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The MacRieve Spoiler Thread

Here you have it: A complete play-by-play of all of the events in Kresley Cole’s MacRieve (Immortals After Dark #13), out today. This review is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended only as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back. (There’s a non-spoiler-y First Look of MacRieve here to whet your appetite, plus all our Kresley Cole content and a speculation post on Nix’s Perfect Mate here!)




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished MacRieveThis is a post to discuss the entire book. There’s a non-spoiler-y First Look of MacRieve here and other Kresley Cole content here.***

This books isn't for the faint of heart!:

  • Uilleam fell in love with a succubus as a child—and yes, we're talking CHILD. At the beginning of the book he is 13 years old and has been visiting the bed of the succubus, the Lady Ruelle, for...wait for it...FOUR years. Yep, ladies and gents, he was NINE when he was abused by the succubus.
  • The Ubus people use the sexual energy of their partners as sustenance—we've seen Incubus in past books with The Order (they raped a prison guard when they escaped), and again as they held Mariketa captive in Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, so we don't have very high opinions of them to start! After a partner has three visits with a -ubus, they become addicted and cannot stay away.
  • Lady Ruelle tricked Uilleam into thinking she was his mate, thus making him even more protective of her outside of the addictive lust the Ubus people inspire. 
  • Upon realizing that Uilleam has been abused by Lady Ruelle, his parents race into the woods to avenge their little boy. His mother is pregnant with what they think is a little girl. Once she reaches the forest where Lady Ruelle lives, she is attacked and killed by vampires. 
  • Chloe is a world-class soccer player, about to enter into the Olympics when suddenly she can hear things—like her father/trainer from across the soccer field and her father's talking about weird things, like werewolves and vampires,  soothsayers and being called Commander. 
  • It's official: Nix definitely betrayed her kind to The Order. Yes, we knew it, but in Chapter 2 we see her betraying Uilleam a.k.a. “call me MacRieve” to The Order, sending him into a trap. We know that Nix has the best intentions (mainly setting up several couples in The Order Prison), but can't we be in on the plan a little!
  • After escaping the Prison, MacRieve is plagued by nightmares of the succubae and has totally lost his Instinct. With its silence, he contemplates suicide by the Fyre Dragán (the mythical dragon the killed Kaderin back in No Rest of the Wicked).
  • We learn of the truly horrifying circumstances of Will's captivity—including vivisection (disecting a being while it was still awake, awake, and feeling pain), and then almost gang raped by succubae when The Pravus prisoners were freed by Dorada. Will killed Dr. Dixon, ripping her limb from limb in revenge for her experiments on him.
  • Chloe is COMMANDER WEBB'S DAUGHTER! She has been kidnapped by a few witches from The House of Witches (who are rightly scared of what will happen if Mariketa and Carrow find out) and will be auctioned off to the high bidder, Pravus or Vertas, because of her tactical value to The Order.
  • That one paragraph when you think: Oh no, do Munro and Uilleam have the same mate?! Don't worry, to each their own!
  • That awkward moment when you realize your mate is the man you were just think of in terms of “that viscera coated moment.” And you thought YOUR in-laws were awful!
  • Chloe is attacked as Will fights the Pravus centaur who won her in the auction. But Will (with the help of a voodoo priestess, and his brother's unlimited credit card) saves the day!
  • After MacRieve saves Chloe lots of sexy times ensue. Because Chloe is human ( for now) MacRieve can't consummate the relationship fully, but don't worry they have lots of fun with what they can do!!
  • Unfortunately these sexy times trigger Chloe change into...a succubus! Her tomboy-like haircut has frown out to seductive waves, she has fuller hips and breasts and all of her scars are gone (while instantly becoming a Victorias Secret model, Chloe was proud of those scars as a badge of honor for each event she had overcome). While becoming a Victorias Secret model is fun in theory, Will has a lot of built up rage about succubae and this is the straw that breaks the camels back. Will attacks her but for once the Lykae beast must reason with the man and takes control to protect Chloe from Will. 
  • Enter a brief interlude of big brother talks with the very worried Munro. Munro goes after Will and calms him down but Will still manages to take out a small forest with his rage. 
  • Munro goes on to drop some knowledge on Chloe, letting her know that Will still will never hurt her and Munro will die to protect her, his sister. They go for a walk and he lets Chloe know they she'll have to feed weekly or maybe even daily as a succubus off of the sexual energy of her partner. Chloe devises a plan: she used to be able to stave off her symptoms by eating food so she's going to eat like its a religion and she's the Pope!
  • Will offers up Chloe to the Pravus army that has gathered outside the gates if the Lykae compound,  letting them know that she will no longer be wanted by Webb because she's turned  and so everyone should just clear off! It wasn't entirely clear if that was his original intention in taking her to the gate, or if he was going to give her over to the army to be played with. Either way, I think his final decision was the right one!! Two succubae step forward and demand Will turn Chloe over to them. In typical Lykae fashion he refuses.
  • Rónan, a young Lykae to watch—I think he'll get his own book some day Ali g with the second generation Immortals like Thad, Ruby and the teen witches introduced earlier—imparts some wisdom too. Mostly that Will is an idiot.
  • Favorite Rónan Wisdoms: 
    “So let me get this straight. Your smokin' hot mate might use chemicals to make you want to do her. Except you already  want to, so it's wasted chemicals. Then once you start having sex with her, you're going to keep wanting to, which would likely have happened anyway, because like I said, she's totally hot.”


