Jun 15 2013 3:30pm

Poll: Do You Like “Normal” Heroes?

Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica LemmonLately in romance so often we have the billionaire hero, the clan chief, and the pack alpha. On Facebook earlier this week, we asked how you felt about “normal” heroes and now we're asking you here!

Of course, we want our heroes to be extraordinary, but do you want to see more normal heroes with normal jobs? What's a “normal” job that you don't think gets nearly enough love in romance? What do you think of the high-ranking men that have dominated (*wink, wink* in more ways than one!) the genre lately?

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1. Lionrock71
I do like heroes with "normal" jobs. It's part of the reason I love Lorelei James' books. Being a rancher or in construction means long hours, lots of hard physical labor, and you may be living in a trailer or in a small rental until you finish building the house you want, which may ultimately still be pretty modest. Not all ranchers, construction/contractors, plumbers, policemen, rodeo cowboys or vets (both kinds!) end up wealthy. But they can be some of the best, sexiest, humble-yet-confident men around who could end up building some of the happiest lives/families. It might actually take billions of dollars for me to deal well with a guy who only THINKS he's a genius at everything or feels entitled to a certain kind of treatment because he's rich. Sometimes reality is sexy, and uncomplicated is sexy, and hard work that leads to a simple but amazing person who wants a good, honest life is H-O-T. I mean, I'm willing to try it with a billionaire, but I fear I'd have to do a lot of shopping in expensive stores, mainlining adult beverages and getting myself off fantasizing about those regular guys to "self-soothe" and get through it. Plus something always breaks around the house so you need all that money to hire those people to actually fix the mansion when the billionaire realizes he can't!
Lori K
2. LoriK
I'm really off billionaire heroes. I think the last few years in the real world have just killed my ability to suspend disbelief about them. IRL billionaires rarely act like jerks because they're ultra Alpha doms with Secret Pain. They act like horrible jerks because they're horrible jerks and other people pay the price for that. Not my idea of romance.
Laurie Gold
3. LaurieGold
I like a variety of heroes. Sometimes I like uber-heroes. Sometimes I like the guy down the street. My problem with the latter is that too many authors make beta heroes boring.
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