May 3 2013 7:07am

What Movie Do You Wish Were a Book?

We already know Chris Evans inspired a few romance authors for their heroes, but could one of his rom-coms make a good book?We've discussed books being made into films many times at H&H—what books should be made into movies, what books were better than the films (and occasionally vice versa), and which actors we'd like to see portraying our favorite characters.

But one topic we haven't asked—what movie do you wish you could read as a book

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1. SassyT
Hmmm. Now that is a great question. And I have no Usually with the type of movies I like to watch, I wouldn't have the patience to sit down and read in book form (i.e. sci-fi, action, horror). Case in point: the spy-thriller. I love spy-thriller movies but I once tried to read a spy-thriller book and I got so annoyed I tried to skip ahead and find out the identity of the bad guy (something I never do...I'm not a skip to the end kind of girl). During regular spy movies, you at least (usually) SEE the bad guy even if you don't know his name or anything else. I know this really wasn't an answer to your question but I think it's harder to go the other way...from movie to book.
2. scarlettleigh
That is a difficult question. I have loved a movie, and then gone back to read the book that it is based on, and been disappointed. Mainly because movies tends to have more of happy ending then the books.

I loved Silver Linings Playbook. Most of the movies by Sandra Bullock - like Two Weeks Notice, The Proposal, Twenty Eight Days, and of course Speed. I would read books like these movies in a heart beat.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I'm afraid I'm in the "the movies I love I wouldn't read" category. I love action/adventure/sci-fi thrillers but I can't even read romantic suspense without skipping to the end to find out what's what. I guess my reading and my viewing habits will have to remain separate.
4. sasa
i would love star wars and indian jones in a book series.
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