    when MacRieve tries to convince Rónan that there would be pain from being with a succubus:  “is there no' always? It's called blue ballocks.”

  • After four days of a grumpy and horny Lykae brooding, MacRieve sees that Chloe's attempts to keep herself nourished with real food is failing. She's cant keep any of it in. Munro convinces him to take her to Scotland to...feed her. We've all figured out what that means by now, right? Let the hanky panky begin!!!
  • As MacRieve and Chloe pull up to Conall Keep, Will and Munro's ancestral home, Chloe begins her first strew, the scent given off by succubae to enthrall men and use there sexual energy. And you though things were interesting before!
  • Will and Chloe's consummation is full of bitterness from Will's past. He's projecting Lady Ruelle's behavior onto Chloe, thinking she doesn't want to be mussed or touched too much when the opposite is true! To get over that, Will days he needs to have total control of the situation and fully dominate Chloe. We've learned that MacRieve particular brand of sex is that he can't control his beast during the act, giving the easy Nymphs the “mate experience” without the responsibility (by the way I'm waiting for the nymphs to get a heroine! They seem to get too bad of a rap not to!). Now while consummating with Chloe he struggles to control it even more but that makes it all the hotter.
  • Unfortunate shortly after the feeding, his memories become too much and MacRieve runs to go vomit—how romantic!
  • Will finally calls Nïx asking if his time in prison has “rebroken that bone” that never mended with Ruelle. Nïx says he has to bury his past before it buries him, and woo Chloe. 'Bought time in my opinion!
  • After another brotherly chat with Munro, Will sets out to woo Chloe. She, meanwhile, puts the pieces together about MacRieve's past and realizes that he was the one to be seduced by a succubus, but doesn't realize yet how young he was or that because of the succubus his entire family was wiped out.
  • MacRieve and Chloe go for a run and MacRieve let's it slip that to the North are the legend of the Primordial Lykae. Do you think they'll come into play in this Accession?? Another true myth perhaps?
  • More naughty “feeding” ensues and some spanking! But all this sexy times and Will has yet to mark her! 
  • Will goes into the forest to seek answers so he can “ get right” for Chloe. Meanwhile Chloe isn't feeling well and wakes to search for MacRieve. She finds him burning down Ruelle's house in the forest. MacRieve finally tells her everything about Ruelle and his time in The Order Prison.
  • Two succubae, the same from the wall back at the Lykae compound, appear. They are Chloe's aunt, Gisela, and cousin, Nieve. They are healers and say they can heal Chloe, who is dying from whatever is ailing her.
  • The quartet go to the Ubus realm to diagnose and heal Chloe. It's the night of the full moon. Will sees that the Ubus people are not that different from the Lykae in that they are family based and take care of their young. Gisela apologizes for Ruelle's mistreatment of Will and shows her disgust.
  • The Ubus also have fated mates. If they are mated, Ubus take energy but also give it back to their partners. Will worries that she might be his fated mate but he might not be hers. 
  • Chloe's mother was a hunter of evil Ubus—the best of them all. Mostly the Ubus in our realm are evil outcasts and that's why they've gotten such a bad rap.
  • It's revealed that Webb held Chloe's mother captive and was going to kill them both but only killed Chloe's mother when Chloe's tests came back human. Kind of screws with your parent/child relationship!
  • It turned out that MacRieve's feelings poisoned Chloe because some part of him hated her. The succubae venom then turns itself back on on the succubus. Chloe's family says she needs uncorrupted nourishment. They suggest consorts—MacRieve isn't pleased!
  • Chloe's family allows Will to try one more time. He knows he loves her now and doesn't feel the hatred he did towards her people before. With their coupling (yeah I'm whipping out the old romance words!) Chloe is healed and MacRieve feels rejuvenated, proving he's her mate.
  • Now that Chloe is healed, MacRieve makes her his mate in full and marks her.
  • The happy couple are talking about their future and cuddling but Will is worried he hadn't heard from Munro. We find out he's gone missing while searching for warlocks who are turning Humans into Lykae. 
  • Webb reveals himself and as all of us feared he's become a creature—parts of several different things including demon, Lykae and Vampire. Webb makes her choose, saying the Loreans need to be destroyed. Webb disappears before MacRieve can kill him.
  • In the epilogue: Madadh, a Lykae, has lost control and is beating Munro. This Warlock order kidnapped Munro because he has such a strong beast. The warlocks have also kidnapped Munro's mate!!!! Sad but now he's met her!!! Her name is Kereny and she looks like a gypsy. The warlocks have injected her with poison and to save her, Munro must turn her into a Lykae—only to have her enslaved by the warlock. 

