in general on Suits.
Carmen Pinzon
13. bungluna
The first episode of the season had some good Harvey/Jessica moments.
Me me me me
14. sarah connolly
Team Darvey! I love Donna and Harvey together!!!

I just feel like Donna is the only person that Harvey can really be himself with without feeling like he has to protect his emotions or something. Yes, he had a bond with other characters, but it's not the same. I feel that if he got together with Jessica, their relationship would be too unbalanced: Jessica would be telling Harvey what to do all the time and he would be going behind her back and doing what he wants and they'd always be angry at each other. Also, I just can't bring myself to see them as romantic.
With Donna, even though she'd do anything for Harvey, I feel like they can confide in each other and stuff and even though Harvey is technically the boss at work, you already know from their relationship that they are equals. I just love harvey and donna so much and I feel like they are a match made in heaven!!!!! :)
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