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Tell Me What to Do: Top 5 Bossiest Romance Heroes

Safe Word by Teresa MummertAlpha heroes in romance novels have major appeal to readers. They are often overprotective, in total control and as a result, bossy. It is their way or the highway. One doesn’t have to look hard to find examples of these types of characters, and I admit that I actively search these heroes out. I enjoy their tendency to take charge, but love watching them meet their matches.  Here is a peek at five of the bossiest heroes that I’ve had the good fortune to come across.

Colt, from Teresa Mummert’s Safe Word, is an ex-cop who did time for actions while on the force. He is making his way up the criminal ladder. But one night, the woman he loved in high school walks back into his life and becomes ensnared in this unsavory activities. While together, Colt firmly asserts his control. He is after all keeping her hostage. But there is much more going on between the two. When their situation grows dangerous, Colt reveals that “I’m fucking selfish Rose, I wanted you. You and I belong together. That prick can’t keep you safe. They wanted you dead and there is nothing that fucking lawyer could have done to stop them.” And by the way, Colt is just as bossy in bed.

Wicked Burn by Beth KeryVic from Beth Kery’s Wicked Burn is another great example of the bossy hero. Vic is a playwright who becomes somewhat obsessed with his neighbor, an art curator. Less than five minutes after Vic meets Niall, he commands her to “Take off your panties and move back on the bed.” Niall is seduced by Vic and his aggressive tactics. Of course, the orders keep coming, and when Niall plays coy, Vic responds with the dictate “Suck on in it Niall, or I’m gonna spank your ass so hard you’re not going to be able to sit tomorrow.” Vic isn’t actually looking for love, but Niall makes this bossy man her own.

And next there is the seemingly cruel Lord Blaize Minshom from Kate Pearce’s Simply Insatiable. A villain of previous books in Pearce’s Simply series, Blaize is an unlikely and dark hero. His estranged wife decides to disregard his wishes and force a reunion. Blaize is not amused. He reminds Jane that “I decide which bills to pay, not you. Everything will be returned and your account canceled.” Blaize is lord and master of all he surveys, and he never lets anyone forget it. To further assert his control, Blaize demands that Jane join him in his deviant sexual games in order to prevent her from getting close to his heart again.

After Hours by Cara McKennaKelly Robak from Cara McKenna's After Hours is an orderly in a psychiatric hospital, and a man who knows exactly how he comes across. When Erin, a new nurse at the hospital, asks Kelly why women find him troublesome, he replies “Just general bossy assholery.” His exes might think he treated them like servants, but his take is that “. . . I work hard. I’ve got needs. If they don’t get met to my satisfaction, I get grouchy.” He proceeds to prove that while he isn’t an easy man to be with, he and Erin fit very well together—as long as she’s willing to put up with his bossy ways.

But all of these heroes might pale in comparison to Kristen Ashley’s Knight, the hero of the book by the same name. Knight is an anti-hero, a man who walks on the wrong side of the law. His life is turned upside down when he meets the young Anya and can’t leave her alone. Knight controls everything in his world and Anya is no exception. He is especially bossy in bed and likes to be called daddy. He spends a great deal of time training Anya to follow his various commands, like “Get up. Position for Daddy.  You know how I like it. Facing the headboard. Arms up in the air. Yeah?” Knight isn’t a hero for everyone, but he is the epitome of the bossy hero.

What about you? Do you have any bossy heroes to add to the list?


Jennifer Porter, a mild-mannered librarian by day, runs the review site Romance Novel News and is a compulsive romance reader. She has a tendency to live tweet her craziest reads as @JenniferRNN.

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Oh, swoon! I love a bossy hero. After Hours was so well-done. I've added the rest of these to my wish list.
Of course, McKenna's Willing Victim tops my list. And then there's paranormal romance, which has a different edge of bossy, since the heroes are usually also leaders and very powerful, which puts more authority into their telling the heroine what to do.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Oh my god. I love me a bossy hero! They can sometimes cross the line, but when done right, yum! Like Megan, I LOVED After Hours and can't wait for more from McKenna.
3. JenS
I thoroughly enjoy well written bossy heroes. I think it's because I know I could never tolerate that kind of bossiness in my real life, so it's a fun fantasy to indulge in, lol! Knight is the only book I've read of those listed above. I know a lot people didn't like his alpha-ness at all, but I really liked it. It was obvious he loved Anya deeply and she had no issues with it. Tack, from Motorcycle Man, is another great KA bossy hero.
Alison Robinson
4. BlToad
OMG I loathe these types - probably why I loathe every Kristen Ashley book I've ever started reading - I honestly want to stab these guys repeatedly for being such unlikeable a*holes!

Different strokes for different folks I guess
5. rummies
I have to add Jerrico Barrons in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series to your Bossy Hero list. I'm not into being controlled, but he sends shivers down my spine with just the thoughs of him.
Patricia Wilkerson
6. Proofreaderpat
Mercury from Lora Leigh's Mercury's War was a very bossy hero.
7. Kaseyb
I love knight! Love his bossy! Now in reality that wouldn't fly with me but in my fictional world I love alpha males.
8. JenniferPorter
I forgot all about Barrons! And well, there are many Lora Leigh heroes I could've added to this list. Thanks for the suggestions.

Kaseyb, I'm with you. I love these heroes in fiction, but not so much in real life!!!
9. southerngirl
I like bossy alpha males but sometimes they cross the line and are just bossy assholes. Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors but Knight is my least favorite 'hero.' That whole daddy thing is just Ewwww!
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
So I just went back and discovered that I had read Kate Pearce's Simply Insatiable last year! I'm re-reading it now and remembering just how bossy Minshom is, dear god! So great though, I really have to remember to read more of Pearce's stuff. Added Safe Word to my TBR list too and reading a sample of Knight to see if I can get behind a hero who uses the phrase "daddy" in the bedroom...
Janis Clark
11. maliamartin
Roarke (JD Robb) comes to mind. He's bossy but with respect for who Eve is and what she needs. That's the best kind of bossy in my opinion.
Princess Agatha Sambajon
12. Princess Agatha
I like to add Christian Grey of Fifty shades trilogy, in the list...he is one hell of an alpha male, and Nathan of Wild Card by Lora Leigh. Nathan is a SEAL who will kill you if you touch, gaze and worse fantasize his woman. so bossy
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