Stay tuned for more as Jenn finishes the book! Where are you at?  Did you pull an all-nighter, or are you reading at a more leisurely pace? What did you think?

So what did you think?! Is MacRieve all you hoped? Is it as hot as KCole promised? 

What did you think of Munro's mate? They are going to have a huge battle, especially since her final words were “I—hate—you.”

Let us know in the comments and come obsess with me!!!

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
You guys the book was so good! I just sent in my final list of spoilers to the Team and I loved it! I have to re-read at a more leisurely pace as I had to skip all the good parts (read: the sex!) to get this to you quickly! Know what I give up for you guys!!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Also the epilogue reveals that Munro has a 99% chance of being the next book. Thoughts? What do you think of the next generation of Immortals Cole has introduced??
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Wow, lots of issues between them, huh? The angst!

Thanks for all your thoughts and reactions, Jenn! It's a fun read.
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
Nothing on her! We had an update on Cassandra from book 1 and some Nix action but no word on Lanthe yet. Mariners, Carrow and Nix were searching for orphans from the prison break so as they continue searching for survivors, we might hear word on Lanthe.
6. bandersnatch
I love Munro (the Lykae tend to be my favorites) so I'm okay with the fact that he's next, but I feel it is definitely time to wrap up the Lanthe/Thronos thread. I mean, she's been hinting at that one since Rydstrom's book, which was half a series ago... And is it just me, or did this book feel more isolated than a lot of the others? Aside from the beginning and the epilogue we didn't see much of anyone else in the Lore. It's not a bad thing, it just felt different. I'm quite intrigued by the mention of the new threat that both Nix and Those Best Forgotten were worried about. On the whole I really enjoyed MacRieve -- I've been worried about Will since we first saw what happened on the Island.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@bandersnatch, yes I was definitely worried about Will after the scenes on the Island! I was talking to someone on twitter that was thinking Lanthe might be next and that Munro's story was just getting set up, what do you think?

The one thing I know is that if Lanthe's story doesn't come soon there will be a revolt!
8. Abforth
Just finished reading, I loved Chloe. Her Dad is a serious whack job. My favourite heroine so far!! Garreth is still my favourite though. I liked the different spin on the succubus world, how much they were like Lykae and had an entire culture. . Very interesting. I think I feel more in love with Munro than Will by the end. Can't wait for Munro's book.

Anyone else have a moment where they were a little scared of Nix???
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@Abforth: I loved Munro aLOT! And Chloe is definitely my new favorite heroine too! Nix was terrifying, I think her goddess status is very close and you definitely saw it there in the book. MacRieve wasn't my favorite book or even my fave hero but I LOVED Chloe!!!
10. Danni
I have to say, while it wasn't as action packed as Lothaire, it was definitely on the darker side emotionally. Which I appreciated, I love the development of the characters and the struggle of the relationship, while still having that feisty Kresley Cole humor and touch. I want to read it all over again and I'm probably going to have withdrawal symptoms while waiting for Munros book. I wonder if his mate is a Gypsy?
Ellen Hutchings
11. shadowmaster13
We did find out a little more about the nymphs, the have a driving desire to both give and receive pleasure. Which continues to line up with the "hookers" thing being a simplification by the stronger females of the Lore who hate the comparisons, especially the Valkyrie who have many physical traits in common, such as their petite size, etc.
Jennifer Proffitt
12. JenniferProffitt
@Danni, I think the development of the characters was great. You really saw how Will changed, even from what he was referred to throughout the book (from MacRieve almost exclusively to Will more often at the end), and I absolutely LOVED Chloe, as I have said time and again in this post. I really appreciated the humor she brought and how strong she was from the very beginning. Although I think if I was in her same shoes, I wouldn't have handled being introduced to the Lore as well as her.
13. Danni
@jennifer Chloe was amazing. I really did love Chloe. She was refreshing and so human. If I was Chloe I probably would've peed my pants. I can't say Will was my favorite but I did connect with his character. I'm still very curious as to what species Munros mate is.
14. Danni
@jennifer Chloe was amazing. I really did love Chloe. She was refreshing and so human. If I was Chloe I probably would've peed my pants. I can't say Will was my favorite but I did connect with his character. I'm still very curious as to what species Munros mate is.
Ellen Hutchings
15. shadowmaster13
@Danni, I think Munro's mate might give us a Lykae/Lykae pairing, you know once he wins her over from extreme hatred for the turning.
If he can.
16. Danni
Well that makes sense. I'm just curious because she said "my people" like to be free. So she's well aware of the lore. I'd like to see what a female lykae's perspective is, since we've only heard about the males.
Jennifer Proffitt
17. JenniferProffitt
@Shadowmaster and Danni,
I agree with Shadowmaster. The implication before was that Munro was hunting and had been kidnapped by this order of Warlocks who were changing humans into Lykae. So this girl, (Kereny??) may have started as Gypsy but we will now find her as a Lykae slave. I am very interested and excited about a Lykae/Lykae pairing. We haven't seen anything within the same species so that alone is going to be worthy of note! I'm hoping with the intro of Cassandra again that we'll see her more and maybe get a mate for her finally so she can get over Lachlain.

