Jun 19 2013 6:13pm

Lisa Kleypas’s Next Book Will Star Joe Travis!

Smooth-Talking Stranger by Lisa KleypasTwitter is buzzing with the report from @ChristineA that Lisa Kleypas has announced through a Lisa's Divas newsletter that her next book will feature Joe Travis!

Joe is the youngest Travis sibling and caught readers's fancy with his appearances in Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil, and Smooth-Talking Stranger, in which his brothers (Gage and Jake) and sister (Haven) got their HEAs. Now it sounds like it's Joe's turn!

No release date has been announced yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

Are you excited? Do you think his heroine will be someone from a previous novel, or are you hoping she'll be new to the scene? Is there anyone else in the series that you're hoping will get his/her book one day? Let's speculate wildly discuss!

Here's the original tweet:

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ETA: The book will be titled Brown-Eyed Girl!

Excited? Celebrate with us by joining in on the read-along of the first Travis book, Sugar Daddy, from now until September 1!

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1. pamelia
SOOOO EXCITED!! I just scared my husband with my massive squee attack. I don't think the heroine would be someone from a previous book in the series --- there aren't exactly a huge number of secondary female characters, are there?
So glad she's revisiting the Travis clan; I can't get into her other contemp series.
Kathy Kamrath
2. applik
Looks like it's time to read the series again! I loved the other books and look forward to this one!
3. The Book Nympho
I'm so excited! I was just talking with another reader just the other day wondering if we would ever get this story. I'm so happy!!
Larisa LaBrant
4. MsGodiva1
Thrilled the Travis set will be complete! And hope after this one she'll do a historical series again.
5. Kareni
I so enjoyed Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil, and Smooth-Talking Stranger and eagerly anticipate a book featuring Joe Travis. I'd half wondered if he would show up in the Pacific Northwest as hero of one of Lisa Kleypas' newer series; he is a photographer as I recall and could well travel.
Chanpreet Singh
6. chanpreet
Happy doesn't even begin to cover how I feel. I got an e-mail and once I read the news I had to do a happy dance . I was in a Barnes & Nobles and got some really weird looks, but didn't care. :)
7. Kathryn@bookdate
Oh great news, loved this trilogy, can't wait now.
8. peach8pie
YES! FINALLY! I can't say I've enjoyed Kleypas's recent contemporaries; they are missing the spark of the Travis novels and all her wonderful historicials. Go Joe!
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@LegeArtis, your response might be one of my favorites...ever!
11. Barbara W.
This is insanely good news! I love this series and always wondered what happened to Joe's story. I'm so glad I was looking at Twitter this morning!
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
@chanpreet -- Honestly, if fellow book lovers can't understand, who can? :D Seems like a pretty appropriate place to get the news!
14. carmenlire
I was so excited when I read the Lisa Diva's newsletter! I really loved her Travis Trilogy and am greatly looking forward to the Joe's book to make it complete-- Although Carrington getting her own book down the line could be pretty awesome.
I agree that her Friday Harbor Series isn;t as good as her previous books, although I still like them. I cannot wait for her to return to historicals. I reread her Travis and Hathaway series every year, along with the Wallflowers, and some of her single titles.
15. JeanLR
So excited! The Travis family books are her best in my opinion!
16. laviniamilano
Finally!!!! I read all her books but my favorite is "smooth talking stranger "I read and read that book million times.ì and never get enoght. Finally the Travis family comes back. Yes! Thanks you :)
17. Amaka Ugochukwu
OMG!!!! i squeaked when I read this. I usually get sad when I get an update through my email about upcoming novels and there's no Kleypas news, don't know what pushed me to open this email and then I read this!

My brother still can't understand why I was squeaking. SO HAPPY!!!
Time to read through the Travis clan books again! SUPER EXCITED!!!
LegeArtis seriously has the right idea! lol
Rose Rhodes
18. rzannrodz
I couldn't control the happy squeal of glee that escaped me during a boring seminar. So glad I opened this email.
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