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Sherrilyn Kenyon Reveals Next Dark-Hunter Title: Son of No One!

Styxx by Sherrilyn KenyonWhile we wait for the release of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Styxx (September 3, 2013), we also get news of the release after Styxx. According to her Facebook page: “We have the title for the new DH book out next summer (2014). Son of No One. It will take place in New Orleans and feature Sanctuary.”

Here's the blurb from Kenyon's website:

It’s not easy being life’s own personal joke, but Josette Landry has made an unstable peace with the beast. Life will continue to throw every bad thing it has at her, and she will continue to not put her head in an oven. But that’s okay. That which doesn’t kill her will just require a few hours of mental insanity. Completely down on her luck, Josette takes a job with a local paranormal group trying to get their own cable show as a photographer and camerawoman. Yeah, they’re even crazier than she is. The only paranormal thing she believes in is the miracle that keeps her rusted out hoopty running. But when her group accidentally releases something truly evil into the world, they are forced to call in reinforcement.

From the moment Josette meets Cadegan, she knows something about him isn’t quite...

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1. Torifl
4. 4Uthen1C
this is just too damn ridiculous!! where the heck is JADEN and SAVITAR"S books? why does she keep adding characters no one cares about and with-holding the real deal? urrrgh!! i love her books and i will read styxx and son of no one when ever i get them but i am sooo pissed off right now
5. Kay Wilson
getting ready for the book on Styxx his Brother love all of kenyons books. Kay Wilson
Jasmine Ray
6. JassyBaby
Um....I have to agree with @4Uthen1c

Though I absolutely LOVE Sherri and her amazing series, I've wondered the same thing about adding on new, unheard of characters. The series already has such a HUGE, wonderful selection of characters, some that--in my opinion--I wouldn't mind revisiting and seeing what they're all up to now!

And some of these wonderful cast of characters need some stories told. Some little cliffhangers need to be detailed. You get the idea.

I've been waiting for Jaden and Jared's story(ies) since Jericho speculated if the two were friends, brothers or lovers in Dream Warrior. That was in February '09.
Not only them, but I want Savitar, more info on Apollymi, stories for Thorn (God, I love Thorn...I was really feeling him and Fang. Maybe a little too much); I want Takeshi, Sav's BF's story; and Chi Hu's story.

Please Sherri, throw us a bone here!!! :)

I'm very much looking forward to Styxx, and hopefully I'll find some of what I'm looking for. Still one of my favorite authors~
7. Milly01
This is just speculation on my part, but if you read CoN you will notice some tie ins. I'm just thinking that Jared and Jaden have something to do with the Malachai line and that is why she hasn't written anything for them yet. But like I said, just some speculations on my side...and of course the characters have to be willing to be written for the author to put thier stories on paper for us all to enjoy.
Allie Redding
8. AllieJ
I agree with 4Uthen1c and JassyBaby about being frustrated with Sherri writing about new characters when she's got so many old ones.I haven't even read Time Untime because that storyline seems distracting and unrelated to the others she's been writing. If Sherri doesn't think it's time to write Savitar, Thorn, Jared, or Jayden, why not do something with the Dogs of War? I've been waiting for Ethon's book since No Mercy. There are also plenty of Were-Hunters who haven't been mated. I'm just tired of keeping up with all the different plotlines that she picks up and leaves for years before revisiting them. But I am super excited for Styxx!
9. sherrilyn
I have to say, I find these comments baffling, and instead of getting upset or annoyed, you might want to read the books and realize that they all tie together and are extremely important to each other. If you’ve been reading the series from the beginning, then lesson one is: that there are no throwaway lines or characters. Everything is important. Everything ties together and circles around. If I tried to put everything into one book, it would be extremely confusing and more jarring than watching a soap opera you’ve never seen before, for the first time.

At one time, all the characters were new, and I haven't written about new characters in a LONG time, other than as secondary characters, but then I’ve always done that. What I find most fascinating/confusing is that the characters you're begging for are all newer than the characters I’ve been writing about in the last few years. I “have” been going back to the original characters for the last six years. Renegade was on the original website and has been in this series since the beginning. He's mentioned in Night Pleasures. Sundown is mentioned in Night Pleasures and has been around since Dance with the Devil (2003) and readers have been begging for him for a decade. I had to wait to write Ren’s book because of the 2012 prophecy (I can’t control ancient writers, ancient prophecy and mythology). I had to wait to write Jess’s book because of the 2012 prophecy and the fact that those two books are intimately tied together (which I knew when I wrote about the characters in 2000) and that Sunshine’s cousin was the heroine for Ren. Kat is mentioned in passing in Night Embrace. In fact, there’s only one new character in that book at all. Everyone else has been around since the beginning.