@Danni, as far as the "my people," that refers to the Gypsies, who were wanderers. Based on the way she was dressed it seems like maybe she time traveled since that's how gypsies got married in the past, but not the present. So she was firmly a Gypsy human girl but is now going to be Lykae since Munro was forced to turn her (keep in mind she did die at the end since death is the catalyst for the change).

So much to read and speculate about now!!
Ellen Hutchings
18. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt, maybe instead of timetravel they just held her in some kind of stasis spell since after the last accession to make sure they'd have her when/if they got Munro in their clutches.
Jennifer Proffitt
19. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster, ohhhh I like that idea. I do think something happened to have her be in that time, the warlocks said they've been watching him for a long time bc his beast is so strong. I'm excited to see what that something is/was! I am a little nervous now that I'm so sure that Munro is going to be next and that KCole is going to do a bait and switch, giving us someone else like she's done so many times! The only way I'd find that acceptable is if the next book is Lanthe...
20. nechol
I wondered about the sequencing of the books because in Shadow Claim the werewolf that was beheaded screamed out 'brother' and in Macrieve Munro was taken by the same group and was mindless in the end... so I wonder if they are one in the same wolf, which would also explain why this story was more isolated, because a good number of things are taking place simultaneously.
Jennifer Proffitt
21. JenniferProffitt
@nechol, It could be, but I've always wondered what happened to Lachlain's other brother, Heath. He's presumed dead but I think in Cole's world, unless you see the body then that person can and will come back (very much like in Comics). Could the "brother" in reference be Heath crying out for Lachlain?

You could also be right though since Cole does tend to overlap stories. We saw Regin's capture but didn't see her book until much later, etc.
Patricia Wilkerson
23. Proofreaderpat
I just finished reading MacRieve-what a great book! Todd/Webb-what an evil freak! I was hoping Chloe and/or Will would kill him when they had the chance but,with his new tracing ability that would have been difficult. I am looking forward to see what role Todd/Webb will play in the future storyline. P.S.-More Bertil please!
Jennifer Proffitt
24. JenniferProffitt
@Proofreaderpat, I think Webb/Todd is going to be the new big bad while Dorada is off getting her army together. I'm glad they didn't kill him right away because we've been waiting for two books to find out what he would be--it would have been a waste to have him finally revealed only to die at the end of the book! I'm pro-Berty too!
Ellen Hutchings
25. shadowmaster13
I wish they'd tried. He's a serious threat to humans and thus immortals on exposure risk alone. And first he wants to take all the immortals.

But instead Will's like 'well I don't want Chloe to be upset so you can live but go away.'
Jennifer Proffitt
26. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster, I wish they had done a little more too. I think to have him die at the end of the book would have been too easy but I wish he'd at least...I don't know...lost a hand or something. Lol
28. charl_huntress
This is a pretty cool blog, so I thought I'd jump in. I have enjoyed reading a lot of the comments on the IAD series. I just recently re-read "Macrieve" and I really enjoyed it the second time around. When I first read it...it didn't wow me, so I wanted to let it sit for a while. The second read was better. The one thing I really loved was the mention of the Primordial Lykae. That's a new and interesting introduction. When I read about them it made me hope we might see/hear about them again. Maybe KC will do a spin-off on them like she did for the Dacians. It would be cool if the Lykae had their own plane like so many of the other Loreans do. I also hope if we do see one of these "Old Ones" that he is a mate to Cassandra. I've always had a soft spot for the only live female Lykae shown thus far, and I want her to get a strong mate to compete with the unrequited lust she has for Lachlain. I also like that KC took us back to Scotland for this story. I love that place and hope to see more Lykae stories based there. Some thoughts on Munro's mate. I think she is a from another plane, but one that is aware of the Lore and hates it. Considering the themes in this book, it seems likely that Munro's book will follow the same ones. She'll likely be a from a race of humans who despise all things Lore. I also think that Webb may be Nix's mate.
Jennifer Proffitt
29. JenniferProffitt
@charl_huntress: Thanks for finding us! We'll be having more Cole content later this week so you should stop by again :) Haha, I really am hoping for a mate for Cassandra soon as well! I always thought she was misunderstood and more hurt by Lachlain's betrayal. At the time I was like "Yeah, Emma, kick her presumptious ass!" but now I want her to get an HEA.

