Jul 12 2013 9:28am

Lost Girl Season 4 Premieres November 10!

Thanks to eagle-eyed H&H commenter Char, we now know that Canadian network Showcase has updated its website with a premiere date for Lost Girl Season 4: Sunday, November 10, 2013, at 10 p.m. on Showcase!

SyFy, meanwhile, has said in a teaser promo that Lost Girl Season 4 will air on the U.S. cable network in 2014:

More news as we get it, naturally! In the meantime,  we'll just continue speculating about what Season 4 will bring...

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Nadine Robb
1. cmm
GAAAAHHH! Darn since im not from US I can't view it. Can you possibly transcribe it please?
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Oh, sorry! I don't believe there's any new footage, and the voiceover basically just says "Lost Girl will return in 2014 on SyFy."
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
Can't wait for season 4! I have been Netflixing to keep the homefires burning!
4. Jonni
Cannot wait until season 4....the way they ended season 3 was awesome and definitley left me in suspense.
5. LaurenS
I couldn't be more excited! And I am SO glad I get to see it in November and not have to wait until next year!! :D
6. janine burke
I am a great fan of lost girl, however I Live in the Uk And it has not aired here, i have got netflix and watched series 1-3 how long will i have to wait? It was such a cliff hanger it ended on its killing me ha ha!
7. hal
I hate Lost Girl and especially the SyFy network !
I do watch Lost Girl occasionaly just to see Kenzi. She is so HOT !!!
8. Berenice22
I'm in the US and that sucks that Canada gets to see it first!! I have been waiting for the new season and now have to wait til 2014 :(
9. Rose83
I live in the US and I don't have to wait until 2014 I'm downloading it right now yeaaaa!!!!
10. Jq
you can watch it on now
11. ami greene
I can't believe I have to wait till 2015 to watch lost girl again y can't it b sooner
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