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Close Encounters of the UFO Erotic Romance Kind

Lucy in the Sky by Barbara ElsborgUFO sightings and alien abductions are generally described as eerie, often terrifying encounters. There are countless reports about people being taken aboard alien spaceships and subjected to strange exams and experiments. In many of the scenarios, the aliens have complete control and seemingly god-like powers. It's the ultimate fear of the unknown at work.

Yet some UFO accounts are much milder in nature, and even seem to have erotic undertones. For example, in 1897, a St. Louis-Post Dispatch newspaper article relayed the report of one W.H. Hopkins, a man who claimed to have seen not only an unusual airship in Springfield, Missouri, but also its crew. Intriguingly, the woman and bearded man were nude. Both were gorgeous, according to Mr. Hopkins, and also possibly from Mars. During this alleged encounter, he reportedly kissed both of their hands in greeting.

Given such sensual details, was Mr. Hopkins’ account a thinly veiled erotic fantasy? If so, how wild that the newspaper printed it!

Most accounts describe UFO encounters that aren't so benign in nature. Yet through the power of erotic romance this abduction narrative has been transformed into steamy sexy times for modern readers. Science fiction has the “Mars Needs Women” trope, which is targeted at a heterosexual male audience. In erotic romance, it has taken on a new life to become “Women Need Hot Alien Lovin'.”

Collision by Berinn RaeTake, for example, Lucy in the Sky by Barbara Elsborg and Collision by Berinn Rae. Both begin with the premise of a handsome alien hunk landing in the heroine's backyard. A UFO event that should be random (i.e., the heterosexual alien male could have landed in the back yard of, say, an old married couple) is completely not random. It's a scarily contrived situation except when one considers the fantasy being delivered.

The point of these UFO erotic romances is not scientific plausibility. That's not a criticism, either, because regardless of story quality, this trope is a metaphor about how women deserve an out-of-this-world, sexually charged romance.
The heroines in the aforementioned stories become special when the crash landing occurs in their particular home. It's like winning the extraterrestrial romance lottery ticket. They beat out billions of other women for the prize.

Eve Langlais's Alien Mate takes it a step further—the blue-skinned alien hero appears right inside the heroine's house. In reality, a woman in Diana's position would, at the very least internally, have a strong reaction against such an invasion. If there's one thing UFology has taught us, it's that Aliens Are Up To No Good. But in this case, the reverse is true. Alien heroes want to please their soul mate and become one with them through love.

Unlike a woman in a traditional alien abduction account, the UFO erotic romance heroine (and by extension, the reader) has nothing to fear. The differences between these captivity narratives are like two sides of a coin. One side represents our cynicism and fear about the sinister nature of aliens while the other represents positivity, progressive acceptance of the “Other,” and erotic wish fulfillment.

Tangled Shadows by Tina ChristopherThe alien's presence represents a chance for uninhibited sex and sexual exploration. Tina Christopher's Tangled Shadows features a heroine who's abducted by two aliens who need information she has, but they also have the hots for her. She figures, what the hey, these humanoids are too sexy for words and obviously want to make her happy, so why not go with the flow? (And there are plenty of juices flowing in this story, heh heh).

UFO erotic romances also give a whole new meaning to the phrase “close encounters.” Some books, like Karen Kelley's Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, do this while also inverting the expected formula. In this story, the heroine is the hot blooded alien who crash lands—right on the hero's Texas ranch. Gone are the fears of anal probes and bizarre medical examinations. Erotic romances like this one insist there are pleasurable alternatives to invasive alien procedures.

What do you think about these types of stories? Do you have a favorite UFO-style erotic romance?


Heather Massey is a lifelong fan of science fiction romance. She searches for sci-fi romance adventures aboard her blog, The Galaxy Express. She’s also an author in the subgenre. To learn more about her published work, visit heathermassey.com.

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1. pamelia
Great post! Ever since I read Anne McCaffrey's short-story "The Thorns of Catteni" (about a human woman abducted by an alien man) I've sought out these kinds of stories.
Some of my favorites which fall under the "Mars Needs Women" ideal are by Evangeline Anderson -- the Kindred books. They're fun and sexy and not a little bit ridiculous, but I still found them pretty entertaining.
I would also recommend (to those who don't mind their books dark and disturbing that is) "Heat" by R. Lee Smith --- it's about two alien males who land on Earth; a criminal and the police officer sent to bring him to justice. It's very violent, sometimes funny, extremely dark, and erotic with 2 very good romances.
Jordan R
2. jrojrojro
I love a good "Mars Needs Women" story line! I agree, pamelia, the Kindred books are a fun bit of rediculous wonderfulness. I keep searching for more that can live up to those, but nothing has been quite able to yet.
3. CaroleDee
You've got a third vote for EA's Kindred series here! She writes great stories with heat. I really like her characters as well (Although, a lot of reviewers would disagree. lol. Apparently everyone thought the heroine from book 1 was annoying. *shrug*)

I'm always on the hunt for new books within the trope, but it is so hard to find good ones. They're usually novellas with weak characters/plot and nothing but sex :( Sure it's erotic romance, but I still want a solid story! I'm hoping with sci-fi romances being on the rise (I truley believe that it will be the next big thing in the mainstream market) that good sci-fi erotic romance will soon follow. *fingers crossed*

Here are some more books within the genre that I've found enjoyable (anywhere between a 4-5 rating)

New World series by CL Scholey
Grabbed series by Lolita Lopez
Almost anything by S.E. Smith. lol
Clans of Kalquor series by Tracy St. John (These are HIGHLY erotic, but have fantastic stories, especially once you get to book 3. Read the disclaimer on them first, though. There's def stuff that some people might find uncomfortable.)
Salin's Salvation series by Astrid Cielo
Warriors of Kelon series by Angela Castle
Fire series by Angela Castle
Beat Planet Series by Angela Castle
The Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires
Kaitlynn O'Connor has some good ones but only if you like A LOT of internal dialogue and multiple partner relationships.
Zorn Warriors by Laurann Dohner
Cybor Seduction by Laurann Dohner (not really aliens, but close enough. lol)
Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett
And, of course, the one that started it all; The Trek Mi Q'an series by Jaid Black

There are tons more that I'm sure I'm missing, but if anyone else can think of some please let me know :)
Like I said, I'm always on the hunt for more
Laurie Gold
4. LaurieGold
Two favorite alien erotic romance series:

Trek MiQ'an series by Jaid Black
Oath of Seduction/Oath of Challenge by Marly Chance...there was supposed to have been a third book in the Oath series, but I'm still waiting.

I'd also like to mention N.J. Walters' Tapestry series and a series I wrote about in my July digital releases column here at H&H: Cheyenne McCray's Wonderland series (King of Hearts, King of Spades, King of Diamonds, and King of Clubs), more recently reissued as the Taken by Passion series by McCray writing as Jaymie Holland. These are possibly "other dimension" series rather than alien series, but I think they still fit.

Oops...one more book to mention. It's by MaryJanice Davidson and two of the three short stories are brilliantly sexy and funny: Really Unusual Bad Boys.
5. Ingrid K. V. Hardy
Interesting post...! I've only gotten into sci-fi romance over the past few years (specifically, after getting my ereader), and am now constantly on the hunt for the type of tale that appeals to me. Found lots of... well... fun stuff, but fascinating? Nope, not yet. The books I've read so far either have great romance but REALLY weak/dull female characters, or strong/interesting female characters but weak romance. Can there not be both? (and the male characters seem to be rather generic)

Or am I just reading the wrong books?
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