Jun 12 2013 2:10pm

Kickstarting Rachel Caine’s Morganville Series for Web TV

Glass Houses by Rachel CaineRachel Caine’s legions of fans were recently delighted to hear that a Kickstarter campaign to make a web series about the Morganville Vampires was in the works, headed up by filmmaker, and local boy (for me at least) Blake Calhoun!

I’m sure the collective squees were deafening, and why shouldn’t they be? Morganville sucked me in from the very beginning—despite my being generally hard on YA—and 14 books in is still going strong (the 15th, Daylighters, is due in November).

The novels are narrated by 16 year old Claire Danvers, who is accepted at Texas Prairie University in Morganville (yes, she’s super smart), and of course, Morganville is run by vamps. Her uber braininess comes to the attention of Amelie, Morganville’s founder, and she decides Claire would be a great assistant to alchemist Myrnin, a vamp who is as crazy as he is brilliant. Claire’s roomies at the Glass House are Michael Glass, Shane Collins, and goth girl Eve Rosser. The combo makes for sparks in more ways than one, and the relationships between the roommates is one of the highlights of the series in my opinion, so I’m hoping for some astute casting here, because chemistry is a must!

Speaking of casting, I think it’s going to be especially important here since the episodes are very short, at 10 min each, and they’ll have to be dynamic, with actors that can pack a punch during a very short time. Amelie is already covered, with Amber Benson of Buffy fame taking on the icy founder of Morganville, but what about Claire? Who would you like to see as Claire? It’s already been confirmed that Rachel will be writing the scripts for the first season and that it will be covering the first two books in the series (Glass Houses and The Dead Girls’ Dance.) But even though he doesn't show up until Book 3, Midnight Alley, we will also get to meet Myrnin. I admit to a bit of a crush on Myrnin, and even though he’s absolutely off the rails, he’s also oddly sympathetic, and one of my favorite characters. I’m thinking someone like Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey might fit the bill. What do you think?

So, in the first season of the web series, we should get to see Claire getting to know her roommates and adjusting to college life, which is hard enough, but add in a town run by vamps, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, and plenty of awesome. Speaking of awesome, we’ll meet hyper-mean girl Monica (can’t wait to see who plays her), and see Claire fall for troublemaking but good-hearted Shane. Since the first two books really set up the world of Morganville and its inhabitants, there’s more than enough material to cover, and when they move on to book two, and Shane’s vampire hunter father rolls into town, watch out! I believe Monica also gets a bit of her own nasty medicine in The Dead Girls’ Dance, which is most definitely worth looking forward to. Can you say powder keg with fangs?

What would you like to see covered in the first season, and who would be your dream cast for the show?

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Kaitlyn Bartolo
1. Kaitlyn Bartolo
Well I'd die to audition for Claire, it's a dream of mine. But for the rest of the cast, I know Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl is a big one for Eve. I'd love to see up-and-coming or no-name actors get the roles mainly because you wouldn't assosiate them as anyone else and would give us Unknowns a chance to shine.
Kaitlyn Bartolo
2. Emily Krause
I agree with Kaitlyn. I fell in love with these books and can really connect with Claire. If there was any way of me auditioning, I would do it! It would most definitely be a dream come true. And I agree that there should be less known actors and actresses to add to the mystery and atmosphere of Morganville!
Kristin Centorcelli
4. MyBookishWays
-Kaitlyn: Ksenia Solo is a great pick for Eve, and I'd absolutely love to see some new faces as well!

-Emily: I definitely think being in this would be great fun!
Kaitlyn Bartolo
5. Anna Cole
Like Emma and Kaitlin, I would also love to be Claire, but I fear the fact I live in England would deter me from doing so. I even started writing a script for Glass Houses for fun in my spare time! Casting-wise, though, I think that Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls should be Eve, Douglas Booth or Augustus Prew as Shane and Ewan Mcgregor as Sam (Glass).
Kaitlyn Bartolo
6. Alycia Kuyoth
I've been acting for over two years, specializing in film and being in this would be my absolute dream. Also I live near Fort Worth which happens to be where they're filming. I really hope they have open auditions.
Kaitlyn Bartolo
7. cat painter
yh i would love to audition for claire. when i started reading the books i was thinking how claire would be a really good character to play. i have the same problem as anna cole i live in england so i fear that it would somehow stop me. but i just hope that who ever gets the role is a morganville fan because i feel they would know the role better.
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