Jul 7 2013 2:00pm

Shipping Sunday: Scandal’s Olivia/Fitz

Kerry Washington and Tony GoldwynGiven that the stunning Kerry Washington graces this month's edition of Vanity Fair magazine, out July 9, it seems like the perfect time to celebrate her work in the soapy ABC drama Scandal with the handsome Tony Goldwyn; yep, this week's Shipping Sunday is dedicated to Scandal's Olivia/Fitz!

Political troubleshooter Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant's passionate love affair (an extramarital affair on Fitz's part) is a huge part of what makes Scandal addictive television. The highs! The lows! These two have had both in abundance, as have their fans.

What makes you a Fitz/Olivia shipper? Share your thoughts—and favorite pics!—in the comments. How excited are you for Season 3 this fall?

Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant in Scandal Season 2

Fitz and Olivia kiss in Scandal

Kerry Washington as Olivia and Tony Goldwyn as Fitz

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