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True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: WTF Billith, Fairy Godfathers, Nanny Lafayette, and Glamour Proof Contacts

Tara in True Blood 6.02****SPOILERS****

Missed an episode? Catch up with last week's recap of True Blood episode 6x01. And now, onto the recap of last night's episode 6x02, “The Sun”:

The episode opens with a soundly sleeping Sookie, clueless as ever, and a glowing golden script of letters by her nightstand. She doesn’t even realize that they’re glowing because she’s having such a peaceful sleep. But as they glow, a ZZ-Top stunt double vamp materializes on the bridge—and it’s Warlow. He is in desperate need of a shave and a hair cut.

Jason gets zapped by the geriatric hitcher, who he thinks is Warlow. But we soon find out he’s his effin’ fairy grandfather. Bippity Boppity, huh? Jason asks old dude to prove he’s his kin and the dude proceeds to read off a shopping list of some of Jason’s most private moments. Which is funny because Jason gets all Jason laughing and cringing at them. Old Fairy G’ then scolds Jason for his recent behavior. Jason still has his 'I can kill all vamps' chest puffed out and Gramps basically tells him to chill out.

Tara’s laid out on the bar writhing in pain. Eric finds a silver bullet that emits UV light. Pam, Eric, Tara, and Nora quickly realize what the vamps are up against—paranoid humans with kick ass weapons. Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives. Eric returns. The Eric we love so much. “If the humans want war we will give them war.” Bad-ass take no crap Eric, how I’ve missed you.

Poor Jessica gets awoken to my least favorite version of Bill. Not Billith, that’s my second least favorite. It’s this Scarlett O’Hara woe is me waxing Southern Gothic poetic Bill I can’t stand and never could. Bill is seeing visions of vamps being tortured and is freaking out, bloody tears and all.

Arlene calls Sookie and tears her a new one for not showing up at work. Sookie tries to get out of coming in and Arlene don’t G-D care. Then Patrick’s wife shows up (Patrick's the guy who got killed last year with Terry), all preggers, and Arlene and Terry have to figure out what to tell the poor girl. They lie and tell her he left her for another woman. Ouch.

Sookie is finally on her way to work when she walks by an injured man in the bushes. She tries to ignore him, but Sookie rarely ignores possible danger and random hot strange men. The man is half fairy, like she is, and was attacked by a vamp. She found this out by hearing his thoughts. So of course Sookie takes the man to her home, because we know nothing bad has ever happened there. Innocent fairy flirting ensues. Dude passes out. Sookie says fudge and exits stage left.

Nicole in True Blood 6x02Then comes my favorite moment of the entire episode. Sam checks in on Emma and Lafayette, who is playing nanny. They’re both draped in feather boas and tiaras and dress up clothes I wish I’d had growing up. I love, love, love Lafayette! A group of Vamp Activists shows up at Merlotte’s trying to convince Sam to come out of the Shifter closet. Sam refuses. Nicole, one of the girls, compares the '60s civil rights movement to the latest Vampire Unity Society movement. Sam still isn’t buying it, but is intrigued.

Billith is all bloody crusty eyed and completely zoned out like a stoner or a cataonic psycho. He’s dreaming of Lilith who announces God made her, a vampire, then humans Adam and Eve. She also says she has been worshipped as a god, as Billith will be, but there is only one God. (I rolled my eyes here at what can only be a glimpse of what is to come. Billith looking for the meaing of life, the one true god, but also getting off on the possibility of being revered as a god). Anywho, Jessica tries to slap Billith awake and announces she has food for him. He’s not even blinking. Then in walks a woman from the “service.” 1-800-Hooker-Blood-Bank. She kneels in front of Billith and gets all spooked and tries to leave. Then she’s pulled backwards, limbs jerking in unbendable cracky movements. Then this is where it gets weirder. Gross even with bad special effects. Bill, still not blinking, inhales the blood out the Blimbo and basically, still not blinking, sucks the literal life out of her. After his meal, hestill sits there, staring off into the distance.

