Jun 4 2013 11:48am

Sylvia Day’s Entwined with You SPOILER THREAD

Sylvia Day's third Crossfire novel, Entwined with You, is finally out! Have you read it? What did you think? Were you pleased with the ending—and looking forward to the rest of the series? Where will Gideon and Eva go from here? Let's discuss!


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1. lovetoreadforfun
I'm only at the 50% mark. I'm glad that Eva's father finally knows about what Nathan did to her but I'm mad that she's telling HIM how he should feel. Any parent that finds out that their child was harmed and had hidden it for years will be very upset. I think Eva is too into herself that she can't see how Victor is feeling - like he failed her.

I'm so tired of Eva's mom. I'm glad Eva finally stood up to her. We'll see how long that lasts. BUT I'm also ticked that Eva yells at her mother for "stalking her" but barely says crap to Gideon when he has been doing the same thing since the day they met.

Gideon - He's still sexy but his overbearingness is driving me crazy. Eva is claiming she wants to be independent but she's not. Gideon does everything for her. Eva still uses her parents driver. The only thing independent about Eva is the fact that she has a job.

Both Eva and Gideon annoy me but I can't quit them.

Now back to EwY.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Marquetta, can you think of another couple where they annoy you so much and are so damaged, but you can't stop reading? Hm...I'd say Fifty Shades, in an obvious answer. Are there others you've read where you've felt this involved and annoyed?

Also, are there more dark secrets to be exposed? What kind of forward action do you see might happen in the next two books?
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I took a peek at some of the early Amazon reviews, and many of the readers there are really disappointed that the book isn't the third book of a trilogy, as they originally expected.
4. lovetoreadforfun
Reallly? I can understand that. I'm only at 65% and I feel like the story can easily be wrapped up with this book.
5. Sandy0103
Well having read the full book I can only say sit up and look at a proper quality author who can spin such a complex web, keeping you totally enthralled and begging for more. Well done Sylvia Day.
6. finn88
finished in less than 24hrs, a lil disappointed by the slow pace and not in love with the way it ended
7. Phinealcountdown
For the first time I feel like Sylvia is drawing it out for the money. There was absolutely no need for it to stop where it did and I was uber annoyed. Just.... No. And now I have read on her sight that this will be a FIVE PART SERIES. Five? REALLY??? The story is stretched too thin NOW, much less having to add two more books. Crossfire has been my very favorite series to this moment but now I feel as if it is taking a turn for the worse. None of this drama is necessary. I don't give a crap about Corrine- in fact she reminds me of Christians crazy sub from FSoG which I found disheartening. Sylvia is so stretched for plot points that shes borrowing from EL James. I don't care about Megumi and I was annoyed with how much time was spent building up her storyline for book four because- quite frankly- I DON'T CARE!!!!! I felt the same way about the police and the new "twist" in Nathan's case. Grabbing at straws for story to make this 5 books is a real kick in the butt to readers because instead of giving us happily ever after she's just throwing drama on top of drama while weakening the relationship that, until now, I was rooting for. Thats right, shes mucked the story up so badly that i want Gideon to leave Eva. Shes in no way worthy of him. She's a selfish little brat- and she's just like her mother. Who I really don't like. I hate Brett. I hate Eva for feeling sexual when she sees him. Gideon worships her and she's all over the damn place. I don't feel like she's worthy of Gideon and that's pretty damn sad considering the books are about their relationship. He flipping killed someone for her and she can't avoid Brett????????? He straight out tells her he wants to be inside of her and she's so dumb that she wants to be friends?!?! I can't even really explain how disappointing Eva was in this book. She doesn't love Gideon the way he loves her, not at all. She's selfish, immature and obnoxious. This great love story has turned into a story about Eva's inability to love Gideon in the way that he deserves. Of course she sees nothing wrong with her actions and that's just sad. If she found out that Gideon was getting all squishy inside about an ex lover she would flip but she goes out of her way to interact with Brett. When she invited him in to her apt I almost threw my kindle out onto the street. (Don't worry that isn't a spoiler). She hasn't seen him in years but she just can't walk away. YAWN. Then there is Cary. I loved him in the first two books, don't so much care now. I hate that he's as two faced as she is. I hate that he encourages her immaturity. The two of the, together are totally high school and its lame. The 'twist' in his storyline is lame. Eva's inability to be real with him throughout this book and tell him to GROW UP is lame. The whole thing with the reporter is all fluff. Pretty much the entire book was filler to get us to buy book four and book four will be spent setting us up for book five. Blah.
8. Saminthesuburbs
Just another voice saying there is no way this should have been drawn out past this book! I feel completely cheated and honestly, I don't really care what happens in the next books(s) - Eva and Gideon are settled, it's just a matter of the details. The "neckclace" is mildly interesting but certainly not a plot for an entire new book. Cary is uninteresting as anything other than a "best friend," and the minor characters are just that - minor (unless of course she does a spinoff for Brett - him (minus Eva) I could sink my teeth into!). Ms. Day is talented but even talent needs a real plot to sustain a whole new book (ahem, Charlaine Harris!). She just didn't do enough for the minor characters/plots to warrant stretching it out. Very poor taste on the part of Ms. Day (although I assume she was forced into it by her publisher). Booo.
9. MrsRony
I SOOOOO love this series but this book has left me...with an unpleasant aftertaste. The ending is just disrespectful. Im sorry. Its like turning your back on someone mid-sentence. Just rude.
My gods the sex. Really awesome well written sex but GEEZZZ!! I needed alittle more substance. Did the book even cover a whole week?