As for Munro's mate, could she be part of that hunter group Conrad was part of? Maybe a similar background. Either that or she'll be a Gypsy who are pretty steaped in folklore already so she'll be able to believe in all of this more readily.

And oh my gosh, you CANNOT drop a bomb like "I also think that Webb may be Nix's mate" and not elaborate. Please explain. I've talked about Nix's mate in the past (which I see you found) so I'd love more explanation :)
Ellen Hutchings
30. shadowmaster13
I want Cassandra to find her mate because I really wish I knew more about the Lykae female and how they treat mating. But Cass was wrong over Emma. I mean she KNEW that Lachlain wasn't her mate and so her opinion on if Emma is or isn't his mate isn't relevant.

I can understand how she wanted a relationship after waiting so long but she should have known it wasn't gonna happen with Lachlain.

Also, Munro's mate. Maybe she's like the Lore version of gypsies. A group of nomadic Loreans, different species of Lorean all moving around together. And that could explain her dress style, not frozen in time but from a plane that was more medieval.
31. charl_huntress
Hi guys! I'll be sure to check out the KC stuff coming soon. I really love the IAD series. As for Kereny, I think she is from a plane that is medieval like you said shadowmaster13. Like some plane similar to where Malkom is from. Probably something like the plane where those warlocks who use the Lykae as "vassals" are from. It seems interesting the main leader, Jels, knew Kereny was called "Ren" by her extended family, so he must know about them. Also another interesting thing is those warlocks only use Lykae for their vassals, and not any other kind of Lorean. This could be why the Instinct for the Lykae always cautions against magic users. Maybe some history with magic users and the Primordials? So, I think there may be a connection between how Ren knows about them and the fact she didn't want to be "infected" with what Munro had inside him. I also got the impression the warlocks were basically humans able to wield magic. So maybe where ever Ren is from banned Loreans. She did seem to know about "Those Who Should be Forgotten" or whatever their name was, so I think she may have mystical powers like a witch or something, or be from a place that is aware of it. I think the dress is definitely indicative of medieval times though. @Jennifer, I don't think Munro's mate is Lorean, since he sensed she was human, but again she might not have reached that transformation stage, so maybe she is something other, but another thing I found interesting was Munro constantly mentioning how fragile humans were. That was mentioned quite a bit in "Macrieve".
Jennifer Proffitt
32. JenniferProffitt
@Charl_huntress: Those hunters weren't Loreans though. I don't think she's a Lorean (either dormant like Holly and Chloe or one he can't detect). I think you're spot on about Munro thinking humans are fragile and that's why he'll get a hellion of a human. Remember, it was predicted that he'll have a ball-buster for a mate so either way we'll have fun with her.

I'm still leaning towards her being a Gypsy--which would explain some of her knowledge of Lore (both uppercase and lowercase) and maybe her introduction to the magic users since you see a lot of fortune tellers in gypsy culture AND would explain her clothing. So that's my theory.

@shadowmaster13: I always like Cass for those reasons too and I like that we got to see her in a different light this time since we haven't seen her since the first book--which makes me think she has her HEA coming soon! I've felt the same about the Lykae females--do they have the same Instinct that calls out to them that says "THIS IS MY MATE" or no? If they don't, that might explain why she thought she could force herself on Lachlain, even though she knew that he didn't have those feelings for her. It'd be very similar to Lora Leigh's Breeds series if anyone has read that. The females of the species have the mating heat but it's not as strong as in their male counterparts or in the human females mated to the males. I've been wanting to see the female side of various Loreans for a while. I've been curious with Kosmina if she'll be "blooded" once she finds her mate (Groom?). I know she's pretty young but who knows. I had hoped with Bettina and Trehan that she would have a demon mating reaction to him but that wasn't really the case either. Can't wait to see where this all goes!
Kathleen Nehring
34. queen416
Jen said that "
Chloe's mother was an evil Ubus hunter—the best if them all." The wording makes it sound like Fiore was evil, instead of hunting evil Ubus. Fiore was a good Succubus hunting down those evil Ubus that were hurting others.
Jennifer Proffitt
35. JenniferProffitt
Hi, @queen416: You're right! I'll change the wording on there so it's a little more clear. This post was written on my iPhone as I was traveling and reading the book so I hope any major typos, etc. can be forgiven. Thanks for pointing that out though--we don't want anyone thinking Fiore wasn't good!
36. Rockii
I am so glad to come across this blog! At one time I had thought Lothaire wad Nix's mate... Sadly I was mistaken. But Webb?! That would be rather interesting. I think Furie is going to be Kristofe's bride.
Jennifer Proffitt
37. JenniferProffitt
@Rockii--I actually wrote another post speculating on who would beNix'sperfect mate. If you click on my name at the top of this post you'll be able to find it! I think Kristoff will be Furie's mate and I also thought it might be cool that Nix and Lothaire got together but I think it worked out! Webb and Nix I can't see but who knows!
38. Trix
just a small correction: in the end you say big daddy wants to kill the Loreans, but he switched sides, actually wanting to kill all humans.
That man has some serious "exterminate!" issues. Reincarnated Dalek? (wrong series, I know, but still)