Sookie is tending to her patient when she touches his wrist and light emits from them both. They have another starry-eyed flirty moment. Then she goes on about how sick she is of being different and of all the pain. Insert fairy bonding. No hanky panky, or even a kiss, but they definitely had a moment. Oh, and his name is Ben. She tells him about the safe fairy place and says she will take him there.

We find Andy at the safe fairy place begging for his fairy baby momma to come get his spawn. The girls are running circles around poor Andy. He really shouldn’t worry. They should be fully grown in no time.

Old Fairy G and Jason get to Sookie’s house and go to the bathroom where Warlow appeared to Sookie at the end of last season. Gramps finds an unseen portal, jumps in to investigate, Jason tries to follow to no avail, landing on the floor. Then Gramps reappears instantly, all Ghostbuster slimed, and announces it’s worse than he thought.

Sookie and Ben are taking a leisurely stroll toward the Fairy Café and he asks her out. She thinks of Bill and Ben hears her. Sookie declines the invite on the grounds that she’s not ready for anything like this and that she shouldn’t be taking walks with handsome strangers, it doesn’t end well. Wow, only took her six seasons to figure that out!

Pam in True Blood Season 6, episode 2, The SunNora is reading the Vampire Bible again, as Eric so forcefully instructed. She’s getting somewhere, figuring out something’s been mistranslated. Pam and Nora have a snippy exchange about Eric. Nora tells Pam Eric loves her. That he never told Pam about Nora because it could have gotten her killed. That Pam is who he is most proud of.

At the Governor’s mansion, Eric is lurking about the bushes and assumes the indentity of a lobbyist who has an appointment, someone from the Wildlife and Fisheries. A dorky one with glasses. Eric has his hair all pushed forward, the sleeves of the jacket barely fit him, and he has on these wire-rimmed glasses. I love the nerdy version of Eric. Move over Sheldon Cooper. Bazinga! Eric uses the plight of the Whooping Crane to compare it to vamps. Eric tries glamoring the Governor into loving vamps, but apparently they’ve made contact lenses that block it. Eric gets taken into custody, but flies away. Yeah, this is the hot Eric I love. The fighter, take no crap Eric who’s always thinking ahead.

Jason and Sookie in True Blood 6.02, The SunSookie is back home, at nightfall, hopefully after working a full shift for poor Arlene, when she meets her fairy grandpa. We learn Gramps can time travel and he’s been tracking Warlow and that he’s here. Gramps tells her about Warlow. How he’s been obsessed with the Stackhouses for years. They’re Fairy Royalty. Well, not Jason, because the fairy gene passes him. Poor guy looked so sad when Gramps reminded him of that, like a puppy without a bone. Gramps goes on to tell them how Warlow has been slaughtering their family for years, that he killed his parents too. Now, that’s something Jason can get in on. Gramps’ son, John, made a pact with Warlow which gave Sookie to him. Here Sookie learns her mother zapped Warlow to the place he’s been stuck in the night she was killed. Gramps teaches Sookie how to harness her greatest power, where all her light generates into a huge ball with the strength of an atom bomb that can kill any vamp but thus making her powerless once it’s let out. Which is a bit of foreboding since earlier Sookie told Ben she wanted to be normal again.

Sam returns home to find Alcide and the pack wanting to take Emma. Emma runs out to Sam, then fisticuffs ensue. Lafayette rushes to the rescue but they’re outnumbered and get their butts whooped. And Martha, Alcide, and the others take Emma. I’m not really into this Alcide. Not at all. All ego and no trace of who I once swooned over. Guess I’m drooling over Eric only this season.

Eric glamours the governor’s daughter by her vanity in her bedroom as she takes out her contact lenses. He hovers outside her window like some clichéd old school vamp movie. The girl is even in a white nightgown. This made me snort!

