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Nalini Singh Speculation: Who’s Up Next in the Psy-Changeling Series?

Question mark image by Eleaf via FlickrToday we've got two of our bloggers talking about who Nalini Singh might next write about in her imaginative Psy-Changeling series—Tori Benson, who kicks off the discussion, and Jennifer Porter, who joins Tori later on. Thanks, ladies!

Tori: Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series is one of my top ten YOU MUST READ paranormal romance series to date. I absolutely adore the world Ms. Singh has created and find myself rereading this entire series often; each book is filled with non-stop action, suspense and mystery, but is balanced nicely with hot steamy romance, and lighthearted moments. Dynamic characters and multiple interactions throughout the series allows us to get to know them intimately. It’s everything you could want in a series and more.

This series is set in a futuristic alternative Earth and populated by three groups—the Changelings, the Psy and humans. The changelings are shape shifters. The Psy are humans with psychic powers who have been taught from birth to suppress their emotions. The Psy is the largest and most powerful ruling body on Earth. The continuous arc tells of the battles and eventual war brewing between the three groups and the struggles within each group. Each story features a different hero and heroine who meet, fall in love, and commit to one another in all ways possible.

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini SinghThe much anticipated Heart of Obsidian, out this month, gave us the complete backstory of one of Singh’s most delicious and complicated characters, Councilor Kaleb Krycheck. Considered to be the poster boy for Silence, this deadly Psy has always walked in the shadows, leaving readers to wonder if he would become savior or destroyer in the coming war as silence falls and the changeling and humans prepare to take back their place in the world. We soon learn the extent of Kaleb’s duplicity and the one person in the world who holds his heart and acts as his consequence.

With Kaleb’s story told, this leaves us with five male characters (with whom we have had major interaction) who could each be the hero of Nalini Singh’s next book. Singh has been known to throw a wrench in the works so we could be looking for a major female character. Oh dear, the options are endless. What follows is a list of the heavy hitters not mated as of now:

  • Nikita Duncan, Psy Councilor. Mother to Sascha who is mated to Lucas, alpha of the Dark River pack.
  • Anthony Nightstar, Psy Councilor. Father to Faith Nightstar who is mated to Vaughn D’Angelo (Dark River sentinel)
  • Alice Eldridge, human. Author of rare E-Psy designation. Lives with Dark River pack.
  • Bowen, human. Leader of the Human Alliance.
  • Xavier Perez, juman. Priest. Part of the triumvirate made up of the ghost, Judd Walker, and himself.
  • Adeb, Psy-Arrow. Primary power is telepathy. Shares unique connection with Vasic.
  • Vasic, Psy-Arrow. Powerful TK, with multiple sub designations. Shares unique connection with Aden.

So, I’m here with Jennifer to discuss who we think the next hero/heroine will be.

Jen, we’ve both read Heart of Obsidian and while Kaleb may be the ultimate hero and hard to beat, who do you think will be featured in the next book? I’m thinking Xavier. Mentions are made of his finally being ready to confront the woman he left behind and both Kaleb and Judd mentioned in HoO that
they had visited the small village she is rumored to be living in.

Jennifer: Tori, first of all, I want to second your recommendation for the
Psy/Changeling series. I might even go so far as to say that this is my all-time favorite paranormal series. Nalini Singh is a brilliant strategist and writer who  pulled off something magical in a story arc begun in Slave to Sensation
and ending in Heart of Obsidian.

Aden and Vasic get a great deal of page time in Heart of Obsidian
as the internal leaders of the Arrow Squad who are instrumental in Kaleb’s grand plan. When I first thought about the next book, I was leaning towards Aden as the hero. But with the massive changes taking place in the world of the Psy and the PsyNet, I believe that Aden and Vasic will be major players for the next big series arc. As such, it doesn’t make sense for either of them to be next.

So, I agree that the human priest Xavier will be the next Psy/Changeling hero. The woman he left behind has been mentioned a couple of time in previous books, but we get more definitive information about her when Kaleb and Judd both confirm that she is alive. Both characters thought about helping Xavier deal with his past, but ultimately decided to let Xavier handle the situation on his own.

When Judd asks if Xavier was able to track down the woman, Nina, the priest replies:

“The information points to a tiny village in the mountains of my homeland. I am . . . afraid to go there. I must gather my courage to face the truth, and perhaps my Nina’s hatred.”

I am very intrigued about the relationship between Xavier and Nina and am hoping their story is next.

Tori: I agree, Jen. I originally thought Aden and/or Vasic would be next,
but like you, I now believe their story will be told towards the end with clues being given throughout the next couple of books. I think they will be a package deal as Vasic is tied to Aden in more ways than we originally thought. Dare we ship them together? *waggles eyebrows* I know that is nothing but hopeful wishing. Nalini has already shot that idea down multiple times. Boo. Hiss.