Webb and NIX??? NO way!
Maybe one of the twins from Holly, the super fighters for the Vertas during this accession.
I hope we will hear about those twins soon!
Jennifer Proffitt
39. JenniferProffitt
@Trix, we have a few younger Loreans we need to see more of--Carrow's Ruby, Thad (he's closer than we think, I'm sure), Holly's Twins... Lots!

And yes, I think Webb has some serious urges to kill...maybe the Daleks were Loreans originally and were so awful the other Loreans sent them into space!
40. Sue_V
Nix said that Todd/Webb has an important to play in the upcoming conflict(?) with the Bringers of Doom, which is why she was helping keep him from being found by all the Lorean who were looking for him for payback after the Order prisonbreak. We most definitely have not seen the last of him. And a tiny niggling point about the recap of the plot point. Todd/Webb has had a change of heart, now that he's a Lorean. He is all for Lorean survival now, especially over the survival of humans. He now thinks he wasted all that time defending weakling humans agains Loreans, when he should have been championing what is obviously going to be the winning side in an inevitable human/Lorean war. With his daughter Chloe and his (adopted) son Declan Chase now immortals as well, he wants to ensure the survival of Loreans and expects Declan and Chloe to eventually join him in his exterminate-the-humans war. Chloe was horrified and told him no. Chase is unlikely to join up with Todd/Webb, due to the torture he brainwashed Chase into doing to Regin. Added to that, we have yet to meet any Lorean factions that want a genocidal war against humans. Some factions (Pravus primarily) consider humans vastly inferior, worthy of little consideration beyond being food or slaves, but none have been described as wanting to eradicate humans from Earth. So Todd/Webb is completely cray-cray in his threat estimation and tactical planning.

The warlocks are called Those Best Forgotten, or just Forgotten. They are an ancient faction, very powerful, and able to move through time, create portals and even entire planes. They enslave both turned and born Lykae, whom they refer to as vassals; but they can only do so once the Lykae's Beast has risen. The Forgotten cannot compel a Beast to rise, but once it has, they use their dark magics to vassal the Lykae. Born Lykae have an extreme distaste for "turning" others into Lykae, since during the process, the "victim" gets a part of the Lykae's Beast literally shoved into their soul/psyche. This forced union leaves the newly turned Lykae crazed and uncontrollable. It will take the turned Lykae decades (if ever) to gain enough control to be "civilized." Most born Lykae don't want the hassle/responsibility of civilizing a turned Lykae, hence part of the reason for their unwillingness to turn one, plus the whole crapshoot of "will the candidate actually survive to rise?" When Jels the warlock is telling Munro of their plans to use Munro to "seed" all their newling vassals, Munro is disgusted, thinking it a "perversion." The Forgotten went to a lot of effort to secure Munro because he is an "elder" and apparently the older a Lykae is, the more turned Lykae he can create, or at least they have a better chance of surviving. Madadh was vassaled in the first moments of their raid on the Forgotten, and they had him bite 14 humans, of which only 2 survived the process, a very poor conversion rate, which the Forgotten blame on Madadh being only "a couple of centuries old."

The Forgotten are apparently are scared sh**less of The Bringers of Doom because when they detect that the Bringers "are soon to rise -- the threat that will end all of us, if we can't fight back. The Forgotten won't stop until we've amassed an army." The army Jels is referring to is one made of vassaled (mostly newlings apparently) Lykae. The Forgotten also sacrifice beautiful females to appease enough dark gods to help preserve them from The Bringers of Doom. Other than Nix mentioning Todd/Webb's importance in the conflict against them, we haven't heard anything else about The Bringers. But if Nix is making plans to thwart them and a powerful ancient faction like the Forgotten are okay with capturing Lykae and enslaving a cousin to the King of the Lykae to further their plans, then The Bringers must be pretty bad-ass. I foresee a trilogy plot-arc at the least for these guys. Oh, and of course the Accession is still in full swing. As of yet there is no mention of whether the emergence of The Bringers is tied to the Accession's usual party games or it's just a messed up coincidence this time around.