Jessica returns from burying the bimbo blood donor and tries to get to Catatonic Billith to come to, to hear her pleas. That if he could feel all the pain of vampires could he feel hers, feel her fear. That she doesn’t know if she believes in any bible. She asks him if he is now Lilith, God himself. She kneels and prays for the first time in a long time. As she goes on you realize she’s praying to Billith, like he’s a god. She asks him to bless Jason, Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, Arlene, Hoyt, and to bless Bill and bring him back because she needs him. Even if he is Bill that he bring himself back to her. Which is weird if you ask me. As she asks for these blessings we see everyone, what they are doing in those moments. This was one of my favorite scenes of the episode, even though it’s wrapped up all this crazy Billith stuff.

Then Billith is still hearing from Lilith. Telling him he must save them all. That he will know what to do if he trusts what he sees. At least this Lilith isn’t covered in blood with her muff all hanging out. Then Bill comes to, watching the news where the vamp he saw earlier is getting dragged in the street. Bill can see the future and he sees Jessica, Eric, and others burning.

Whoa. This season is going to be interesting. I just hope it’s filled with Eric and Lafayette.

True Blood's Alcide in Season 6 episode 2Memorable cursing-laced quotes:

Jason: Prepare to meet your fucking maker, Warlow.
Old Dude: I’m not Warlow, I’m your fucking Fairy Grandfather.

Arlene: Oh sweetie’ I know. Life is really a shit sandwich sometimes.

Governor: What’s your point, fella?
Eric: I’m just saying its one tough fucking bird.


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1. ChelseaMueller
Alcide stealing a kid was so out of character I had trouble even believing I was seeing it. My first thought was he was still under the influence of vamp blood (especially as he knocked Sam out so easily—Sam's not a wimp, so I feel like it should have taken a few more blows, but whatever). I know there was talk last episode about him getting crazy with alpha power, but would that happen this quickly? Regardless, not a fan.

As a book reader, I'm also trying to adjust to Niall seeking out Jason. For those who haven't read the books, there Niall wants nothing to do with Jason because he isn't part fae like Sookie. He's pro-fae across the board. Plus, there's an interesting twist regarding another fae who looks like Jason. Complications ensue. That said, I'm doing my damnest to remember that the TV show long ago diverged from the book plots. I mean, Billith.
Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
Me watching this episode:

This Warlow guy needs a haircut.
Oh, great. Sookie and her fairy vagina landed another hot guy.
WTF, Bill Compton…?!?!
If I never see another bloody-bush girl it will be soon.
Geeky Eric! *snort*
Poor Jessica.
3. ChelseaMueller
@LegeArtis - LOL! Yeah, I was not a fan of the multiple bloody women, though at least they let Lilith wear clothes for once.

Also, at least the new hot guy was hot. I'm not sure I want him and Sookie together, but I wouldn't be opposed to him taking off his shirt.
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
@Chelsea:: "...but I wouldn't be opposed to him taking off his shirt."

I completely agree. New guy is hot, but my shipping heart is still invested in Eric/Sookie.
I really didn't like Alcide in this episode and I wasn't crazy about whole outing shifters group...
Beth Rogers
7. Shiranui
I thought the episode was solid. It is still missing the highly quotable dialogue that drew me to the show in its early seasons, but I think Season 5 and 6 will do all right by their characters in the end. I know not a lot of people agreed with me, but I thought Season 4 was so boring that I never did finish it. I thought Season 5 was an improvement.

That being said, Alcide´s actions in this episode were so despicable that it´s almost destroyed what the writers built up over all the other episodes. Alcide is meant to be a smart, thoughtful, kind man, especially when it comes to women and children. He wouldn´t rip a child away from the only parent figure she knows after she watched her mother die 24 hours prior. WTH was that? WHO was that, because it wasn´t the Alcide I know. Also, why did they have that mouthy low-ranking girl as the third of the group who came to get Emma instead of Rikki? Every time she talked, I wanted to slap her. She had nothing to do with the issue, no connection to any of the other characters (except being a quickie for Alcide in the previous episode) and I was livid at her bitchy inclusion.
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
I didn't think I was going to care about this season at all, but this episode changed my mind! It was great, and the acting was fantastic. I do agree, however, that naked bloody chicks wearing merkins can take a long walk on a short pier.
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