Jun 24 2013 9:53am

Sherrilyn Kenyon Releases Exclusive Content and Styxx Preview!

Styxx by Sherrilyn KenyonOver the weekend, in celebration of Acheron and Styxx's birthday, Sherrilyn Kenyon released what the brothers were doing at this time last year—and the Acheron segment is available nowhere else but on Kenyon's Facebook page. Here's the first bit of Styxx's viewpoint:

Styxx froze as he entered his tent to find a Charonte demon sitting on his bedroll, staring at him with big red eyes. The last time he'd seen Simi, she'd shredded him and left him...dead.

You can read about both brothers' days at the Facebook page. In addition, Kenyon has set up a Facebook tab to release exclusive content, so you can get sneak peeks of Styxx prior to the book's release date of September 3.

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2. vkaren
I can't wait. I love each and every one of Sherrilyn's books. I just know this one will be just as good.
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