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First Look: Eden Davis’s Dare to Be Tempted (June 25, 2013)

Dare to be Tempted by Eden DavisEden Davis
Dare to be Tempted
Strebot / June 25, 2013 / $15.00 print / $9.73 digital

Aleesa Davis is happily married and deeply in love with her husband, a Special Forces officer serving in Afghanistan. But when Walt returns home from the war, he is psychologically injured, impotent, and struggling with the idea that he can’t satisfy the woman he loves. Aleesa still loves her husband, but she’s struggling with the loss of their once-great sex life.

While Walt was at war, Aleesa kept a journal of her secret fantasies, all featuring her husband, that she planned to give him as a gift when he returned. But since his return, their sex life has been nonexistent and Aleesa puts the journal away, hoping their marriage will go back to normal at some point. 
When Aleesa heads off on a spa weekend, Walt finds the hidden diary and spends two days reading it, lost in his wife’s fantasies. His emotions run the gamut from hurt and anger to gratitude and love. To show her his love, Walt decides to give Aleesa the ultimate gift: a weekend pass for her forty-fifth birthday. She has forty-eight hours to fulfill any sexual fantasy of her choosing, outside of their marriage, no questions asked. Will Aleesa accept the gift? What would a weekend pass do to their troubled marriage?

First in a planned trilogy, Dare to be Tempted by Eden Davis explores sexual fantasy and the role it plays in the marriage of Aleesa and Walt, an oral surgeon and army reservist. The couple have just undergone a long separation because of Walt’s military service in Afghanistan. Aleesa prepares for his return by having sexy photographs taken of herself. She’s been gradually writing down her sexual fantasies in a book she intends as a gift for her husband on his return, to let him know how much she missed him, and one of the photographs will adorn the front cover.

But all is not as it seems. When Walt returns to Aleesa, it’s clear he’s been damaged by his experiences, and the two must put in a lot of effort to restore their marriage through re-learning simple communication as well as through re-igniting their sex life together.

What I liked most about this book was that it featured a couple older than those who usually feature in erotic fiction, who have already had their first happy ending but need to work on their second. Aleesa is 52. She has her own career with a television sports network, is happy in her marriage, and is sexually confident. She also has vulnerabilities related to her previous marriage, her appearance as she grows older, and about pushing sexual boundaries. In particular, she must deal with her own desire for sex and her need to feel sexy while Walt is not available to her, through either physical or emotional distance.

Aleesa could feel the flush of embarrassment mixed with arousal invade her body as she thought about the sexy and sometimes outrageous scenarios she’d written over these past months. All of her fantasies had Walter either actively participating or watching. Like the butler going down on her in the hotel in Phoenix; tying Walt up while she fucked herself on the hood of his car; masturbating in the window of the hotel directly across from Walt’s Manhattan dental office; being titty and finger fucked by the guest of honor on her apartment balcony during a birthday party; having her feet licked by her favorite salesman at the Jimmy Choo store.

… Aleesa smiled at herself in the mirror as she swung her faux locks back and forth and tried to bring to her now smoky eyes a smoldering stare. Grins turned into giggles as she gazed upon a face that looked more constipated than coquettish. She tried again, this time repeating in her head the cliché command she’d heard a million times from models and other on-camera celebrities: “make love to the camera.” Aleesa rolled her eyes. This wasn’t working either. Sadly, she looked more like a stroke victim than a supermodel.

…“You look beautiful,” Josiah told her.

“Thanks,” Aleesa replied, swallowing the phrase, for an old lady, and letting it die in her throat. She was trying hard not to buy into his compliments, knowing it was in his own interest to make his models feel good about themselves so they’d look good for the camera.

So… what if Josiah turned up in your on-the-spot fantasy, her brave inner voice spoke to her. It’s no different than all of the other strangers in your stories who pop up to fuck you while your husband and whoever else watches. It’s not real. It’s make believe. So change your clothes and get on with it! “Mere fantasy,” Aleesa repeated.…

Once Walt returns, Aleesa is forced to adjust her expectations in order to deal with his disturbing behavior, resulting from traumatic events he experienced overseas. Though there’s lots of erotic content, the story’s true focus is on Aleesa and Walt and the tribulations of their relationship. If you love complex, emotional plots along with your erotica, definitely give Dare to be Tempted a try.

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