But here, let’s look at the characters/books and why I’m confused:

Styxx: Styxx has been in the series since the beginning. Bethany has two cameos in Acheron (2008). In 1600+ pages, 310,000+ words there’s only one major secondary character who’s new. One. And he's necessary.

Time Untime: Ren appears in NP (2002). Kat appears in NE (2003) Sunshine, Talon, Storm, Acheron, Nick, Sin, Katra, Jess... all old characters, except for 1. Oh and it ties directly into Styxx and intro’s Talon’s son who I guess is technically a new character, too.

The Guardian: Granted Seth is a new character, but he’s related to Menyara who has been in the series since 2005. Lydia was hinted at in both The Dream Hunter, Kiss of the Night and One Silent Night and she’s related to Solin so while they’re new, they’re not (it’d be like complaining that I brought Fury in as a new character in Night Play after he was cameoed in Night Embrace). The book also sets up important details about Solin’s book and Styxx– both of whom are original/old characters. There’s also major details about Jaden, Jared, Thorn, Bethany, and Nick, but you have to pay attention to catch them. I can’t say more than that without major spoilers other than this book is important to the overall arc you’re wanting to read.

Retribution: Jess has been around since the beginning. Abigail is new, but her friends, however, have been around since Kiss of the Night. Almost everyone in it is an old character except for the 4 guardians and the legend of Jess which has been hinted at, but not elaborated on. Again though, that’s true of all the heroes. They all have families and pasts no one knows about until their story is told. This book also has critical info for future Daimons and for Styxx and a book I’m currently working on.

No Mercy: Dev’s book. He’s been around since the beginning. Sam has been hinted at and talked about since Night Pleasures and she was introduced in Dream Warrior. She’s made several cameos. Chi and Ethon are new characters and two you say you want to read... which fascinates me. But again, they have made cameos in previous books. There’s also important info for Thorn, Stryker, Sav and Jaden.

BAD Moon Rising: Fang and Aimee go all the way back to the second book Night Embrace. The ONLY new character in this is... Thorn.

Dream Warrior: You could consider Jericho and Delphine new characters, but... Jericho is mentioned in the Dream Hunter, the first of the Dream Hunter books, and he appears in Upon the Midnight Clear as does Delphine. In fact, the book is a continuation of Upon a Midnight Clear. So really, no new characters.

One Silent Night: Stryker has been the villain since book 3 and appears in many of the books. Zephyra has been hinted at, but not seen until now so I don’t consider her a new character. Interestingly enough, this is the book Jared is introduced in.

Acheron... only one new character in 1100+ pages. Ash has been in since the beginning, Tory first appears in The Dream Hunter and is cousin to the heroine in Dream Hunter.

Dream Chaser: Xypher is a former character whose fate was left hanging after Devil May Cry. Simone is sort of new, but as the best friend of Tate, she has been hinted at in other books. The new character? Jaden. And events in here are integral to many of the future books.

Upon the Midnight Clear: Aidan is a new character--six years into the series-- but if we didn’t have new major characters from time to time, the series would get stale. Leta has had cameos in past books and this is only the second book of the Dream-Hunter spin-off series and it is a short story that intros readers into that spin-off universe and sets up the background for the Dream Warrior novel that will come a year later.

Devil May Cry: Sin is a new character to the series. Kat is not. She’s been around since book three and has appeared in many books. We do have a new villain, but again we’re dealing with ancient prophecy and events that had to take place this year and it sets up Acheron’s and Stryker’s books. It also ties directly to Styxx and so I can’t show how it ties to the whole series without some major spoilers.

I can keep going back to the beginning, but at this point, we’re in the year 2006, which shows that in the last seven years, there’s only been a tiny handful of characters introduced- and the majority of them are the same characters you’re dying to read about. There are more new characters introduced in Night Embrace alone (book 2) than in any other book I’ve written since.

Characters who might “appear” to be new on the surface, have a history with old characters and are integral parts to the stories you’re asking about, especially Son of No One. It has two major whoppers in it.