I felt the dads reaction was just glossed over. He just found out the horrific stuff that happened to his only child and a hug, a few tears, sex and workout make it alright? I got more details/insight on the new car. I felt left out of something important.

I dont get what happens to Eva when it comes to Brett that she suddenly becomes some hoity toity PC clone of her mother. I dont begrudge her attraction to hie was all outraged. Brett says it AFTER you tell him you love anotherm but any other time she has enough sense and decency to not encourage it. When Gideon told her he wanted to be inside her she had an outraged hissy fit but Brett does it AFTER you tell him you love another and you dont want to hurt his feeling???!! WTH??

Cary, my love!?? I dont even know what happend but he totally jumped the shark. For the first time he was completely pointless to me....though Im sure he will be one of the ones who help screw things up next book. Still I didnt care about anything he did or anything that happend to him.
Im glad there will be another book. I dont think she could tie it up in just the 3. After reading this book I think she didnt even try. This book was greatsex, awesomesex, slapyomamasex, plot, beautifulsex, goingtohellsex, clues for the next book...microscopic plot,door slam. Not that SD isnt a fantastic writer. Several times I was just blown away with her flow but... I dont see how this makes it 2 more books honestly. This seems like blantant distortion. The story is done and they are looking for fillers to make it last longer. Im still hooked and Im still all in. Im curious about the "necklace" and what the reporter is gonna do I do feel alittle manipulated.
10. Sxyreader
I was disappointed this wasn't the last book. I liked the storyline, it brought everything together and I agree with the other comments that it should have ended here. Now do we have to wait another year for the rest? She is a great writer but I feel by dragging out this book she may lose some readers to other books. Just sayin.
Dorene Welch
11. DJDW
I surprised myself when I got bored with all the sex. Maybe I need to read a few trads...
Elizabeth Halliday
12. Ibbitts
I like series. If I like the characters, I like to see the story go on. And I'm not all that hung up on resolution. With answers, somebody tells me what happened. When there are questions, I have to think about it.
I like that.
13. angel84
I totally agree with Sandy0103! Love the series! Love the characters! I am so looking forward to the rest of the story...however many more books that may take :-)
30. blaize001
I loved this series from the beginning but with all these comments on book three, I honestly don't want to buy it anymore, why did you have to break my heart Sylvia, this is so sad.
40. tl85
Anyone know if the third book is available online yet? I can't find it anywhere!!!!
Megan Frampton
41. MFrampton
@tl85--the fourth book (I think that's what you mean, since Entwined with You is the third) isn't out yet.
42. malika abdul-zahir
I have read the whole thing... I don't understand why everyone is mad that the series is stretched, I would be upset if it was over! I am really glad her dad knows it was something bound to happen, but it was handled tastefully. I do hope Eva doesn't give up her job for him!!!! Please! Lol. I think the ending was a perfect... most of the questions were answered... they were able to delve into their kinkier side and it shows real promise for their future together! I LOVE EVA AND GIDEON!! was that too much.
43. Macwhis
When i first started reading the books i thought it was much better than 50 shades. I read all three of them in a week. When i finished i couldnt believe there was another book coming. Was mad that it didnt end there, everything added up and expected and a finish of the story. I am excited to see how it does go thi but i hate waiting, anyone know when the book is suppose to be out?
44. AS20
Well, I read the series as a comedy. I had read the 50 shds first. I am glad I knew this was a copy of the ELJames book, so it was interesting to compare & contrasts. However, I was disappointed, as it was written quickly, just to hit the market & gain the money. So the two trilogies are incomparable. I felt that Eva's character was not developed at all. The author could not make up her mind what she had to be like. At the beginning she acted like a street girl (despite her being a high society girl!), then she became a copy of Ana from 50 and eventually not sure what happened. She was again completely different person. A lot of the times I felt the author was trying to convince me & herself that this is how Eva felt, trying to describe the reasons of her feelings & hesitations, but I did not believe it. The three books were rushed & superficial. Oh well, who doesn't like the money :-)
45. tthrisha
I was actually tired of all the sex. I was totally disappointed in the ending. And, I too am tired of Eva. She really need's to grow up. It became a little to kid-ish with too much sex. If some of the sex would of been left out, she would of been able to actually finish the book in three books.
46. ThrumOrToss
Brava, Phinealcountdown! Agreed. Loved the first two; disappointed with EWY. Day IS a good writer who captures and conveys plausible spoken and interior dialogue without resorting to James' FSOG nonsense like 'inner goddess.' Her "Stranger I Married" is good example of plausible plot twists and character development.

