Jun 27 2013 2:57pm

The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Releases August 1, 2014!

Fifty Shades of Grey by EL JamesNo announcement as to who will play Christian and Ana yet, but we do know—just announced!—that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will begin release worldwide on August 1, 2014.

Producers announced last week that the film's director will be Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy).

They're gonna have to start casting soon in order to make that date, right? More news as we hear it!

h/t to Miss D for the news!

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1. Nise59
In my hearts of hearts I believe that Alex Pettyfer is Christian and possible Kristen Stewart or Mia Wasikowska, is his Ana they both are great actress, they both have that look of loss innocence like an experience or a period of time. It's really like the innocence only in a child life that leave them aware of pain, suffering and the evil that lurk around them. It's like in twilight when Kristen aka Bella was able to capture the essence that was Edward. Mia aka Jane Eyre playing the plain and small heroine who embodies virtues that might be seen as off putting, but she is spirited , humble , honest the kind of person Christian could fall in love. She a very naive young woman struggling to found her self worth and I believe that she could play Anastaisa as well as Kristen they both would bring something different to the sceen . My mother told me that I'm the only person she no that when they look at a movie that I alway analysis every scene and hang on to every word. The thing is that when I look at movies I pay attention to everything or when I read a book I'm the female of the story I feel the words that leap off the page at me it who I long to be. I cry, laugh, my heart ache, it make me want to feel those words from the book that I 'm reading at that moment. The thing is I feel the words at the depth of my soul they call to me.

Thank you
2. SharonC
Totally agree, Alex Pettyfer was who I pictured in my head when I listened to Shades in audio format. He is perfect. He is so hot when scruffy and casual, but, oh so heartbreaking beautiful when dressed formal. cannot think of anyone else who would be Christian.
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