Xavier and Nina are a couple I’ve wondered about for quite a few installments and I believe the last of the triumvirate is ready for his story to be told. Let’s talk a little about Father Xavier Perez; we know he’s a human priest. He’s in his early 30s with strong natural shields. His village was destroyed by the Psy and that is when he lost (abandoned) his Nina. We first met him in Caressed By Ice. Having worked with Judd Walker for six years, he serves as an intermediary between Judd and the Ghost. He struggles between his vows and his natural inclination towards war. He is a born soldier. Both Judd and Kaleb have immense respect for him. I’ll be honest, while I’ve enjoyed his scenes, they have been few and far between. Do you think he has what it takes to carry a book?

Jennifer: Tori, you got the heart of my concern about Xavier as a hero with
your question. As an aside, my one complaint about Heart of Obsidian
was the fact that these three did not get more time together! But getting back to your question. Before reading HoO I would have answered that no, Xavier could not carry a book. But Singh did flush out his character a bit in HoO. I am now very curious about him, about Nina and about their relationship. I do think it could be tough for him to carry a book, but I believe that Singh could make it work. Plus, I would expect her to be laying a great deal of groundwork for the next series arc. How Xavier could fit into this, I have no idea. But I am intrigued by the possibility.

Additionally, Judd and Kaleb are now mated/bonded/in love—and Xavier needs to find his own peace. He was instrumental in helping save so many Psy from the cold of Silence. I’m hoping that we get to see more of these three together in coming books. It seems unclear if this will happen though. At one point in Heart of Obsidian, Judd mentions that it is too dangerous for Xavier to know Kaleb’s identity. Of course, Judd has known about Kaleb and his rebellious tendencies for quite some time. So, there are still some questions about these three and their relationship that I would love to get answered in a book about Xavier and Nina.

Tori: Regardless of who Nalini chooses to showcase in the next Psy-Changeling book, I know I will be first in line to buy.

Jennifer: I agree. In the end, it doesn’t matter whose story is next because
there is no way I will miss it!

Nalini Singh has said that she plans to reveal the characters of the next book in July. Who do you think will be next?

Questioned proposal image courtesy of Eleaf via Flickr


Tori Benson can be found at Smexybooks and at Twitter.

Jennifer Porter, a mild-mannered librarian by day, runs the review site Romance Novel News and is a compulsive romance reader. She has a tendency to live tweet her craziest reads as @JenniferRNN.

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Susan E.
1. Susan E.
I think she should go back to Dark River and feature one of Mercy's brothers - Bas or Gray. I don't think Xavier could carry a whole book. Maybe a short story or as a side storyline.
Susan E.
2. pamelia
I have to agree with Susan E. Back to the changelings, please and give Xavier a short story.
I also think that given the MAJOR shakeup with the Psynet in HoO that Singh really needs to focus on Psy characters and the fallout from that in the next book and I would love to see some interactions with the Human faction also.
Although I really will read anything Singh writes, so ...
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
I have been shipping Nikita and Anthony for years. Talk about forbidden desires!
Rachel Powell
4. JMercy
I agree that Xavier should have a short story and not a novel. The fallout from the Psy world should be huge and a large part of the next novel; however, I really want to know Alice's story. She seemed to have intimate knowledge of Zayaid. Exploring how the past affects the present and future would be a fascinating tale and hopefully, would help the Psy face the coming changes. I'm not sure if she would be with a changeling or a Psy or one of the Forgotten since she was apparently betrayed by the Psy. I would love to see Nikita and Anthony together as well.
Susan E.
5. carolinareader
There are so many potential romances in the Psy/Changling world. There was this one Psy character in Bonds of Justice that seemed to go out of his way to help a woman who had gotten hurt in an accident he caused (I think). When I read that I wondered if Nalini Singh was setting up a future romance.
6. ACarroll
@JMercy, I agree--I really want Alice's story! While I realize this is completely wishful thinking on my part, I think Vasic and Alice would be an interesting pair. Vasic is a great example of someone who could be affected in the worst way possible (or the best way) by the fall of Silence, and Alice has a unique connection to the Arrows in that she knew the original. The Arrows have to adapt and Alice may just be the one to help them understand how to do so.

