Jun 19 2013 3:57pm

J.R. Ward Reveals The King Cover!

The King by J.R. WardJ.R. Ward said in late March that the next book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series would be titled The King, and would continue Wrath's story—and now there's a cover!

It's also up for pre-order. Here's the scant official information:

The newest installment in J.R. Ward’s #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Wrath and the Brotherhood are locked in an epic battle over his throne and the very future of the vampire race.

The King will be released March 25, 2014.

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2. Parajunkee
It really is a nice cover. And Wrath has to find himself, but I wouldn't think he would need a whole book, since she loves all those "other" stories playing out as the romance of one couple evolves. Maybe since she covered the m/m aspect -- we'll now move on to other erotica topics, like he'll pick up a 2nd wife and then they'll be a menage aspect. ;) - PJ
3. ames599
I'm surprised he isn't wearing wraparounds.
Christopher Morgan
4. cmorgan
@ames599, we were talking about that a bit last night, and where wondering what it means that he isn't wearing his sunglasses. Is it that they wanted to see his eyes on the cover or is it something else...
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
At first I was thinking, well, wraparounds wouldn't look as cool on the cover, but then I remember how everyone noticed Qhuinn didn't have his piercings on the cover of LaL, and--SPOILER--that meant something in the book, so maybe there is some sort of cure?
It seems pretty clear Beth is gonna get pregnant, and war of some sort will break out between the BDB and--the Band of Brothers or the glymp--whatever they are. I'm guessing the latter, and the BoB and the BDB form an uneasy alliance.
6. SueS
I'd still like to see him more hard looking. The hair loose and more obviously imposing. He looks almost dwarfed by the throne. Maybe it is supposed to mean something.......
7. AmberP
He honestly looks a little like Alex Skarsgard's Eric Northman character??? Not anything like what I pictured Wrath to look like.
8. ChelseaMueller
@AmberP - He doesn't look like the Wrath I've pictured either. It's a lovely cover, but if I didn't know that was supposed to be Wrath I wouldn't have thought that was him at all.
Elizabeth Dover
10. dragonfly
Doesn't Wrath have black hair? I can't be sure but maybe it's not Wrath on the cover. That would explain the lack of sunglasses. I didn't even think it was him until I started reading the comments, I was wondering who was in his "chair".
Carla Patterson
11. sweetpea215_8
Where are his tats? Doesn't Wrath have family tats on his forearms?
12. lizzy1974
I can't wait til next year!!
13. Helva715
No waist-length BLACK hair visible. No tats, either. I can get the no glasses, but the missing rest bothers me. Great guy, just not Wrath. Also, doesnt give the impression of being 6'8" and as massive as author's previous descriptions of Wrath imply.
Shell Wagner
14. M20shell
NO way that's wrath, again no long black hair, no bdb scar/tat, no tat's at all, no wrap arounds but the guy on the cover is wearing the kings ring, so maybe its the b.o.b. leader........
15. Elvins
Seems to me the guy has a widows peak. So let's hope this really is Wrath on that throne!
16. allyson55
He doesn't look imposing enough to be Wrath but really, who in real life is? JR Ward wouldn't be cruel enough to depose our beloved king, would she? Great, now I'm worried and we have to wait 'til March next year to see what's what.
17. ljs58
Wrath has a widow's peak and waist length Black hair and I agree I see him with a Harder, Older look. Thats why I never watch some authors vids 'cause they NEVER look right to me. But I have no doubt I'll love the book!!!
18. Smilieray77
I can't wait to read it!!! It probably won't even last out the day. I agree it's not Wrath. I think it's Lash trying to make a power play.
19. karasunshine
Way too much of a pretty boy to be Wrath. I also would expect him pictured with his wrap arounds as his dog at his feet.
20. Tudorrex
I think it is supposed to be Wrath on the cover. He has a widows peak and long hair in a pony tail. He's sitting on his thrown and it looks like his eyes are shut. I can't see the Warden putting another character on the cover of Wrath's book. I too expected Wrath to be bigger and look different, however book models seldom look like the characters they portray. It's still a nice cover.
jodi helm
22. dreamer
I can't wait to read this book. I agree with one of the other comments Wrath might not be wearing his wrap arounds because something happens with his vision like Quin in LAL. I've started re-reading the books so that everything is nice and fresh in my mind when i get a hold of this one on April 1, 2014 lol. I think Beth would be a great mother. Yes Wrath has his family line tattoed on his forearm. There is no way that is Xcor his face is to pretty lol. It's not Lash he's dead Xhex and John Matthew killed him.
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