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First Look: Megan Mulry’s If the Shoe Fits (July 2, 2013)

Megan Mulry
If the Shoe Fits
Sourcebooks / July 2, 2013 / $14.99 print & digital

With paparazzi nipping at his heels, Devon Heyworth, rakish brother of the Duke of Northrop, spends his whole life hiding his intelligence and flaunting his playboy persona. Fast cars and faster women give the tabloids plenty to talk about.

American entrepreneur Sarah James is singularly unimpressed with “The Earl” when she meets him at a wedding. But she's made quite an impression on him. When he pursues her all the way across the pond, he discovers that Miss James has no intention of being won over by glitz and glamor—she's got real issues to deal with, and the last thing she needs is larger-than-life royalty mucking about her business...

Some readers prefer that the sexual relationship start out slowly, building like a musical crescendo as they get further in the book. Other readers want the sexual tension and passion to start almost immediately. If you prefer the latter, then you won’t want to miss If the Shoe Fits, the latest released by Megan Mulry. Last year, Ms. Mulry imaginatively threw together traditional British nobility with modern American feminism and let the fireworks explode. And this year, just in time for July 4, she has more fireworks in store for her readers.

Devon Heyworth is a bit of modern rogue. He prefers play over work and has done an excellent job of cementing his reputation as an irresponsible modern ne’er-do-well. He even enjoys mocking American’s love of titles:

“Oh, all right, Devon then.” She tried to tamp down the laughter that still bubbled out of her. “Not Earl?”

He tried to look chastened but she seemed to see right through him. “Look, that’s all a bunch of nonsense that the American press whipped up. Dukes and earls and all that. You all”—he gestured at her as if she embodied all things American—“Always get all that mixed up. You think if my brother is a duke, then I must be an earl.” He smiled and continued. “And then I thought, who am I to turn down a courtesy title?”

“The Earl of Naught?”

“What can I say? I was drunk. And it sounded funny at the time. Like the Fresh Prince or King of Pop or something. How did I know that the reporter was going to coin it into some kind of KPazz nonsense.”

Sarah James is in England for her best friend, Bronte’s wedding to the Duke of Northrop. Sarah is Bronte’s maid of honor, and Devon is his brother’s best man. Everyone know what happens at a wedding stays at a wedding, so Sarah decides now is the perfect time to get rid of a pesky little detail— like her virginity. And who better to take of that then Devon. In fact at the rehearsal dinner she puts it on the line:

She pressed on in a low, confidential voice. “Why don’t you plan on taking me back to Amberley after the party tonight so we can dispense with this unwieldy seduction and enjoy the rest of our meal?” Sarah went so far as to give him a pat-pat on his strong hands, feeling downright accomplished at this flirting thing. She went for the final turn of the screw. “Not to worry. I’m a sure thing. For the weekend, at least.”

Well, it goes without saying that Sarah had a wonderful night, but still she is not willing to be anyone’s play toy, unless it is on her own terms. In fact after the wedding, she has to put Devon straight again:

“Good God, woman, what are you waiting for?” he demanded.

She opened her eyes then and smiled, like the devil.

“What do you think I’m waiting for? Your brother just married my closest friend and three hundred people are filing out of your ancestral chapel not eight feet beyond that door. Did you think I was going to get down on my knees and give you a blow job?”

“Well. . .”

Sarah burst out laughing and pulled her hands out from the edge of his pants to cover her cheeks.

While neither one of them want to admit it, there is something else going on beside fabulous sex. A week later Devon finds himself in Chicago making a call:

“I know we haven’t seen each other in quite some time, almost an entire sennight, but I was hoping you might recall a weekend we spent together a while back? My name is Devon Heyworth, in case it may have slipped your mind.”

Sarah couldn’t talk, her speech having been robbed by the warring demons of lust and shame. She wanted him so terribly, she kind of hated him for it. She took a deep breath and tried to sound nonchalant. “I think I vaguely remember meeting you. At a wedding, maybe? But I just woke up and I’m all . . . disheveled . . . and would you mind telling me a little bit more about yourself?”

“I’m more interested in this dishevelment you speak of.”

And yes, there is some dishevelment in the future for both of them:

The rest of the night had seemed diamond-bright, with each consecutive moment a precise jewel of exquisite discovery (when she bit him there, when he sucked at her flesh. . . just. . . there, the moments of gentleness and force, ferocity and farce, the byplay), and by the next morning, it was all flashing through her mind in shards of unreality.

Of course when bringing two people together, especially with such diverse backgrounds, you are bound to run into a cyclone or two, producing even more chaos but then that is something you will want to discover yourself.

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