No matter what happens, the next book (and the next and the next) are on my auto-read list.
Susan E.
7. Liz the Lucky
I'm voting Nikita and Teijan. Mainly because of one line during one of the big SF powwows.
Susan E.
8. rosebrier
It doesn't seem like Xavier would really advance the plot that much unless his Nina is Psy. It seems this is more a scale for a short story than a novel.
Heart of Obsidian was massive shake up. I think you have to stick closer to the main players and see what happens to the Psy. I really want to see how Nikita is taking the changes.
I also would like to see what is up with Alice. There is that one teaser about Zayaid and then nothing. What is her story? It has got to be interesting. I mean why keep her and not kill her?
You know I've seen Vasic and Aden getting together once silence falls.
Susan E.
9. Ailsa
I've been wondering if sometime we'll get a story about Anthony - I think he clearly feels something already, with his relationships with both children and now his niece, too, but I'm not sure if he'll be next. I think whoever it is needs to be someone with enough access to the packs and the Psy-net to see the effects of the events at the end of HoO.
I wonder if Xavier might end up with his & Nina's story worked into another book, the way Walker & Lara were.
I don't know if I'm convinced they'll be next, but I agree with Susan - I'd love to see one of Mercy's brothers getting a story. I think we've heard enough about them that someone could tie in to the bigger story arcs well enough, and I think that would be a fun book to read.
Then, there are some more SnowDancer lieutenants who we've seen mentioned a few times when they're in com-conferences, and it looks like there are some great personalities in that group who I'd love to see more of.

I really don't have a preference for one person or another, but I'd defintiely like to see more of the changelings than we got in HoO, I love when the packs have page time.
Lege Artis
11. LegeArtis
Hmmm, in a interview pre HoO release, Nalini played word associaton game and first thing that came on her mind on word shifter (or changeling, I'm not sure) was tiger. So, I think maybe she'll present new type of changeling in next book....?
Cristina P
12. krissapl
I would like to see Adam's book next (his name is Adam, right? The alpha eagle?). Otherwise, someone from Snowdancer. Or Teijan.

I don't think Nikita or Anthony will get a book. And I would not especially like to read such a book, even if it did happen.
Imago NYC
13. Imago_NYC
Nikita's story please Nalini. Who wouldn't want to see her ice cold facade melt. Especially if the Nightstar Clan mogul's bringing the heat. I'm also convinced that beneath her harshness to Sasha is a mother trying to protect her E-designation "not silent" child. I could also be rationalizing bad parenting. But it seems that Sasha may have arrived at the same conclusion. A story about Nikita means more time w/Sasha, Lucas, their little cub & Darkriver.
14. JenniferPorter
I'm intrigued by everyone's thoughts on the next Psy/Changeling couple. I also am a HUGE Anthony fan and so want him to get a HEA. I guess the real reason I had to go with Xavier is that normally there is some hint in the preceding book - and the only hints that I could see in HoO were about Xavier and Nina. Either way, I can't wait for Nalini Singh to let us know!
Susan E.
15. Cate
I'm another reader who thinks that Xavier will probably have his story told as a novella - But - it's Nalini - and she's never afraid to do the unexpected. As for Aden & Vasic, well, I really,really think that one of them is likely to land up with the lovely Lucy - she's having a very tough time trying to find a mate at the Snowdancer Den.
Personally I'm gagging for Alice's book - and wouldn't one of Mercy's brother's be great for her ? - although, with her Psy knowledge - it could be one of the Arrows .
Truthfully though...... I don't care - I want the next book now !!!
Susan E.
16. teri anne
I think that the next hero should be Aden or Vasic. Though I like the idea of Adam from WindRiver. I know we are not getting Teijan the Rat Alpha's story though I would love it. I attended a book signing in Seattle, WA and Nalini flat out said no book for Teijan. She said the readers were pretty much against it 3 to 1. As for Mercy's brothers I think that would be best written as a three novella book. Something like Wild Invitation. Xaxier as a hero presents some problems for me maybe because I can't get away from the priest concept. Nalini has spoken about the second reformation so maybe Priests can marry but that will have to be handled with care. And not to be picky but Alice resides with the Snowdancers not Dark River. Alice as HEA sounds good and I like the idea of Vasic and Alice both are severely wounded but I see that as a second Arc story. I am still rooting for Remi (the Leopard Alpha) mentioned in Mercy's book, as a hero. I was also intrigued by the forgotten tracker in Kaleb's book. Nalini did say when I asked at the signing that she had been amazed at the interest generated by basically one or two mentions so I think she will be showing up sooner or later
Susan E.
17. pamelia
Fresh off Nalini Singh's Facebook: she's writing a Psy/Changeling novella set in Dark River territory and then the hero of book #13 will be VASIC.
I am so "psy"ched!
Alana Abbott
18. alanajoli
I'm also hoping for Alice's story -- and kinda sad that the Vasic/Aden relationship has been shot down by Nalini. I thought I'd read something going on there. :)

I'd also like to see Xavier's story, but I think others are right when they suspect it'll be a novella/side story rather than a full novel. Regardless, can't wait to see where the series goes next!
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