Jun 4 2013 2:15pm

Nalini Singh’s Heart of Obsidian SPOILER THREAD

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Nalini Singh's Heart of Obsidian is out today, revealing the identity of the Ghost, the romance between Kaleb and [HEROINE'S NAME REDACTED], and other significant events in the Psy-Changeling world.

So—what do you think of Heart of Obsidian?

Please ***SPOIL*** us in comments!

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Liliane Menard
1. LilianeBM
I loved the book. So far in the serie, we only got glimpse of the the SPY world. This time we got an entire book about it and it was great. But I was a little dispointed that we didn't get any news of Alice like in the last two books. In the next one I hope
Rachel Powell
2. JMercy
I know that the hero is Kaleb and the heroine is Sahara Nightstar but can someone please tell me who the Ghost is? I won't be able to get this book for another week or more, so please, please, please take pity and spoil me!
3. Mo

I hope you really want the spoiler on who the Ghost is because I am about to tell you.

It's Kaleb.
Rachel Powell
4. JMercy
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I just scared my poor husband and dogs by squeeing in joy. You made my day. Thanks!
5. Lucy D
I LOVED IT! I love a tortured hero and Kaleb's story certainly fits.

There were so many great moments in the story. I am not sure what made me want to cry more, that he bought her a charm for her birthday each year she was missing or when she was little and told him they would be a family when she grew up. You could tell how much that meant to young Kaleb that she cared. *sniff*
6. Cindys
I loved it! I was grateful that Kaleb remained dangerous from start to finish. He didn't get 'cured' by love but he got stable. It's probably my fav. book in the series now.

7. non1amato
could not get thru first few chapters.... first of her books i found to boring to read.
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