Jul 27 2013 3:00pm

Poll: What Male POV Would You Like to Read?

Wrong Ways Down by Stacia KaneStacia Kane's Terrible-POV novella, Wrong Ways Down, finally has a release date (August 6!). It's always a worry when we see a point of view in a story that we haven't seen before that it will take away from the mystery that made that character so great to begin with. In a lot of cases the book may be told in first person and so you get no sense whatsoever what's going on in the head of the hero.

So with this in mind, we want to know what male POV do you wish you could read? We've seen Barrons's point of view from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, but we thought he may deserve a full novella like Terrible. Do any other heroes that you've seen a glimpse of their POV deserve a whole novella or are you content with just a scene? What do you think when authors give you the hero's perspective after a first person book or book from only the heroine's perspective? Do you like first person books or prefer only third person?

Share your favorite male POVs out there and give us your wish list for other points of view you wish you could read!

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1. Lizzie Dee
I would like Christian's, Ethan's, and Barrons! All of them seem so complex that a small glimpse would be well worth it. I really love Gordon's Curran's POVs, so I'm sure I'd love these guys.
Terri Rose
2. Terri L
I would like to know more of Bone's perspective from Night Huntress series. Also the other guys in Hunger Games. Gideon's perspective from the Crossfire series also might be interesting. That is all I can think of for now!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@Terri L, awesome! I didn't even think of those guys (though I had thought of Bone but then forgot about him when I made this!) Good picks all!
Glass Slipper
4. GlassSlipper
I'd really like to get into Death's head from Kalayna Price's Alex Craft series. He has a lot of facial expressions but doesn't say much. I want to know what he's thinking.
Hazel Hazel
5. Hazel Hazel
My all-time favorite male POV is in the trilogy by Pamela Aidan of Pride and Prejusdice from Mr Darcy's perspective. You realize how little he knows Elizabeth and gives him much more back story and much more inner angst. The first one is An Assembly Such As This. The second one is mostly far away from the P & P story but the third one brings it all back together.
Nicole S
6. Nicole S
For me if I don't get the Hero's POV in a book it ruins the book a little for me. I like being able to see what the Hero is thinking then I can better understand why he does the things he does.

I'm definitely not a fan of first peron books, I really dislike just getting one person's POV. Give me the third person and I'm a happy camper. There are only a handle of first person books I did like, usually when I read a blurb of the book and it's first person I'll pass it up.
Nicole S
7. Katie Dancer
I always wish for the hero's POV, perhaps because I think there is no one person who can be counted as a reliable narrator. That's not suspicion; it's more an understanding that everything we sense is tainted with our own habit and history.
Nicole S
8. Mare
I woudl love the whole Rock Chick series from the male POV.
Nicole S
9. Tonidh69
Adam from Mercy Thompson, Bones, and ALWAYS Curran and Barrons
10. abigailcole
Barrons for sure. The man is a walking, talking, breathing closed book.
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