May 15 2013 1:30pm

What We Want to See in Sylvia Day’s Entwined with You

Entwined with You by Sylvia DayIn less than a month, our favorite dysfunctional couple makes their return. Entwined with You, the third book of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, will be released on June 4th. Entwined with You is highly anticipated in that the ending of Reflected in You left us reeling. As we patiently wait for release date to get here, I’ve been thinking about what I want to see happen with Gideon and Eva. I love them because they are so dysfunctional but I also hate the dysfunction—if that makes any sense.

Now that the Crossfire series will consist of 5 books instead of 3, what do we want to see/not see in the next 3 books?

• Co-dependency—Gideon is SO dependent on Eva for everything. He wants to be with her 24/7 and she allows this. There are times where Eva puts her foot down and tells Gideon to go away, but she inevitably gives in. Their relationship is already unhealthy with both of them having abuse issues so adding clinginess isn’t going to make it any healthier.

• More information about Gideon’s past—The story is told from Eva’s first person POV so we are not privy to Gideon’s inner thoughts. Bared to You provided some insight to Gideon’s past and what possible abuse he suffered but I need more! I don’t think I will full be Team Gideon until I find out what he has been through and why he’s such a crazy, yet sexy, stalker!

• More communication, less sex—The sex scenes in this series are HOT! BUT Gideon and Eva use sex to ‘fix’ their relationship when there’s conflict. I’m tired of them using sex to fix things. Their relationship is never going to get better if they continue to do this.

• Eva needs to grow some balls—She needs to stand firm when Gideon bulldozes her with his high-handed ways. She half-asses it and it really frustrated me in Reflected in You. She’s taking Krav Maga for self-defense. She needs self-defense (emotionally) to protect herself from Gideon’s manipulation.

• Maturity—Gideon and Eva need to grow up. The games they play are exhausting. It’s amazing how Gideon is this amazing businessman but resorts to an adolescent when he doesn’t get his way.

• Cary—Eva’s roommate and best friend, I need him to get HIS life together. Eva is surrounded by dysfunction (the only stable person in her life is her boss), so I need Cary to straighten up. Eva can’t help him and bail him out while she’s dealing with her own issues.

• Eva’s dad—I want him to find out what happened to Eva when she was a kid. I think by him knowing, it will help Eva heal and the burdened of keeping this secret from her father will be lifted.

• Eva’s mom—She needs to go to therapy with Eva. Maybe then she’ll cut the umbilical cord, relieve herself of the guilt and let Eva live her life.

• Gideon’s little sister Ireland—She obviously loves her big brother and wants a relationship with him. By staying away from his family, Gideon is hurting Ireland. He has taken baby steps towards being in Ireland’s life. I want to see Gideon continue to be a brother to Ireland.

• Progression, progression, progression—The relationship needs to progress! I’m hoping Entwined with You doesn’t start the day after Reflected in You ended. As much as the jealousy and dysfunction is highly entertaining, I think at this point, there needs to be progression in the relationship and the characters. I don’t want the recycled jealousy, rage, whininess, and possessive manipulation that have been the basis of Eva and Gideon since book one.

What makes this series so addictive is the fact that the characters are a hot mess. Gideon and Eva are dysfunction at its best. You think it’s best if they break up but then you think, you don’t want to make someone else suffer having to deal with all that crazy. The Crossfire Series is cracktastic but I need some growth in the next three books in order to fully root for Gideon, Eva and their HEA.


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1. juliagabriel
Since there are going to be 5 books, I'm hoping one will be from Gideon's point of view or that she starts to include his point of view in all of the books from here on out. He's been so much of a mystery man so far -- I want to know more about his life!
2. Lizzie Dee
The sex instead of communication is my biggest issue with this series! It's the main reason I don't recommend it to others even though I'm determined to follow it to the end. Give me some dialogue and I'll be happy!
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