Jul 3 2013 11:23am

Fans Launch “Save The Borgias” Campaign

Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger, and Francois Arnaud in The BorgiasFans of the canceled Showtime series The Borgias, which recently wrapped with the Season 3 finale (now series finale) “The Prince,” have launched a campaign to convince the network to revive the historical drama. The Borgias revolved around the family of Pope Alexander VI of Rome (a.k.a. Rodrigo Borgia) and his family, especially son Cesare and daughter Lucrezia, who were a little...too close for siblings, if you catch my drift. (For more on their complex relationship, check out the post My Body Is a Cage: The Borgias's Cesare/Lucrezia.)

In an effort to try to convince Showtime to reverse its decision and to bring the show back for a Season 4 or two-hour movie (the latter being show creator Neil Jordan's original plan), fans have created petitions (which former series regular David Oaks has himself signed), sent tins of sardines (a reference to the fasting the pope and his cardinals did in the show as penance, I believe), and created social media accounts (including a Facebook page and Twitter profile) and even a SaveTheBorgias website.

In a statement about the cancellation, Jordan said (via Entertainment Weekly): “For a variety of reasons we won’t be doing a fourth season, but, ‘The Prince’ [the final episode], when I wrote it and shot it, did seem like the end of a journey for the family.”

However, more recently he seems less satisfied with the way the series ended, telling Crave Online in an interview: “No, I’m not [satisfied with the finale]. I don’t think any of the fans are either. It was interesting when I was shooting one of the final scenes there, it did seem to me all the family had descended into certain darkness. ... [B]ut I wrote a two hour movie to conclude all of their stories which I called The Borgia Apocalypse. It would’ve satisfied everything that the fans seemed to be upset about, but I’m not in control of the decisions of Showtime. I asked them to make it and we even agreed to reduce our fees to make it more palatable, the budgetary numbers, but they said no. So we shall see what happens. The script is still there.”

Could Neil Jordan one day make the movie on his own? Will the SaveTheBorgias campaign change Showtime's mind? Could the whole cast even return, now that they've begun to move on to other projects? Only time will tell...

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with where “The Prince” left the Borgia family and especially Cesare/Lucrezia, or are you rooting for a proper end to their story?

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1. proletariatprincess
Bring back The Borgias and dump Homeland. That is a no brainer. Real art and quality entertainment vs. Homeland Security/NDA propaganda.
2. Gilly Hynes
Bring The Borgias to a proper conclusion ! Episode 10 Season 3 was a great episode, but clearly not a Season finale. We the fans, are being completely shortchanged without a proper ending tidying up The Borgia family story. NJ's movie "The Borgia Apocolypse" would be just the thing. Showtime has shown true contempt to it's subscribers and fans of The Borgias internationally. Bring Back The Borgias !
3. il valentino
It is a sad day when The Borgias gets cancelled and Giggolos is still on the air (although I suppose it cold be shot with a camcorder). Talk about dumming down our culture for the almighty dollar. Showtime should be ashamed!
4. Konnie
Please please please, a decent ending!

And thank you Heather for doing this article! Since Heroes and Heartbreakers showed support for the Save The Borgias campaign on twitter, I've been a subscriber and discovered quite a few awesome romance writers through this site! :) Excellent work!
5. M-Rose
A shortened season four or a movie is the least the loyal fanbase deserves. A fantastic show with great cinematography and costumes, memorable characters and dialogue, and great actors - The Borgias deserves better too.
6. ioana petcu
We want a proper closure so we fight very hard for it. #SaveTheBorgias
7. danielle k hamilton
David Nevins is like a male lion taking over the pride...killing off the offspring of the previous male except he has none of the innate grace of the lion. so, what is there to say. The Borgias ROCKS-- in many ways. Now, the subscriber network is feeling the pinch. It disrespected the viewers who PAY to watch; basically. the outcry is worldwide, if you follow any of the posts. so, not only did they drop the show....they insulted the show's viewers. The viewers know it. The viewers are showing it.
8. Zia
Thank you for this story, Heather. All series come to an end, but fans of The Borgias know we have been cruelly tricked out of a final season; out
of a proper conclusion by way of a 2 hour movie at the very, very least.
10. DiehardBorgiaFan
Thank you so much for the wonderful article and for letting others know about our hard work and efforts to get closure to a show that we have come to love! We will be making more noise in the very near future, so stay tuned for more and visit our site for updates! Next week is a HUGE week for us as we will be heard like never before! fans uniting worldwide!
11. Ryan Dale
We need to buy billboard Save Borgias so everyperson knows we need our Borgia family we were cheated by Showtime !
12. J.Raven
SAVE THE BORGIAS... For, once again, the guys at the top of a network turn a blind eye to reality, believing they know best, and thus, turn their backs on the subscribers and the fans who are the ones who keep them afloat and perceiving such salaries.
By cancelling an extremely well written, well acted, well directed and well crafted series you (the Showtime Execs) have snubbed those who support you and literally feed you.
Stop being snobs and close-minded execs... for once you have the chance to support a world class type of program, which a good quantity of people appreciate and want.
Bring it back, if only for the good of TV and Cable. Good quality should be appreciated in all manners of things... Gigolos vs The Borgias... is there even a comparison?
Just bring back a treasured series. Just do it.
Thank you.
13. mom
Please even if a 2 hr movie give the Borgis a better ending/send off than it got.
14. mom
Please even if a 2 hr movie give the Borgis a better ending/send off than it got.
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