To answer MrsRony's question above:
BTY spanned 17 days. RIY spanned 28 days. EWY spanned 15 days.
Prior to buying EWY the day it was released, I'd read that there would be two additional books, but I agree with most here: why two more? Perhaps Day is planning a TV series? That's the only explanation for the sidebar plotlines: the reporter, Megumi, and the mystery surrounding Nathan's mother's sapphire bracelet.

This one-shot, fanfic take by Monique Lain, http://fiftyshadesofgreyandmore.wordpress.com/crossfire-fan-fiction/reflected-in-you-one-shot-fan-fiction/ , is worth reading. It is Ms Lain's take on when Gideon decked Nathan after that blackmail attempt.

Sharing part of my review of EWY posted to Amazon:
"For readers who keep their B.O.B handy while reading, they will be pleased.
Sigh. Seriously? All these five-star reviews that gush, "Can't wait for the next two books," or "Loved the ending" are so very obviously posted by those who have not actually read the book. More likely they were paid to promote the book with five stars to up the Amazon rating. Yes, there is an industry to fluff book ratings, sadly.
My 'refrigerator thoughts*,' and ::spoilers::
1. Oh, so we are to believe that Corinne Giroux didn't know she was four months pregnant? What sentient, educated, 21st century woman
does not know she is pregnant after just five weeks?

2. AS IF Eva Trammell could forget Gideon Cross's reaction when she
allowed Brett Kline to kiss her the first time? So she invites Brett up
to her apartment after the video release event, knowing who lives next
door and is likely awaiting her return?

3. Perhaps the full-blown, much-hoped for actual HEA will appear once the all designer gowns and shoes, five-star hotel, and hot sports car product placement contracts are secured by the publisher?

*Refrigerator thought: After just returning home from the movies, you stand at the fridge deciding what to eat since the movie popcorn didn't really constitute dinner. With the fridge door open, you puzzle through the movie's plot points, and there is a disconnect in the storyline: some pivot point that says to you, "Screenwriter (or author) took me for a ride." That's when you scowl and realize you've been had, when a plot point is so contrived or unbelievable that it insults the reader's / viewer's intelligence.

Occurs mostly frequently in movie sequels, romance novel series, and television drama series which seek to continue the money-making franchise.

Books 1 and 2 were fascinating. I wish I could just return Book 3. My local retailer doesn't allow returns. No Book 4 or 5 for me. The various fan fic sites' take-offs on the first two books are worth reading, and they're free."
47. shani246
I recently discovered the series and quickly fell in love with books 1 &2. However, as the series progressed I grew tired of the sex scenes. Is it even humanly possible for two people to have sex that frequently? I was also very agitated with Eva and her childish behavior. If Gideon invited an ex to his aparentment she would freak, but somehow she felt justified in inviting Brett up. Why does Gideon have to keep proving his love to her? It is frustrating to read.
I don't mind having a book 4, I just hope the writer takes me out of Eva's mind, I can't go another chapter living in the head of an insecure, immature girl.
I hope books 4&5 provide some much needed closure for Gideon and reunite him with his family.
48. JacqueArmendariz
James and Day are apples and oranges. I was missing something in my life and mentioned it to my co-workers...I was bored in the evenings. FSoG was recommended and I finished all three. Then I got through Day's Crossfire book 2 and hated it so much and was so angry...I had to read online what would happen in Entwined - as I will not be reading it. Apparently it was crap and I was not the only one who lost interest. I was sure I'd never read 4 or 5. My lady friends are shocked. I explained that this crap insulted my intelligence.

I skipped 50 or so pages through #2 because I was sick of the stupid sex...I need something realistic and tried to skip to the information. 6 orgasms in rapid succession and a penis that never gets soft insults me and misses the chance to inspire me. I feel bad for Ms. Day.
49. Megs
I just want to know, does Eva actually cheat on Gideon with Brett??
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