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Have Tech, Will Travel: Big List of Tech-Based Time Travel Romances

Love Story 2050 film posterThere are two general modes of travel in time travel romances: magic/paranormal (e.g., magic amulet; portal) and scientific devices (e.g., time machine). As a fan of science fiction romance, I gravitate toward the latter. The ability to manipulate the sands of time using mechanical devices is a fun concept. And placing that kind of technology in the context of a romance doubles the entertainment. Tech-based time traveling devices can provide a romance with all kinds of interesting challenges.

I'm always on the lookout for new (or new-to-me) titles in this category. While perusing the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror links at SF Signal recently, one post about Time Travel Romances by author C.E. Murphy caught my eye. I became excited and hoped I'd learn about some new titles.

Here are the titles she mentions:

  • The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  • Doctor Who (the show)
  • The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
  • The Walker Papers series by C.E. Murphy (begins with 2005's Urban Shaman)

Umm…wahh! I'd expected quite a few more books. Perhaps C.E. Murphy and I have different definitions of a post involving “time travel romances.”

If that's the case, I decided to compile a list of science fiction romances involving time travel elements that are tech-based and/or feature a technology-based setting. The tech ranges from plausible to fantastical. The titles are listed in random order.

The Key by Pauline Baird JonesSF Settings

—Pauline Baird Jones's Project Universe series:

  • The Key
  • Girl Gone Nova
  • Tangled in Time
  • Steamrolled
  • Kicking Ashe

—Never Love a Stranger by Ellen Fisher
—Son of the Morning by Linda Howard
—7% And Rising by Kim Knox
—Keir by Pippa Jay (heroine is a Doctor Who-type character!)
—Time Thief by Anna Hackett
—The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald (3rd in a trilogy that should be read in order)
—The Legend of Banzai Maguire by Susan Grant
—Twist by Colby Hodge
—Time Was; Times Change by Nora Roberts (republished under Time and Again)
—A Reluctant Rogue (How to Marry… #4) by Pam McCutcheon
The Seeker by Lindsay McKenna—Time Raiders series:

  • The Seeker by Lindsay McKenna
  • The Slayer by Cindy Dees
  • The Avenger by PC Cast
  • The Protector by Merline Lovelace
  • The Seduction by Cindy Dees
  • The Whisper by Elle James
  • The Warrior by Delilah Devlin
  • The Healer's Passion by Parker Blue

—Time and Time Again by Katrina Knights
—Wings of the Storm (Time Search #1) by Susan Sizemore
—After the Storm (Time Search #2) by Susan Sizemore
—In the Garden of Iden (book #1 of Company Universe series) by Kage Baker (romantic SF; non-HEA ending)

Steampunk Romance
—Asher's Dilemma by Coleen Kwan
—Her Sky Cowboy by Beth Ciotta (time travel element is part of the worldbuilding)
—The Watchmaker's Lady by Heather Massey (in the interest of full disclosure, that's me!)

Safety Not Guaranteed film posterFilm

—Safety Not Guaranteed
—Somewhere in Time
—Time After Time
—Happy Accidents
—Love Story 2050
—Back to the Future, Part III
—The Terminator
—About Time
(romantic sci-fi comedy; November 2013)


Happy reading and viewing! If I inadvertently missed any titles, give them a shout out in the comments!


Heather Massey is a lifelong fan of science fiction romance. She searches for sci-fi romance adventures aboard her blog, The Galaxy Express. She’s also an author in the subgenre. To learn more about her published work, visit

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Ella Drake
1. Ella Drake
Thanks for this list. I'd intended to pick up one of the Time Raiders books & this reminds me to get on it!
Ella Drake
2. LynneW
Pam McDutcheon's Reluctant Rogue has always been a favorite of mine!

The Scarlet Empress, also by Susan Grant, concludes the 5-part mini-series begun in The Legend of Banzai Maguire with the story of Banzai's wingman.

Deb Stover wrote several time travels, too.
Ella Drake
3. tprc62
Another to add to the Steampunk time-travel romance:
Steamed by Katie McAlister
Ella Drake
4. Katie Dancer
Angela Knight wrote Jane's Warlord and Warrior. Both have a strong science fiction element.
Ella Drake
5. Pauline Baird Jones
Love the list (thank you for the mention!) and will keep it close. Great idea to do a Goodreads list, too! Love time travel and like you, my favorites are the ones with time machines of one sort or another. :-)
Ella Drake
6. Lee marshall
Thank you thank you thank you! Years ago, I read a few time travel romances and loved them. When I went to buy more, I found out the author was no longer writing. I searched for others, and could never find any. I was so excited when I saw your blog post. I will definitely be checking out several of these books right away.
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