Jun 30 2013 4:30pm

Shipping Sunday: The Good Wife’s Cary/Kalinda

Cary and Kalinda kissThe future of The Good Wife's Cary/Kalinda seems pretty up in the air right now: are they destined to be just friends, or could they have a future as lovers? Private investigator Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) and attorney Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) have always worked well together, and have leaned on each other as friends too, helping each other even at the risk of their careers. Plus, there have been a couple intriguing kisses over the years...

But whatever Season 5 has in store for these two, I'm eager to see them on my screen again. How about you, are you a Cary/Kalinda fan? Or do you have another favorite couple in The Good Wife?

Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi in a CBS Watch photoshoot

Cary and Kalinda with umbrellas in The Good Wife






















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Rachel Hyland
1. RachelHyland
I was trying to think where I had seen that last image before -- or something very like it -- and then I remembered:

Kalinda's cool and all, but she's no Rory Gilmore.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Ha! Oh, Matt Czuchry. I used to watch Gilmore Girls occasionally but was never wild about it or any of Rory's relationships. But I just adore Matt in The Good Wife. Cary's probably my favorite character, followed closely by Kalinda. Clearly I had to ship 'em!
Rachel Hyland
3. RachelHyland
Yeah, it's not every guy who can pull off a camel-coloured overcoat.
Love 'em!
5. Love 'em!
Love love love him. (Since the time of Gilmore Girls - so glad he's back on TV!)
Love her.
Love 'em!
Unfortunately rumours suggest there will be little of Kalinda's love life in this season. Earlier it was rumoured that she was going to have a new love interest.
Whatever. Just keep Matt in my life!
(Yes, he can pull off the camel coat!)
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