In regards to Kereny (Ren to her family.) In the brief time Munro has with her, we learn that she is definitely human, likely a Gypsy ("a wee traveller), was dressed in an ornate white gown, either of olden design or a wedding dress or both. Throughout the series it's been mentioned that certain human groups, like the Beserkers and Gypsies, live on the very fringe of Lorean society, aware of the Lore and occassionally interacting with its peoples, so now we are going to get to see the Gypsies, since the Beserkers were covered by Aidan/Declan. Since the Forgotten can travel through time it is entirely possible Ren is from any time period from the Middle Ages to the 1800's. Jels even says, "You wouldn't believe where -- and when -- we had to go to procure her. Suffice it to say that the mystical expenditure to find your female was costly." So time travel was definitely involved. Are their humans on other planes than Earth? Hard to tell, but wherever it was Ren came from it wasn't somewhere usual. Jels also reveals that they stole Ren from her own wedding. Because the Forgotten poisoned her with a spell that turns her blood to stone in her veins, an agonizing death, Munro is forced to bite and turn her to "save" her, which of course his Instinct demands that he do. But since Munro has to free his Beast before he can bite Ren, so the Beast can push a piece of itself into the candidate, the Forgotten will then vassal Munro, and if Ren survives, they will vassal her as well. Before Munro bites Ren, he knows doing this will enslave him and her, but he will do it anyway. He also knows that such a young female will have no chance of controlling the Beast once it wakes inside her, but he states he will help her control it. Ren is aware of what Munro is, what he is going to do to save her and she begs him not too, because her people revere freedom, which she will lose when she becomes a Lykae vassal to the Forgotten and because becoming a Lykae will make her an outcast among her people. Munro is agonized that he has to do this to her, but she is his Mate and he will not be denied. Ren dies vowing to hate Munro for eternity, and Munro vows to spend eternity making it up to her, even as the vassaling spell takes hold of him.

I think we will see more of the Primordial Lykae in Munro and Ren's story. I think once the MacRieve strike force frees the Forgottens' captives and they figure out how to reverse the vassaling spell, Munro will take Kereny, still maddened and violent from the Beast inside her, to the Primordial Lykae to help her learn to control the Beast. Since they are wolves who become men they can probably help in ways the Lykae can't. Either that or to break the vassaling spell, the MacRieves take both Munro and Kereny to the Primordial Lykae, who help both to regain their humanity.
I think that the Bringers of Doom story arc will take the series up the "climactic" story arc of the entire series, the one where we see Kristoff and Furie's story as well as Nix's HEA. Which I will really hate because well, the end of the IAD series, even with IAD: The Next Generation in the wings, will be a reason to go on depression medications. I love and adore this series. I don't care who gets the next book, just so long as there is at least one IAD story per year. Oh and I have to shout out my love for the audiobook versions. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS A TOUR DE FORCE! Robert Petkoff is a freaking vocal virtuoso, the Mozart of the microphone, IMO. He has the range to do male and female voices (I admit his female voice range is a bit limited but it doesn't detract from the stories), a talent with dialects and accents (I absolutely cannot believe he isn't a native of Scotland, his accent sounds so authentic) and he can switch from one character "voice" to another flawlessly. His rendering of the scene where Will tries to explain to Ronan and Ben, with Munro's help, why Chloe-as-a-succubus is such a bad thing is perfection. Four male Scottish voices and I never had a problem with knowing which character was speaking. That is simply amazing. If Robert has a fan group, I should probably join it, just because I love his IAD work so much.
Jennifer Proffitt
41. JenniferProffitt
Hi, Sue!
Nix said that Todd/Webb has an important to play in the upcoming conflict(?) with the Bringers of Doom, which is why she was helping keep him from being found by all the Lorean who were looking for him for payback after the Order prisonbreak. We most definitely have not seen the last of him. And a tiny niggling point about the recap of the plot point. Todd/Webb has had a change of heart, now that he's a Lorean. He is all for Lorean survival now, especially over the survival of humans.
Honestly, I don’t remember him really having a change of heart. I think maybe he might be anti-human now, but I don’t think that makes him pro-Loreans. Maybe just pro-Webb. I do agree with you on the Nix “saving” Webb though because I do believe Cole doesn't really save people like she did Webb without there being a larger reason.
Added to that, we have yet to meet any Lorean factions that want a genocidal war against humans. Some factions (Pravus primarily) consider humans vastly inferior, worthy of little consideration beyond being food or slaves, but none have been described as wanting to eradicate humans from Earth. So Todd/Webb is completely cray-cray in his threat estimation and tactical planning.
Yeah, the only other threat that I could think of that would like world-domination is La Dorada, who just slinked off at the end of Lothaire.
As for the other baddies that you mentioned—the Forgotten—that’s some great insight. I keep saying that I have to go back and re-read the series. And I REALLY need to do that with MacRieve.
I foresee a trilogy plot-arc at the least for these guys. Oh, and of course the Accession is still in full swing. As of yet there is no mention of whether the emergence of The Bringers is tied to the Accession's usual party games or it's just a messed up coincidence this time around.
I totally agree with you that the events at the end of MacRieve are going to usher in a new plot-arc/micro-trilogy into the series. Whether that plot arc continues with Dark Skye, now that the couple/cover have been revealed, who knows! But again, I trust in KC.