While I am thrilled you’re dying for Sav, Thorn, Jared and Jaden, there are things about them that will completely alter the series and forever change it, and I can’t just write those books without some set up. There are events that have to happen first. And stories that have to be told. Can you imagine reading Acheron without having met Kat or Styxx?

Son of No One is an important book in the series, and like Seth, you’re going to be shocked at who he’s related to and how important he really is. Oh, and The Guardian ties directly into Son of No One, too, as does Styxx. As I said, the books are integral to each other and the one or two characters who are introduced into each book are used over and over again, and are important to the whole series. This includes Amaranda and Cael who have been off screen for a really good reason.

10. Mary Ellen Quigley
Any new book from Sherri is a good one. I can't wait to read all of them.
11. Ora
I am curious to who Cade is related to now, however I am more concerned about Styxx right now. I am starting to reading the list of books Carl gave that related to Styxx and then a couple others because I feel like I am neglecting them by not rereading them. I think it is easier to remember who the characters are later in the books, because those are the ones that are fresh in out mind.
For me, I want Nick to have his story told, however I know that won't happen anytime soon, so I will have to be content reading The Chronicles of Nick.
On a different note, I do reading challenges at goodreads. One of the challenges that I am working on right now is a reading rainbow. Violet, indigo/black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Those colors have to be the primary one on book covers in a particular genre. When I was looking up paranormal, your DH series had them all. I thought that was really cool and started looking up other authors to see if I could do same with other series.
Danielle Sergent
I love sherrilyn's books. I can't wait for her new books. I have been really looking forward to this one on styxx. The first time I bought a book there was no putting it down. Now there all in a safe place bc I have collected them. I do see where everyone is getting at with wanting to read more on some characters but I have seen the way sherrilyn puts the books together You sherrilyn have made me a huge fan!!!
13. Carrie Marie
idk, i personally love that a lot of the interconnectedness is so subtle. i love having that AHA! moment when something niggles my memory when reading book 6 that happened in book 2. i can't possibly keep track of EVERYTHING - which is why it's so awesome to re-read each book, always finding something new to me, or catching something i missed & then wanting to go back & read the other book to see how i missed it.

sherri - THANK YOU for your comment. you highlighted so many of the little "ins" i love in your stories. i admit, the first time i read Time Untime, i had a little trouble w/ how everyone fit together. but going back the 2nd time, i "got it" more & loved it more & ... agh. just. thank you.

