Jun 27 2013 7:14am

Burying the Past: Which Character Has the Worst Past?

So many books begin with a character wanting to bury something in their past—maybe they ran around with the wrong crowd, or slept with a few too many people, or did some terrible thing they want to forget.

Which character has the worst past, the one worth running the farthest away from?

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Erica Pillera
1. slayer1star
Zsadist in Lover Awakened JR Ward. His past is horrific.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@slayer1star, Zsadist and Acheron from Kenyon's Dark-Hunters series are the two that are being mentioned on Twitter as well. Nobody else, it seems, comes close!
3. SassyT
I agree. Definitely Zsadist and Acheron have had the worst past. Maybe coming in second place to these guys would be some of the men from Sherrilyn Kenyon's other series The League. They've pretty much had some of the same stuff done to them.
4. Lucy D
I have to say Acheron. That was horrible and heartbreaking to read.
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