As for your points on Ren, I agree:
· She definitely is human.
· She definitely is Gypsie and therefore at least more cognizant of Loreans than other humans.
· And she’s definitely from a different time—especially with as you said about what Jels said about her wedding, her clothes, and the fact that modern Gypsies do not actually dress like they’re from a Ren fair (pun not intended!)
Throughout the series it's been mentioned that certain human groups, like the Beserkers and Gypsies, live on the very fringe of Lorean society.
Yes, I think we know that even more because of Conrad’s involvement in the group of Lorean killers before he was changed into a vampire. And the fact that the Order exists leads me to believe that just because Loreans are forbidden to tell humans about The Lore, that doesn’t mean that apparently a lot of humans DO know about them.
Munro is agonized that he has to do this to her, but she is his Mate and he will not be denied. Ren dies vowing to hate Munro for eternity, and Munro vows to spend eternity making it up to her, even as the vassaling spell takes hold of him.

I think we will see more of the Primordial Lykae in Munro and Ren's story.

Either that or to break the vassaling spell, the MacRieves take both Munro and Kereny to the Primordial Lykae, who help both to regain their humanity.
Again, I think you’re right. KCole wouldn’t have brought up the Primordials in this story with Munro’s mate at the verge of death without there being some sort of connection. I’m hoping that the Primordials involvement will be more than the Ubus involvement in MacRieve (just Munro bringing Ren to them to save her like MacRieve brought Chloe to her people)
I don't care who gets the next book, just so long as there is at least one IAD story per year.
We actually do know who the next couple is going to be—and we have the cover for it, in case you haven’t seen. It’s a book we’ve been waiting a long time for, so I’m totally OK with the direction. I think we do still have a lot of couples to tackle before going on to IAD: The Next Generation—mainly Furie/Kristoff, Nix/her guy, and then I would really love it if KC returned to IAD: The Dacians, but she said she lost steam for that series, unfortunately.
Robert Petkoff is a freaking vocal virtuoso, the Mozart of the microphone, IMO.
KCole is always talking about how much she loves his readings, so I’m glad that you can reinforce that! I’ll have to give them a listen.

Ellen Hutchings
42. shadowmaster13
ETA: About Those Best Forgotten and their sacrificing beautiful females (mostly nymphs because of their relative Lore docility) I liked that the Lykae thought this an abomination, because nymphs while they do enjoy their hanky panky, are basically wysiwyg and to use the fact that they aren't as vicious as Valkyrie or protected as other species to get a quick sacrifice is messed up.

I'm sad to KCole feels like she lost steam on the Dacians series. I thought it was a really interesting look behind vampire lines, as it was the first sane vampire hero and one of the first born vampires we'd had.

I also thought that the exploration of the Sorceri/Vrekener conflict was necessary and interesting. The only thing I wished I'd seen was more about the Death Demons, as after Cade and Rydstrom's books we know practically everything about Rage Demons and their mating, etc. After Shadow's Claim we knew that Death Demons gain power from killing and that's about it.
Jennifer Proffitt
43. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, Yeah, it is pretty messed up and up there in the messed up scale as Lucia's "first husband."

I'm hoping that KCole will get some steam back on the Dacians series, I think it had a LOT of potential and the reemergence of the Dacians, I can see that having a HUGE effect on the Accession--either the dawn of good vampires, or the rebirth of crazy Horde vamps because females could come out again... As for your comment about first sane vampire: I believe Bastian was sane...if horrifically depressed. In fact he was so sane that he had rationalized himself into a corner about how often he could drink blood. That being said, I would love to see more vampires and of the variety that isn't crazy. I love the Valkyrie and Lykae, but let's get some more diversification like Chloe and the demons. Which brings me to your last point....

Yeah, I agree with you about the Death Demons...wish we'd seen more, and I can't wait for Dark Skye where we'll REALLY see that conflict all fleshed out (in every meaning of that word). Death Demons, it seems, are pretty much always Pravis, so it would be great to see if with the alliance formed in Shadow's Claim that they also end up being good--like the vamps now are (or at least Forebearer vamps and Dacian vamps). There's a lot that could be fleshed out in the very near future and I just thought of another story I would like to have: Rok! He was one of my favorite parts of Holly and Cade's story--and not just because of his lickable horns!
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