Jul 12 2013 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Idris Elba

At Team H&H, we love Idris Elba for many reasons, from his turn as dark and enigmatic detective in Luther to his new role in Pacific Rim—cancelling the apocalypse buys you tons of brownie points! In honor of him being nice enough to cancel the apocalypse and all, we're sharing some of our favorite pics. Will you be seeing Pacific Rim this weekend or at all?

Share some of your favorite Idris Elba gifs and pics in the comments!

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Rakisha Kearns-White
1. BrooklynShoeBabe
I saw Pacific Rim. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Cute guys, easy plot, cool special effects--couldn't go wrong in my book. :-)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@BrooklynShoeBabe: I saw it, too. I really, really liked it. And Idris was awesome in it.
3. Clovia
I totally went at saw it because 1) Idris Elba, and 2) mechas.

The man is like four thousand kinds of yes please. Love him in Luther, especially.
4. Minime
Love him! He is so amazing in Luther and all around a great actor.
5. curtessa jacques
Pacific Rim was a great summer movie. Loved the special effects and the leading role of Idris Elba. I love how he seeks diversity in his roles. What can't he do?
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