oh, and as a side note - i took some vacation time in september specifically to close myself in my house & read Styxx. *grin*
14. Elizabeth Leann Murphy
I love Sherri's books and yes we have been waiting for some of them forever. Think about acheron's story he deserved to be happy long ago but everything ties in one way or another I have read the entire DH series and am now rereading it so I catch the clues to Styxx but I want to know Nicks story so badly I have been waiting on his story for years and I have read CoN and I'm waiting on his next one there are just so many people involved that need stories and while the one I want most is Nick I know it's gonna be awhile for that one. Having just reread Acheron I know it's important to see what's going on with Styxx. I hair can't wait to read about everyone's story. I have read Sherri's league series as well and of everything I still want nicks story it's always at the front of my mind and I look forward to it and any other DH books coming out!
15. Kelly M
Sherri, just read your post and can fully understand your confusion. I would love to read about certain charaters, but it would make no sense in any other order. I seem to remember obscure little thing from your books that show up later and I get the "Ah Ha" moment that makes the story more enriching. Your comment 'Can you imagine reading Acheron without having met Kat or Styxx?', I did. I walked into the book store and saw Acheron on the shelf and it seemed to call to me, and I had to get it, I couldn't seem to walk out of the store without it. It took reading the stories before and quite a few after it to begin to understand and stop the strong dislike I had for Styxx. I am looking forward to reading his story and see things from his point of view. Not sure my heart can take reading about Ash's early years again, but I'm willing to chance it for another wonderful DH story. Thank you for them all.
16. Zaybe33
Wow!!! I have to say that I started on "No Mercy" and then went back, the story is incredible! The way Sherry creates the DH universe, it's home! I really want to see Nick's book and I'm desparerly waiting for Styxx!!! Thank You Sherry for this world where I go when reality gets scary!
17. Joshabee
I honestly cannot say that I noticed all of the little connections that Sherry mentioned in her post - but I have read and re-read quite literally every single Dark-hunter, Dream-hunter, and League of Night novel that she has published. I love the way she writes and I love her ability to create characters that we all feel a sincere connection to, whether that be on a personal level in which we can relate to them, or out of simple admiration for the character itself. I finished reading Styxx within 2 days - and that includes taking breaks for work, making dinner for my wife and baby boy, and all the other necessities of a normal weekday. Up until I read Styxx, I can honestly say that, hands down, Acheron was my favorite. There are so many scenarios in which Styxx's story intersects with others that I had to go back and read the other books just to see them from a different perspective! In point of fact, Styxx is now officially my absolute favorite book in the Dark-hunter series, perhaps my favorite book from any author, including my other favorites (such as Terry Goodkind, L.D. Modesitt, R.A. Salvatore, Simon R. Greene, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Raymond Feist, and Robert Jordan - many of whom are widely renowned literary masters of the fantasy world). In my opinion, Sherrilyn Kenyon can easily be considered on of the greatest masters of fantasy - she certainly is my favorite of our generation!
18. evedallas:)
Honestly, I think this author took on waaaaay more than she can handle. Dark hunters, dream hunters, were hunters, league series, B.A.D., Nick Gautier chronicles, the mangas, brotherhood series, belador, lords of Avalon, etc. the list continues, but I haven't seen anything for SOME of these series in soooooo long, I've forgotten what some of them are about. I love all her series, but come on already... For example, it's going on 4 years since the last B.A.D. agency book came out, and no new story has come out. Joe and Tee's book was promised, but I have yet to see it. Bree and Xander? Nick and Simi? I know she's busy and all, but all I'm saying is if you can't "deliver" what you started, then don't start it in the first place... It's not fair to your fans, to keep them waiting because you've got to concentrate on the more popular series... I know, I know, they're all special in their own ways, blah, blah, blah. But just saying... Think I'll wait 30-40 years from now, then come back to check if by then ALL the books have come out, then just binge read them...that way it's continuous and I'll actually remember what happened since the previous book. Beats coming back to a series 4-5 years later not remembering what occurred previously... I'm not being rude, there are lots of fans out there (myself included) who are just excited and can't wait for the next book to come out..that's understandable, right? whew! That's my rant of the day...I'll shut up now.
Megan Frampton
21. MFrampton
A reminder: We do not tolerate personal attacks in comments. I've just unpublished a comment that was an attack on another commenter. Please keep the discussion civil, and on the topic of the post. If anyone has questions, please email me at megan DOT frampton DOT contractor AT macmillan DOT com. Thanks.
22. DemomicAngel
I love Sherry's books. Always have. I read Dark Side of the Moon when I was in high school. I could not put that book down for anything. When I went to collage I read the series and loved it even more. I flipped when I read Archon, love him to death. Sherry did not disappoint with his story.

I have not read Styxx, even though it is sitting on my dresser and I have had it a year, I am afraid to read it because it might change my view on things. But reading everyone's comments on it, I will be busting that book out this week and reading it. I can't wait to see what happens.

I can not wait for either Savitar's or Jaden's stories to come out. Takeshi too. I would like to find out how they each began. Granted, Savitar is right there on my favorites list right after Acheron and Nick. I love Nick. I have not read his story yet either, I just can't find it anywhere!

Anyway, keep up the good work Sherry!
23. LilRedAngel
First off, I personally swoon for Savitar and can't wait for his story. At the same time I sort of dread it because then I'll have to give up my fantasies of keeping him for myself. Dang it.
Second, I have read and reread the Hunter series, Dark/Were/Dream, over and over again so many times that some of the books are quite literally falling apart, and still every single time I find something that I didn't before that makes my eyes widen and a lightbulb go off, some tiny thing that makes sense from another book and character. Its amazing to me how the whole of this world that she's set up entwines and weaves itself together. The same with the CoN series. There are things in them that will make a connection with the Dh books that will hit you and make you see things with that "wow" wide eyed expression.
Am I anxious to read more of Jared? Savitar? Yes, by all means! But in the meantime I will happily read any book that the AG puts out and wait for the time to be right for all of the characters to get their story told. Each character is so well developed, so alive, in our heads, and they wouldn't be if they were rushed, or not brought in the way that she does. In the end it simply makes us love them all the more when its their time to have their story told.
This is the AG's world and she knows what she's doing, she hasn't steered us wrong yet. And on a side note I recommend reading the CoN books, they fit into the DH and I love them plus its like visiting old friends, you get to see Kyrian, Talon, etc, and see moments from the DH books but with a different perspective and through young Nick's eyes.
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